5 Signs You’re A Hopeless Romantic


1. You fall in love at the drop of a dime: Everyone you’ve ever dated you think is the one and you tend to fall in love fast and easily. You may also spend much of your time longing for your special someone.

2. You’re preoccupied with love: You may also spend a great deal of your time reading romantic novels and watching romantic comedies all the while daydreaming about your special someone.


Relationship Woos: 5 Signs He’s Cheating


Ladies (and men), have you ever been in a relationship where you suspected your mate of cheating but just wasn’t sure? There are often signs to give us the answers we’re looking for, whether we want it or not. We’ve compiled five telling signs that your mate may be a cheater.

1. He (She) Has Grown More Reclusive – Your mate withdrawing from the relationship is never really a good sign that all is well. Could they have eyes for someone else? No longer invested in the relationship? You may want to ask them or think about why this is happening.


Should Women Let Men Do The Pursuing?

Why Do Women Compromise For Their Relationships

When you think of your typical cliché love story, it involves a man pursuing a woman. A little old fashion I would say. We are now living in a time when pride is the only thing standing in between true love. A woman could be strongly attracted to someone very passionately but may not pursue him because of the idea that he is supposed to make the first move. How so?

What if a man is interested but feels that you are unapproachable? I get it all the time. Some men are afraid of being rejected as well. Back in the days, it was okay and very much expected that men courted women. Men were responsible for holding doors, paying for dinner, and other gestures that were considered gentlemanly. In the past, men worked and made money to provide for their families while women nursed and took care of the household.


5 Signs It’s Time to End Your Relationship


It’s no secret that relationships can be hard. We often try our best to make them work, but, sometimes it’s even harder to know when to let them go. Here are some clear signs you may need to walk away from your current relationship.

1. You No Longer Feel Loved:
Why be in a relationship with someone you feel no longer loves you? Falling in love with someone is a beautiful and precious experience, but, that love has to be reciprocated. No two people love the same but you need to know you’re both in it for the long hall and it is not a one-sided deal. Unless your relationship was a business arrangement why even waste your time?


Ladies Remember You Marry Him NOT His Money!


When most people decide to get married it should be for love. However, often times people marry for stability — financial stability. And although I understand the rationale here, and I partially agree, there’s a few problems with this strategy.

You can’t expect to marry someone bringing something to the table when you’re bringing a bag. Quite frankly, you’re a liability.

Ladies…please take notes.

As women, we often WANT to marry a man who’ll be financially stable that we CAN love. Being able to fall in love with a person with the total package is clearly the ideal scenario. And I completely understand. I don’t believe there’s anyone who wants to struggle financially. But let’s make one thing clear, it’s important to also have your own assets.

Porsha Williams just got a rude awakening when she was left empty handed following her messy divorce from Kordell Stewart (See HERE). The former NFL athlete, made one thing clear in his divorce proceedings, he was already established before ever meeting Williams and marrying her. Prior to her housewives gig and charity work, no one is quite sure what the reality star did to make her money. During the course of the marriage Williams was also a stay-at-home wife. After the marriage went south, can we blame Stewart for trying to protect his bank account?


5 Signs You’re In Love With Being “In Love”?


We all love to be loved and love to be in love, but, there are just some of us who just love the idea of being in love and don’t know the difference. Here’s how to tell if you’re simply a hopeless romantic who is in love with love.

  1. You fall fast and hard. In fact, you’ve already been “in love” on several different occasions.
  2. You’re an emotional daydreamer: Your fantasies can give even the best romantic novel a run for its money. You spend your days and nights daydreaming about your Knight in shining armor. _______READMORE

[Spilling Tea Recap] “What Do You Consider Cheating?”

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During Wednesday night’s episode of “Spilling Tea” , the ladies discussed what they all considered to be cheating. They were also joined by a few interesting guests who shared their own thoughts and cheating stories.

The show was hilariously funny, to say the least. Check out the audio above and tell us what you think and your own thoughts on what do you consider cheating.

Remember to tune in every Wednesday at 9 pm eastern as Toni, Tracy and Kia “spill tea” on our latest celebrity entertainment gossip and our topic of the night. Head over to “Spilling Tea” for some of our previous shows.

How To Put The Spark Back In Your Relationship!

Ever want to put the spark but in your relationship? Well, you’re not the only one. The longer you and your mate have been together the easier it becomes to forget about those simple things that once made you fall in love. Everything becomes routine and you often forget to find time for each other. Here are some great tips on just what to do to entice your mate and enjoy each other again.

Remember when you first met your significant other? Everything was new and exciting. You’d make out in an elevator, you’d miss each other because it had been two hours, and every little text or phone call made your heart skip a beat. Now years later, you’re happy, you know them inside and out, but you’re comfortable. You wear sweatpants more than lingerie, you fight about stupid things and you have the same 14 minute sexual routine, every. single. time.

