First Annual Makeup Tutorial & Beauty Mixer Recap (Photos)


Hi readers! I had the pleasure of putting together my very first event last weekend in New York City. Although the prep work was overwhelming, I am happy I did it. I was responsible for putting together the entire production, and, I say that with pride. I have been to many events but to plan my own was an experience I was very anxious about but glad that I accomplished it. Furthermore, it was successful. I received support from those I didn’t expect would support me and left feeling satisfied with the overall turn out and results.

When I started the blog six years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do with it and where I wanted to take it. I was a music and pop culture junkie who wanted readers to indulge in their favorite celeb and all things entertainment, hence the phrase “treat your sweet tooth…”


Tyson Beckford Takes It All Off For A Pair Of Monster Headphones


Is Tyson Beckford still hot? Apparently so.

The chinky-eyed, tall, dark, well built, and tatted model with great bone structure took it all off (well, almost) at the Monster Headphones Launch Party in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday. Fact is, no one was staring at the headphones. Brilliant marketing tactic, wouldn’t you agree?

The strategy went so well that’s all everyone seems to be talking about. So much for the colorful pair of new Monster Headphones, huh? But no worries. We’re sure sales for the item will go up considering how cool Tyson just made them look.

Great eye candy.

Just one question, why not go completely nude next time Mr. Beckford?

(Photo: Getty Images)

Kendall Jenner Stuns As Miss Vogue On Magazine Cover At Just 17!

Kendall Jenner looks amazing on the cover of ‘Miss Vogue’. The teen, who turned seventeen on November 3rd, struts her stuff in the latest Miss Vogue issue. Although she once shunned high fashion modeling, during an episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, it appears an grown up Kendall is embracing her 5 ’10′ tall slender, highly photogenic and beautiful genes.

Check out more of Kendall’s exclusive photo spread at Kendall & Kylie official website.

Meet The First Bollywood Playboy Playmate, Sherlyn Chopra

Hugh Hefner has recruited the first Bollywood bombshell to grace the pages of Playboy. Indian model Sherlyn Chopra will appear in the sexy men’s magazine in their November issue. Unfortunately she’s come under much scrutiny. Her Hindu religion forbids her to pose nude. In fact, in the very religious country, the magazine is banned.

What does Chopra has to say about it?

“I have become the first Indian to pose naked for Playboy, and nobody can take away that achievement from me,” the 28-year-old beauty told BBC Hindi.

Chopra, who’ve appeared in small roles in several Bollywood movies, was chosen for the magazine when she decided to wrote to the magazine with the idea for the sexy spread. One look at the beauty at the rest is history.

As for her family Chopra says, “My sister is proud of my achievement,” she told BBC. “I haven’t told anything to my mother, but I think I will visit her and tell her that she has to accept me the way I am.”

Despite the ban on the print edition of Playboy, Indians from Goa to New Delhi will still be able to access the nude snapshots on the web, unless they ban that too of course.