Rihanna Gets Bizarre New Hand Tattoo During New Zealand Tour Stop! (Photos)


Bad gal Rihanna, still on her ‘Diamonds World Tour’, was spotted getting a new hand tattoo in New Zealand, on Tuesday.

Normally we’re all intrigued by what the singer will do next. And, normally we are amazed.

Not this time.

The singer’s new hand tattoo has many buzzing and fans shocked as to why she’d get it and what does it mean. check out the emerging photos of the singer’s new tat and tell us what you think.


Amber Rose Gets New Cross Tattoo On Face?


Amber Rose has got all her fans speculating she now has a face tattoo of a cross after posting the above image on Instagram, Sunday afternoon.

Amber shared the photo of herself and Beyonce at the annual Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, where the singer and Amber’s husband, Wiz Khalifa, had performed.

She wrote, “My sweetheart @beyonce and I chopped it up about Bash & Blue Ivy they’re gonna get married 1 day…. Bash likes older women Lol”

But what’s gotten everyone talking is what appears to be an upside-down cross tattoo on Amber’s forehead.


Mimi Faust New Tattoo, Replacing Steving J Matching Tat! (Photos)

Mimi_Faust_New_TattooMimi Faust would like for us to know she’s no longer in love with Stevie J. In a recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” she replaced a matching prayer beads tattoo she was inspired to get because of her ex.

While her new man, Nikko Smith, looked on, Mimi covered the tat with a new one of vines with a rose bud growing at the end symbolizing growth. Get a better look of the tattoo below.


Soulja Boy & Girlfriend Diamond Get Matching Tattoos!


We reported yesterday that rappers Soulja Boy and Diamond had rekindled their romance and were a couple again, but did we miss something?

The couple also seemed to have gotten matching tattoos. Soulja Boy shared the below photo with Diamond’s name attached.


We’re not quite sure what it is, except, it looks like their giving each other the key to their hearts. Awww…isn’t that cute.


Amber Rose Gets A Wiz Khalifa Face Tattoo! (Photo)


As if Amber Rose couldn’t prove her love for fiance and baby daddy, Wiz Khalifa, any more she’s gone one step further. She’s gotten a Wiz face tattoo on her arm to prove it’s really real!

Check out this massive tat!

Rose tweeted, “True Love #Cam & Amb :-)”


Wow, that thing’s huge and it looks just like him! Even the smile. Hilarious.

We just hope she won’t regret it when she gets older.

But it didn’t stop there. Amber made sure to get another tattoo of her momma Ms. Dottie. She again tweeted, “New Tatt- Throwback of my Mommy Ms Dottie thx @bobby_serna :-)”


Rihanna Gets A Nubian Queen Tattoo

The queen of tattoos Ms. Rihanna is at it again. On Monday the singer released several new photos of her outtakes with famed photographer Terry Richardson. Among the photos we noticed Rihanna has got a new body art.


First Dumb Celebrity Decision of 2013: Lil’ Wayne Tattoos His Face!

In celebrity dumbassness, Lil’ Wayne gets “Baked” tattooed on his face! I’m not sure what it is about celebrities that when they go from being regular people to being rich and famous that they then decide since they no longer have regular problems they create their own. Rich people troubles. Like Lil’ Gremlin for instance. He knows he’s wrong for doing that to his forehead. He’s baked alright. Was probably baked when he got it done.

Doesn’t Lil Tunechi have a child support check to write or something? When did he even find the time for this foolery with all the kids he has?!

It must be nice to not have regular problems like rent I guess. Wasting your money on this foolery. Then again….some ya’ll just might.

What are your thoughts? Dumb, stupid or the epitome of idiotic?

Justin Bieber Gets New “Praying Hands” & Rose Tattoo

Justin Bieber has added to his tattoo collection. He revealed to fans, via Instagram, the enhancement he’s made to his already existing “praying hands” tattoo on his lower left leg. He released this below photo where he has added roses below the hands clasps in prayer.

The tattoo alongside another spiritual tattoo he got back in January of Jesus’ head. Yeah, the one we weren’t too fond of. He also has Jesus’ name written in Hebrew on his left rib cage. We’re guessing Jesus is his homie.

The new tat makes seven to the stars collection. Just this year alone he’s gotten a total of five. And just this past September he revealed a crown tattoo on his chest. He also the word “Believe” written in one of his forearms, a bird symbol of his hip (a family tradition), and he has a small Japanese symbol inside his right arm which means “music”.

We just hope he’s not going to become the next singer to cover his entire body in ink art. At that point it gets really tasteless.

To see all seven of Justin’s tats head over to Zimbio.com.

Daniel Gibson Gets Tattoo of Wife & Singer Keyshia Cole’s Face

Daniel Gibson Sr. decided to show is dedication to wife and singer Keyshia Cole. If ain’t real if it ain’t tatted right? Well, Gibson made sure to declare his love to the world when he tweeted the below photo of Cole face on his arm.


Chris Brown Gets Yet Another Neck Tattoo!

Chris Brown had no intentions of stopping until his entire neck was covered in tattoos! Breezy posted the below photo, via Instagram, of the newest addition to his neck collection.

Now, if you’re like me, I really couldn’t make it out but thankfully a few fans sites were able to get a close up! _______READMORE

Rihanna Gets New Falcon Tattoo!

As if sixteen tattoos aren’t enough, Rihanna has added another one to her roaster. The singer, currently still in New York City, just tweeted the first photo of her seventeenth tattoo. She wrote, “Falcon Sh*t!!!”


Rihanna Gets New Cross Tattoo

Rihanna is doing way too much these days we can’t keep up. The singer has gotten a new cross tattoo.

The latest tat makes this her 16th. Yes, she has quite a few. Many are small in random places on her body. This time, she chose to place the small cross on her collarbone. She got it done at the opening of her friend and tattoo artist, Bang Bang‘s new store in New York City.

What are you’re thoughts, take our poll.

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