More Details Emerge Amid Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa’s Split


Over the past week, the news of Amber Rose filing for divorce with Wiz Khalifa has been such a shocker. This is such a surprise due to the fact that the couple shows the world nothing but happiness and a fun filled relationship. Many speculations of Amber allegedly cheating on Wiz with Nick Cannon circulated on social networking sites but Amber was quick to set the record straight. On her twitter page, she stated, “Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this…. Unfortunately my now ex husband can’t say the same….”

Cannon did much of the same by dispelling the rumors and added that the two only confided in each other, amid his own split from wife and singer Mariah Carey (READ HERE).

According to TMZ, Wiz Khalifa reported to his friends that he was pretty much over their marriage and didn’t want to be with Amber anymore! _______READMORE

Amber Rose Admits Wiz Khalifa’s Cheating Ended Their Marriage


Many of us were saddened by the news that one of our favorite Hip Hop couples were heading for a divorce. On Wednesday, it was announced that Amber Rose had filed divorce papers to end her one year marriage to rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Although the couple had always presented themselves to be so in love and happy, that is just not the case. After speculation that signing on with Nick Cannon‘s management company and developing a romantic relationship had caused the split, something the model and Cannon have both denied, Amber is now revealing just what ended things.


Nick Cannon Says He’s Not the Reason For Amber & Wiz’s Split


Contrary to recent reports, Nick Cannon wants us to know that he’s not the reason Amber Rose has filed divorce papers to end her marriage to Wiz Khalifa.

Some startling rumors surfaced recently suggesting that Nick and Amber have hooked up. The news came right on the heels that Cannon is now her manager, even securing a reality show deal for the model and socialite.

But not so fast! Nick is coming out to dispute those reports.

Sources close to Nick tell TMZ … Nick and Amber — who just recently got into business together — have kept things strictly professional. Nick insists … NOTHING happened in the cheating department.


Shocker! Amber Rose Files for Divorce from Wiz Khalifa!


Wait what?! In some shocking turn of events, Amber Rose has filed for a divorce from Wiz Khalifa.

After one year of marriage, the model has just filed paperwork to end the marriage and sustain full custody of their son, Sebastian “Bash” Taylor Thomaz.

TMZ reports….

In the divorce docs — obtained by TMZ — Amber says they split on Monday and cites irreconcilable differences.

Amber is asking for full legal and physical custody of their 1-year-old son Sebastian. She’s willing to give Wiz visitation.


Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Unveil Wedding Photos On First Anniversary


Congratulations to Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa on celebrating their first wedding anniversary. And, in honor of their anniversary, the couple shared never-before-seen wedding photos with the world yesterday.

It was Rose who share the above image of herself, her husband and rapper Wiz Khalifa and their baby boy, Sebastian. She wrote, “Today was the day we said our vows before God and our Family. I knew as soon as I met u, u were the one for me sweetheart. Happy 1 year anniversary @mistercap and many more to come.”


Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Red Carpet Arrival 55th Annual Grammy Awards

Wow baby! Amber Rose looks like she about to pop on the red carpet as she and fiance and rapper Wiz Khalifa arrive at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Don’t pop Amber don’t pop! They look happy as usual.

(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Wiz & Amber Deny Rumors They’re Already Married

Earlier in the week we reported Amber and Wiz might have already tied the knot when she referred to him as “husband” during a run in with TMZ. Now Wiz has given his two scents telling the site,

“We’ve always called each other husband and wife since day one. We’ve always been husband and wife.”

This isn’t the first time Wiz has had to refute claims he and Amber are already married. In fact, during a previous interview with radio station Hot 107.9 he reiterated they hadn’t marry yet when he referred to her as his wife and was questioned about it.


Amber & Wiz Khalifa Are Already Married?!

By now we all know that the very pregnant Amber Rose is getting ready to pop any day now but is she and fiance Wiz Khalifa already married?

A few months ago the couple revealed they’d prefer to be married before the birth of their baby. However, they eventually decided it was best to wait and plan the wedding of their dreams and threw a fun-filled baby shower instead. And now, Amber may have let it slip that her and Wiz are already a married couple.

Here what she had to say when you head over to

Pregnant Amber Rose Holds Her Baby Shower!

Amber Rose had her baby shower over the weekend she she was surrounded by her love Wiz Khalifa and close friends. She tweeted, “Yay! The day has finally come! My baby shower! :-),” with this attached photo.

Here’s the lovely couple.

Wiz who tweeted this photo added, “Beautiful”.

Her celebrity guests included Christina Milian, rapstress Lola Monroe, Toccara Jones, Chris Brown’s ex model girlfriend Jasmine Sanders and Kim Kardashian’s look alike and actress Melissa Molinaro.


Baby Bump Face off! Kim Kardashian vs. Amber Rose

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have quite a few things in common. From dating the same man, getting knocked up by a famous rapper and they even share the same birthday (Oct 21st)! It’s no wonder they would share the same style too right?n What are the chances the two ladies would wear nearly the same black sheer and nude dress on the day they debut their baby bumps? Well, in Kim’s case shes not showing just yet but you get the idea. Kanye West sure knows how to pick em huh?

See just what else the two have in common when you head over to

Who wore it best by the way, Kim or Amber?

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Speaks On Natural Child Birth & Smoking Around Their Son (Video)

Parents to be Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose recently sat down with E! News on the birth of their son, the changes it will bring and smoking marijuana and what they’ll teach their son about smoking.

“I think it’s all about how you’re raised with it (marijuana). Before there was a much more negative outtake on it. You know, pot and what it can do, and the effects of it.”

“Of course, I’m not going to be smoking right there over the baby, because smoke in general and being high is not good for a kid. None of that. But definitely he’s going to know what it is—and he’ll know the difference between being a child and not being able to use it and being an adult and knowing how to use it.”

Amber then chimes in, “It’s just like alcohol, basically. That’s how I feel about it, you know. When you’re a kid, you know that you’re not supposed to drink alcohol, that it’s for adults and that’s it. Our son is just going to know that daddy likes to smoke.”


Wiz Khalifa Reveals He & Amber Rose Suffered Miscarriage Before Current Pregnancy!

While promoting his latest album, ‘U.N.I.F.C’, Wiz Khalifa made the revelation he and finacee Amber Rose were pregnant once before. Unfortunately their first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage shortly before getting pregnant a second time.

During his interview with Hot 107.9 Wiz says Amber’s first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage shortly after finding out she was pregnant. Although the pregnancy was unexpected Wiz does say he decided he did want to have a baby and luckily for the couple they were able to get pregnant again right after.

On denying that Amber was pregnant initially Wiz says (to be on the safe side) they wanted to wait until her second trimester of this pregnancy to share the news with everyone.

He also adds she’s now in her final trimester.

On becoming a father he says, “I’m excited…to be the best dad.”

Referring to Amber as his wife he says although they’re not officially married yet they do plan on getting married in a couple of weeks.

Just one day ago in support of her finace’s new album Amber posted a photo of the title written across her bulging belly. She writes, “Even our Lil Wizbud Loves listening to #ONIFC :-)”