Donald Sterling Banned From NBA For Life


Clippers owner, Donald Sterling has just been banned from the NBA for life! After audio messages of his racist remarks against African American and Latinos were leaked over the weekend (See HERE), the 80 year old team owner has been under fire.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said on Tuesday, “I will do everything in my power” to “force” Sterling to sell the Clippers.

Silver said that he spoke with several players, coaches and owners before making the decision on the ban and that he was “personally outraged” by the comments.


Jason Kidd, 40, Officially Retires From The NBA!


After nineteen seasons of playing professional basketball, Jason Kidd, 40, is officially retired from the NBA. The point-guard made the not so shocking announcement Monday morning.

Although Kidd has had an impressive career and is noted as one of the best point-guards in NBA history it’s been rumored for the past year that, perhaps, his age had caught up to him

Kidd told this morning, “I think it is the right time. When you think about 19 years, it has been a heckuva ride. Physically, I want to be able to participate in activities with my kids so it has taken a toll. It is time to move on and think about maybe coaching or doing some broadcasting.


Beyonce & Jay Z Sit Courtside For Nets vs. Knicks First Game!

For the first time in basketball history New Yorkers are divided. Monday night brought about the very first game of the now two New York NBA hometown rivals, the Brooklyn Nets vs. The New York Knicks. Part Nets owner Jay Z and wife Beyonce were certainly among fans sitting court side as they watched history in the making.


LeBron Thanks Fans For NBA Championship Win!

Following his 2012 NBA Finals Championship win with the Miami Heat, Lebron James posted this video on his official website where he thanks fans for their support.

Despite the backlash and hate Lebron has received in the last couple years, you can’t deny, he’s earned this win!


The NBA Lockout Is Officially Over!

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Good news basketball fans! Representatives for the owners and players of the National Basketball Players Association were able to reach, what they call, a “tentative” agreement early Saturday to end the 149-day old lockout. At risk of losing the entire season and lots of money, an agreement was reached to kick off the season on Christmas Day, Dec. 25.

The negotiation went on for a painstaking 15-hours before league representatives and players came together in a joint news conference around 3:30am to make the big announcement.