Simon Cowell Shares First Photo of Baby Eric


Simon Cowell is excited to be a dad, to say the least. The first time pop is already showing off his newborn son, Eric, just two days after his arrival.

Upon debuting the first photos of his son, the X-Factor creator and judge tweeted, “Mum, Dad and Eric. Now two days old.”

The image showcased Cowell and girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, cradling their newborn, perhaps, basking in the moment.

Not long after he shared a second photo again adding, “….now you can see how very handsome little Eric is. .”


Simon Cowell Wants Britney Spears Off X-Factor?

Britney Spears may be getting her pink slip from Simon Cowell.

Rumor has it, the music mogul wants to fire the singer as the newest X-Factor judge. It seems Britney failed to live up to expectation and brought nothing original to the judging panel. Nearly 15 years of music industry experience behind her and, well, Britney seems to think everyone’s “amazing”, her words not mine. According to sources, Cowell feels Spears didn’t bring in the ratings and was quite boring. In fact, he and producers feel she didn’t earn the $15 million she was paid upfront. Ouch!

Although L.A. Reid recently announced the second season of X-
Factor U.S. will be his last
Simon will possibly have to fill three seats in the up and coming third season. That’s right, it looks like new comer Demi Lovato will be getting the boot as well. _______READMORE

Is Britney Spears Fit To Be An X-Factor Judge?

Britney Spears may not have fully recovered from her breakdown a few years back. The singer and current X-Factor judge is already stirring up drama on the set during taping of the show’s upcoming season.

Rumor has it, Spears has walked out on two occasions following the auditions of a few contestants. Apparently, Spears didn’t like the way they had performed a few of her own songs. Or perhaps, it’s difficult to watch someone try to be you.

Spears was also, reportedly, very demanding in garnering the 15 million she’ll earn this season.


It’s Official: Demi Lovado And Britney Spears Are X-Factor Judges

Well, it’s official! Britney Spears and Demi Lovato are the newest ‘X-Factor’ judges, replacing Paula Abdul and Nicole Schrezenger.

The ladies made their first public appearance along with creator Simon Cowell and fellow judge and music executive L.A. Reid yesterday at the Fox 2012 Programming Presentation Post-Show Party in NYC’s Central Park, Tuesday afternoon.

How much will Spears pocket from this venture? $15 million! Not sure how much Lovato will make however.

Better yet, does Demi Lovato have enough music industry experience to have been casted as a judge? I’m not so sure about this one. Can’t wait to see Britney though! She’s recovered quite nicely since her famous meltdown a few years ago. I’m sure people will tune in to see Brit if not for the talent. Good for her.

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The X-Factor Will Return To Television But Guess Which Stars Won’t?!

In some not so expected news this morning, The X-Factor is set for its return to FOX but judge Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones are out! To add to that list, Paula Abdul! Although Nicole’s departure was to be expected (she’s a singer after all) and the British host didn’t connect well with its American audience, Paula’s departure comes as a surprise.
After her dramatic departure from ‘American Idol’ and an even more dramatic return to television with the US version of British music competition, X-Factor, Paula Abdul is out again! But why and what happened, many are wondering.

Jones has already released a statement of his own. “I won’t be hosting next seasons X Factor which is a shame but I cant complain as I’ve had a great time,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “Good luck to everyone on the show.”

As for Paula, she nor her reps have confirmed the news. Doesn’t look good to me.

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Melanie Amaro Wins ‘X-Factor’

                                     (John Shearer/WireImage)

Simon Cowel predicted it, and he was right! Melanie Amaro is the first to win the American version of the UK’s ‘X-Factor’.

The contestant was a fan favorite, almost from the beginning, when she belted out Beyonce’s “Listen” during her audition and received a standing ovation. It was also the same song she chose to sing after her win Thursday night. On her performance she says, “I couldn’t remember any of the words…I was so overwhelmed. It was such a surprise to me.”

Melanie and another fan favorite, Josh Krajcik, were the last two standing Thursday night in the final fight for the throne. After her win, Josh only had kind words to say about his fellow contestant, of course. he tells PEOPLE, “It was a relief when it was over…I felt pride for Melanie and pride for myself. She deserved to win; America decided, and she’s got an amazing voice.”

What does Melanie plan on doing with $5 million winnings from the competition? She wants to buy her mother a new house.

Congrats Melanie!

So Paula Abdul Will Be Third Judge On ‘X Factor’

Well, what do you know. Simon Cowell has enlisted former co-host and judge, of ‘American Idol’ , Paula Abdul on new show ‘X Factor’. As many of you may recall, Abdul departed from Idol after producers failed to meet her commands for a higher salary. Not long after, the show’s creator Simon Cowell left as well to pursue other ventures including bringing ‘X Factor’ to America. Cowell has stated in the past that the show is less restricted than it’s American counterpart and there will be no age limit.

A little tid bit: ‘ X Factor’ is actually the original and UK version of ‘American Idol’.

I know Randy and Ryan are a bit pissed right now, I know I would be. Cowell and Abdul will surely bring the ratings. The duo always seem to bud heads at the judging table.

I still wonder what Paula use to sip on in that cup of hers. Slurring all her words and everything. Didn’t always know what she said but it was entertaining to watch to say the least.