Bobby Brown & Daughter Bobbi Kristina Reunite For Father’s Day

Bobby-Brown-Daughter-Bobbi-Kristina-Celebrate-Fathers-DaySince the tragic passing of music icon Whitney Houston, nearly 2 1/2 years ago, there’s been much speculation about the state of the relationship between Whitney’s daughter and her dad Bobby Brown.

It seems the father and daughter had been estranged from each other. The only question remained, was why? One reason could be Bobbi Kris’ decision to marry Nick Gordon, her unofficial adopted brother, at just 20 years old.

There’s now speculation that the two aren’t really married despite the initial report.

Although we can’t be for certain the reason behind the pair’s fall out, it’s clear now, that they were able to resolve their differences.

It was Bobbi Kristina who shared the above photo of herself and her dad with, “#HappyHappyFathersDay.”

Check out some more images and messages the pair shared during their celebration below.


Bobby Brown Says He Did Not Know Bobbi Kristina Got Married


As we previously reported in January, Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Bobbi Kristina married Nick Gordon and showed off her wedding ring on Twitter for the whole world to see (See HERE). Or so we thought.

Apparently, Bobbi Kristina’s own father, Bobby Brown claims he did not know she was married. Okay, so he may not have been checking social media, but c’mon, he hasn’t heard a thing? TMZ recently caught Brown leaving dinner and asked him about his daughter’s marriage to which he responded, “No, she didn’t get married.” He must be in denial about it because it is pretty clear that the 21-year-old is happily married to Gordon.


Bobbi Kristina Ends Relationship With Nick Gordon, Gets In Car Wreck!

Bobbi Kristina is now single. Perhaps not by choice though. And what’s worse? Following her break up with her unofficial step-brother Nick Gordon she got into an unfortunately car wreck, Thursday afternoon (November 28th), while driving her Chevy Camaro in Alpharetta, Georgia.

As for her breakup, boyfriend Nick Gordon tweeted recently for the world to see, “@REALbkBrown (Bobbi Kristina) and I are not engaged or dating. Just close like we have always been.

Although Bobbi did not confirm whether she and Nick have broken up she has been tweeting some telling messages. Here’s one of several she’s written lately. She writes, “I guess it’s time 4me2stop depending on anymore. It’s my time2follow what Mom & The Lord put out on this path for me. #Thankful. Mom xxo.”

I’m sure the news comes as a sigh of relief for the Houston family. It’s no secret the family did not approve of the relationship.

On Bobbi’s car crash TMZ reports, “ Bobbi Kristina has miraculously emerged unscathed after wrecking her Chevy Camaro in a frightening car crash…”


“The Houstons: On Our Own” Premieres Tonight!

Her daddy might have just gotten arrested but Bobbi Kristina won’t be sulking for too long, her new reality show “The Houstons: On Our Own” premieres tonight! Perhaps an opportunity to get out the shadow of her famous parents. Following the loss of her mother, Whitney Houston (may she rest in peace), and her father’s recent troubles, Bobbi has faced much scrutiny of her own for her romantic relationship with unofficial step-brother Nick Gordon. We’ll get to see for the first time, Bobbi’s take on how much her life has changed in the last several months and just who she is.

The show will document her journey as well the role her grandmother, Cissy Houston, aunt and uncle Pat and Gary Houston, and how they hold it all together one drama at a time.The show premieres tonight on Lifetime at 9m. Will you be watching?

‘The Houstons: On Our Own’ Sneak Peek, Bobbi Kristina Confirms Engagement To Nick Gordon

We said it was coming and now it has a premiere date. ‘The Houstons: On Our Own’ reality show, chronicles the lives of Whitney Houston‘s family since her passing. In particular, the show will chronicle the life of Whitney’s only child and daughter Bobbi Kristina and her controversial relationship with her “unofficial” adopted brother Nick Gordon. In a sneek peak, Bobbi announces to her family “We’re engaged!” followed by shock and the family’s disapproval of the pair.

Watch the sneek peak of what we can expect on ‘The Houstons’ when you go HERE!

The show premieres October 24th 9/8c on Lifetime.

Will you be watching?

Could This Be Incest?! Bobbi Kristina And “Adopted-Brother” Nick Gordon Kissing!

Bobbi Kristina and “adopted brother” Nick Gordon have been flaunting their relationship around a lot lately. Although the two denied they had been dating earlier this year, it seems, they’re doing just that….and more.

The above photo, tweeted by Bobbi Kris, are of the two kissing for the world to see. And, check out that diamond ring! Could an engagement announcement be on the horizon? The photo was accompanied by this message, “1 of the main reasons why i even smile today.:) iloveyoubooboo , forever&always. “it’s just US now”..@Nickdgordon {<3}.”