Mona Scott-Young & VH1 Sued For Copyright Infringement


There’s some trouble for reality show producer Mona Scott-Young. In a lawsuit, filed on Monday (March 10, 2014), the creator and executive producer of “Love and Hip Hop” reality series is being sued by 8th Ward Entertainment.

Scott-Young along with VH1, MTV, Viacom and Monami Productions is being sued for copyright infringement, fraud, breach of contract, and breach of confidence for the idea of the popular reality show.


LHHNY Saigon & Erica Jean Will Appear On “Fix My Life” With Iyanla Vanzant


Following the explosive two-part reunion show of “Love and Hip Hop”, Saigon has just revealed that he and the mother of his son, Erica Jean, will appear on OWN’s “Fix My Life” with Iyanla Vanzant.

If you’re any bit familiar with the popular reality series then you’ll know that the rapper and Jean have had a volatile relationship.

Although the two admit they never really had a real relationship, they’re now trying to resolve their issues for the sake of their son.

It was Saigon who announced that he and Jean would sit down with Iyanla on an episode of “Fix My Life.” He shared the above image of himself and Iyanla adding, “Yall know I couldn’t let the story end like THAT… Check out BOTH SIDES of the story on Iyanla Fix My Life… This show isn’t about yelling and screaming. Its about THE FACTS….”


Ray J Backs Out of “Love & Hip Hop: LA”, Show Having Trouble Attracting Huge Star


It seems, Mona Scott and her VH1′s production team are having trouble attracting a star for their “Love & Hip Hop: LA” spin-off reality show.

Although they’ve garnered huge ratings for the original New York cast and their Atlanta spin-off, Los Angeles isn’t looking so fruitful.

Artist and ladies man, Ray J, had previously agreed to be aoart of the show, we’ve now learned, his hosting duties for Oxygen’s, “Bad Girls Club All-Stars,” is getting in the way (See HERE).


Season 4 Of “Love And Hip Hop” Gets Premiere Date (Trailer)


Are you ready? “Love And Hip Hop” season 4 has gotten an official premiere date. The show officially make its return on October 28th.

And, not to anyone’s surprise, drama is already brewing.

In the 30 second clip, we get a glimpse of some of the returning cast members, Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena, Tahiry, Joe Budden, and Yandy Smith along with some new faces. In fact, one of those new faces is singer K. Michelle. As you may already know K stems from the show’s spin-off, “Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta” but is now taking over New York City! With her career on the rise, K’s challenge now. may be, will she be able to keep her star rising in the big ‘ole concrete jungle?

Check out the trailer for the show’s upcoming season below.


Waka Flocka & Fiancee Tammy Rivera Joins “Love & Hip Hop” Atlanta Cast


Waka Flocka and fiancee Tammy Rivera are set to join the Atlanta cast of “Love And hip Hop”.

According to, “It was rumored that Waka was on the list of LHHATL candidates for season 1, but Tammy was hesitant about joining the cast, so he honored her decision not to proceed at that time.”


Benzino and Stevie J Reunite??


Benzino and Stevie J recently hit a snag into their best friend bromance that has been displayed on the reality show, “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Rumors began to go around about certain tweets that were sent from Benzino to Joseline and since then Benzino and “the Sleaze” have went their separate ways. Well, apparently the two have reunited and all seems good. Benzino posted a few pics of himself and Stevie with a few hashtags, #lahhatl #cantstopthehustle #brothers4life, indicating that the two are back to being besties again. _______READMORE

Love & Hip Hop Cast Members Threaten To Quit, Want Pay Raise!

Love _And_Hip_Hop_Reunion_Season_3

We’ve just learned some cast members of “Love And Hip Hop” are demanding a pay raise and won’t return until they do. Although the entire cast was to meet on Tuesday for the filming of the upcoming season 4 trailer, not all were in attendance.

TMZ reports, Sources close to the show tell us, all cast members were supposed to be present Tuesday in NYC to film a trailer for the upcoming season, but only half of the cast showed up. The other half stayed home in protest because negotiations for their new contracts had gone sour.

We’re told the half that did show up then got upset … believing they too were entitled to revised contracts … and stormed off.

While most of the cast members are asking sfor more money some are upset on how they were portrayed last season and want input on future shows.

More meetings are scheduled until an agreement can be reached. We’ll keep you posted.

Joe Budden Wants Closure With Ex Tahiry, Rolling Out Interview

Although most of us would think Joe Budden wants that old thing back ex-girlfriend and bodacious model Tahiry he says he just wants closure. He dishes on just that during his recent interview with Rolling Out. He also talks joining the new cast of “Love And Hip Hop: New York” and how being on reality television has impacted his personal and professional life.

On his relationship with ex-girlfriend Tahiry:
“Closure would be nice,” Joe says of the ongoing push-pull with Tahiry. “But that’s a luxury at this point between her and I. Would I prefer it? Yes. Will it ever be? Who the f–k knows?”

On being labeled a ladies man:
“As much as it is communicated, I don’t view myself that way. It’s almost a joke when I hear it. To me, it’s as simple as, I’m attracted to women that a lot of other people seem to be attracted to as well. They’re all beautiful and amazing women — physically, at least. It doesn’t set me apart. But I’m very transparent with them. Maybe most other people are not. Maybe I live in a bubble, in that respect. But that pretty much is always what it is.”


‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 3 Cast Attend Premiere Party In NYC

The weather in New York City has been pretty brisk lately but it didn’t stop the cast of “Love & Hip Hop” from heading out to their season 3 premiere launch party. The same party Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz announced their engagement, even though, he’s gone on to deny it while she’s still insinuating they are engaged. But more of that dirt at a later date.

Also in attendance was new mom Yandy Smith, Joe Budden and girlfriend Kaylin Garcia, Tahiry Jose, Consequence, Jen the Pen, Raqi Thunda, Lore’l, Winter Ramos, and Rashidah Ali.


Rich Dollaz & Erica Mena of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Engaged! Or Maybe Not…..

Rich Dollaz is engaged to ‘Love and Hip Hop’ co-star Erica Mena. Although Erica was introduced on season 2 of the hit reality show as the budding artist, she is now a fiancee to singer Olivia’s manager Rich Dollaz.

The two have denied dating in the past year although being spotted together on many occasions but it was Thursday night’s premiere party that they not only confirmed they’re together but they plan on getting married. And guess what? She doesn’t have a ring just yet. Hmmm….okay a proposal with no ring. Guess she’s not the first but that’s just tacky. But it get’s better. After confirming to multiple media outlets last night Rich is now denying he’s even engaged! Here’s what he told Global Grind.

“No, I’m not! I’m not engaged. Rich Dollaz is not engaged.

What happened was, I ain’t gonna say shorty was lying or nothin’ _______READMORE