All these things don’t mean your relationship is doomed, it’s human nature. We all get there. Hell, I’m there right now and there’s something beautiful about the comfort level, but also something very boring about it,too.

So how do you fix it? How do you get back to a time when everything was sexual and charged?

Continue reading over at Tract Her Trail Her (Photo Credit).

Note To Single Women: “Get A Hobby”

“Get a Hobby – A Note for Single Women” By: Dee Rene

I overheard a conversation (ok I listened on purpose) that a group of women were having. The conversation included such gems as “I can’t wait till I get a husband so I can go on a real vacation” and “I want to go to the concert but I don’t have a date and nobody will go with me”.

Single is not a curse, a death sentence, or a lifetime role. Now that we have the basics out of the way, being single DOES have the potential to drain the life out of you if you let it. As a single woman I can tell you one thing – get a hobby. Seriously. Hobbies are anything that allows you to explore your creative interest, grow a business, get out the house, or just be more active.

There’s a few reasons why this is important.

1.      Get a hobby …. because boring isn’t cute on anyone.

Imagine going out on a date with someone and the most interesting thing they’ve done that day is move from the bed to the couch in record time. You must have a life in order to be ready to build a life with someone else.

2.      Get a hobby … because you can’t meet anyone new in your apartment.

Social media aside, you really aren’t meeting anyone new in your apartment. Picking up a cooking class, a meetup.com group, or even entering an adult air hockey league are great ways to get you out of the house and meeting new people. And we all know the secret to ending your stint in single-dom is to meet someone new!


“Act Like A Lady, Have Sex like A Man” By: Dee Rene

“Act Like a Lady, Have Sex Like a Man” By: Dee Rene

He gets up from his late night conquest and drives home with a smile on his face. The sex was satisfying, safe, and most importantly – no strings attached. His lover is beautiful and gives his body exactly what it needs. He doesn’t kiss and tell, but if his boys found out he had a woman just to satisfy his sexual needs they’d just give him a high five and move on.

Now imagine that’s a woman walking through that scenario instead of a man. Would anyone give her a high five? Or would they just call her a hoe?

The truth is there are women out there that are sexually free and engaging in sexual behavior that’s typical (or expected) of men rather than women.

Meet Rebecca.

Rebecca is a 20-something, educated, heterosexual woman and she’s out there living a no-strings attached sex life. Finally setting herself free from the misconception that women can’t have sex without getting attached.

When did you discover that you could separate sex and love?
I discovered it in 11th grade. It was this guy and he was like the pretty boy and girls liked him but I wasn’t interested in him on a dating level.

We ended up hooking up and it was cool. I come over, we had sex and I went home but I didn’t feel any attachment to this dude which was different. I finally understood I could be sexually attracted to somebody but not feel emotional about them.

How did you feel?
At the time I wasn’t really thinking about it being unusual. I wasn’t like oh my gosh I’m doing something women can’t do. I was doing what I wanted to do.

Let’s be real. That type of mindset would have most people calling you a hoe. How would you respond to that? _______READMORE

How To Tell If “He’s Not That Into You Girl” (Video)

Check out this hilariously clever, but well done, video on how to tell when a guy is just not into you. What are you doing wrong? And how can you change it. Here’s “He Don’t Like You Girl”….

He Just Don’t Like You Girl from DeeRene on Vimeo.

Check out Ms. Dee Rene’s own site LaughCryCuss.com. You can also find her over at Twitter: @DeeRene_LCC

The 30 Day Online Dating Challenge: The Final Experiment

Thirty days are up and we must get the scoop on the last few days of Jeff’s online dating experiment. We’ll hear from Jeff about his overall experience and get an update on some of his more infamous dates!

Catch up if you missed it!
Part 1: The 30 Day Online Dating Challenge

Part 2: The 30 Day Online Dating Challenge: The Crazy & The Delusional

What do you think about the experiment overall?
It was good. I got out to see a lot of women and went on a lot of dates. Which was kind of expensive. Met new people and it was a new experience. And hopefully this last one can be my girlfriend.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t change much except I wouldn’t use the free site. The paid site was better. If you are paying you get more out of it and more people you’d be interested in talking to versus the free site.

Maybe I would sign up at a different time. I got more hits at the very beginning of January. Maybe people signed up to try something new with the New Year but my account has had a lot of hits in the past 2 days.

So let’s go through the dates that stuck out the most in your mind.

What happened to Jennifer also known as “Ms. 90 day rule”?
We did have sex after like 2 weeks. I wanted to see if could break the 90 day rule and I did. Which sounds horrible I know. It wasn’t like I broke it to see if I could, she wanted me to break it.

She told you that?
Yea. Jennifer said she knew she wanted to sleep with me when she first met me. When I asked her about the 90 day thing she said if someone sticks around that long then they deserve it. And she was seeing if I would stick around that long. But then Jennifer said she felt genuine about me and that something could happen with us so she gave it up.