Brandy Releases Statement About Failed Engagement To Ryan Press


It’s official. Brandy and her music executive fiance, Ryan Press, have called off their engagement. Although we reported the couple called off their engagement earlier in the month, it wasn’t until now that the singer has just about confirmed the split.

“It was a mutual decision,” says a rep for Brandy, confirms “They’re both taking a step back regarding their relationship. They’re definitely friends and will continue to be friends. There’s nothing malicious or negative about [their split].”


Brandy Confirms Engagement To Ryan Press, Shows Off Ring!

We reported a few days ago that singer Brandy became engaged to her music executive boyfriend Ryan Press.  The couple confirmed the news through a spokesperson saying only, “They are thrilled and happy and Brandy feels this is so right,” via Us magazine.

Now we’ve finally gotten our first glimpse of the singer’s engagement ring. _______READMORE

Brandy Gets Engaged For The Holidays!

Brandy is now engaged to her music executive boyfriend Ryan Press. The couple, who’ve dated for over a year, became engaged over the Christmas holiday and the singer is reportedly thrilled.

Earlier in the year Brandy did an interview with Sister2Sister magazine where she discussed a possible engagement. She says, “I keep hearing about a ring. People keep calling me, hinting to me about it, but I don’t know,” she told the magazine in August. “I’m going to be patient and let it happen and just let it be. . . I guess it will happen when it’s the right time,” reports Us magazine.

She also did an interview with the Wendy Show back in October where she discussed the desire to be married and felt it was unchristian of her and Press to be living together unwed. Guess she finally got her wish.