Jay Z & Justin Timberlake Going On The Road Together

Following the highlight of their “Suit & Tie” Grammy performance, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake plan to hit the road together.

That’s right folks. A Jay & JT concert may be stopping at a town nearest you., says Rolling Stone.

Although he couldn’t confirm the news, JT did hint at a tour collaboration. “We’re definitely going to go on tour . . . I don’t know how much I should say . . . It’s going to be a lot of fun, I know that,” Timberlake stated on the Grammy red carpet Sunday night.


If Rihanna Could Be Anyone Else In The World Who Would It Be? Plus Terry Richardson Out Takes (Photos)

It just isn’t enough to be one of the most beautiful and successful women in the world, with millions of adoring fans, twelve number one hits (or is it thirteen now?), travel around the world and be stinking rich! Not for Rihanna at least. Rih revealed recently who she’d change places with if she had the chance. When a fan asked her on Instagram, “Rihanna, If you could be someone else for one day… Who would you choose to be?”

Rihanna simply replied back _______READMORE

Jay Z & Beyonce Finally Secure Trademark For Daughter Blue Ivy Carter

They were rejected a year ago after daughter Blue Ivy was born but Jay Z and Beyonce was finally able to trademark their baby girl’s name.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office posted notice that the superstars’ application to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter” faces no opposition, reports The Washington Post.

But it’s not over yet. For the next three years the couple will have to prove they are using the trademark for the purpose sought including baby strollers, music, eye glasses, skin cream, toys etc.

Smart move for one of the most famous babies in the world. There’s no telling what Blue will become, in her own right, but by securing she has a bright future and can build her own brand around whatever her heart desires is a great business move. And we all know, the Carters are not only talented they’re great business people. They’ve mastered the art of building a secure and long lasting brand. Check mate.

Let’s just hope they won’t face yet another opposition.


Beyonce Sings National Anthem At President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration, Accompanied By Jay Z (Video)

Beyonce was on hand to sing the National Anthem at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration of President Barack Obama. She was escorted in by her dapper looking husband Jay Z. It’s no secret the Carters have been long time supporters of the Obama’s since his 2009 campaign and election.

Aren’t they a handsome couple? The photo is adorable.

Check out Bey’s well done performance below.


Beyonce Reveals Song She Listens To Before Intimacy With Husband Jay Z, GQ Cover Shoot (Video)

Well, this may be the year Mrs. Carter become a bit more daring and show a more personal side of herself. During the behind the scenes look of her GQ magazine cover shoot Beyonce reveals the song she listens to before being intimate with Jay Z.

“If I’m scared, be scared, allow it, release it, move on. I think I need to go listen to ‘Make Love to Me’ and make love to my husband.”

Well, who knew? She also allowed GQ to visit her home where things got a bit silly when she played in flour while in her kitchen.

Take a behind the scenes look of Bey’s GQ magazine photo shoot. _______READMORE

Baby Blue Celebrates First Birthday With Mama Bey In The Bahamas

Just hours ago, Beyonce shared a precious photo of daughter Blue Ivy on the beaches of the Bahamas as she’s starting to learn how to walk. The photo gives us a glimpse of  just how baby Blue spent her first birthday. She turned 1 on January 7th.

How cute!

This latest photo adds to the parents collection of their daughter. Just days ago Jay Z also posted a photo of Baby Blue playing UNO.

Can’t wait until we actually get a full photo of the baby girl and she just how much she’s grown.

(Photo: Beyonce/Instagram)

Jay Z Post New Photo of Baby Blue Playing UNO

Earlier today Jay Z posted a picture of baby Blue Ivy on his website, Lifeandtimes.com, playing UNO. And of course the Internet is a buzz. Mainly because this picture, like all pictures of Baby Blue, is dark and doesn’t reveal the baby’s face. Most people are tired of the teasing that Jayonce is doing with all the blurry pics of Blue. If they aren’t going to show her then don’t take a picture at all. What do you think? Are they teasing us or are they being their normal, extra secretive selves? Do you mind the blurry pics as long as they are sharing a piece of their life or do you want the pics to stop? Here is a picture of the exact same photo of Baby Blue but lightened by a fan on Instagram.


Baby Blue Ivy Carter Turns 1!

Baby Blue Ivy Carter turns 1 today! Funny how time flies, huh? It seems like just yesterday. The little baby girl was born one year ago today to parents Beyonce and Jay Z. Although we’ve yet to see a more recent photo of the potential “musical prodigy” to the Carter legacy we’d like to say happy birthday blue!

Blue as a newborn. Days after her birth the media was in a frenzy when photos of a newborn Blue were released by Beyonce on the singer’s official Tumblr.

Here’s another shot of Blue at 6 months while out with Mama Bey.


Beyonce Rings In The New Year While Performing In Vegas!

Beyonce was back to doing what she does best last night, performing! The singer rang in 2013 on a Vegas stage performing in a private concert at the Wynn Hotel.

And while Bey worked the stages in Vegas her hubby Jay Z performed at the Barclays Center.

For more on Bey’s private Vegas concert and her costume changes visit Tattle Tailzz.

Jay Z, Roc Nation, Purchases Porsche Turbo for Rihanna

Perhaps it’s all the success she’s had this past year but Rihanna was gifted a 2013 Porsche 911 Coupe Turbo S with a Roc Nation bow on top, literally! The gift was given to her by Jay Z and her Roc Nation family.

The number #1 pop artist, who also has the #1 album ‘Unapologetic’ in several countries as well, tweeted these photo for nearly 27 million followers.

“All I see is signs, all I see is dolla $ign$”


Jay Z Barclays Center Opening Concerts Documentary (Video)

For Jay Z‘s 43rd birthday Life & Styles released the behind the scenes look of Jay preparing for the opening of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center titled “Where I’m From”. The documentary detailed the days leading up to Center opening concerts as well as Jay visiting familiar places he grew up. Take a behind the scenes look below.

Happy 43rd Birthday Mr. Dec. 4th!

You all can’t deny Jay Z has had an incredible year. From becoming a father last year, befriending President Barack Obama and being a driving force in his campaign for a second term to the opening of the Barclays Center and even the recent success of the Brooklyn Nets the Hip Hop mogul certainly has lots to celebrate. But some how we think he isn’t done yet. There’s, perhaps, lots more Jay may have up his sleeve and we can’t wait to see just what those things are.

We wish you a very happy 43rd birthday Jay Z, enjoy!

(Photo:Allison Joyce/Getty Images)