The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “Sibling Rivalry”


“I love bad bitches that’s my f**king problem…”

The A$AP Rocky single could be heard bursting out of the speakers for at least ten blocks.

Cleo found her new neighbors to be obnoxious. Their arrogant asses felt that it was okay to play loud music at whatever hour of the day and night. She had just gotten home from work and at 7 pm in the evening her Chicago suburban neighborhood was typically quiet. Most residents were home from work, eating dinner, watching television or winding down preparing to do it all again the next day.
When she moved to the neighborhood five years ago, it was a maze of uniformly aligned houses with nearly perfect landscaping. Now, with gentrification hitting much of the major cities across the country, houses were being torn down and replaced by sectionals. A house now became four, with two tenants both occupying the upper and lower levels. Her once uniformly aligned neighborhood was more like patch work — apartment complexes and two family houses emerging amidst the older architecture.
That had been the case with the two-family home directly across the street and in front of her home. The home was occupied by the Moores — both upper and lower levels. While two sisters took control of the top half, their two younger brothers occupied the bottom.


Tahiry Jose Attacked During NYFW Runway Show


While preparing for her New York Fashion Week runway debut, Monday night, “Love & Hip Hop New York” reality star, Tahiry Jose, was violently assaulted by a man. Tahiry was participating in a runway show for Toure Designs when the attack took place. According to, information concerning the incident is still surfacing, however they have obtained the following details.

“Yesterday, while preparing to walk in her first runway show with Toure Designs, reality star Tahiry Jose was viciously attacked by Carlos Gonzales, who serves as the production manager of the Helen Mills event venue, where the show was to be held. _______READMORE

Is Wearing White After Labor Day Really A Big Deal?


Wearing white after Labor Day has been frowned upon in the fashion world for years. Supposedly the fashion rule originated from early fashion magazine editors discouraging it. The rule was strictly enforced in the 1950s and 60s and it was taboo for a person to be wearing any piece of white clothing or shoes after the holiday.

Times have changed and the fashion rule is now considered to be outdated. _______READMORE

Serge Ibaka Professes Love For Keri Hilson On Instagram


A lot has changed in a few short months! Earlier this year, we were sad to learn that NBA player Serge Ibaka and girlfriend and singer Keri Hilson had broken up (READ HERE).

By early Spring, we were glad to see that the couple were on the verge of a reconciliation.

Two days ago, on September 7, 2014, the athlete took to his official Instagram account, @mr_avecclasse, to share an image of his love to profess his love. It was also the couple’s two year anniversary.


Janay Rice React to Media Backlash & Ray Rice’s Ravens Termination


A day after leaked footage of Ray Rice punching his then fiancee, now wife, Janay Rice in an Atlantic City elevator, which prompted the Baltimore Ravens to terminate the athlete’s contract, Mrs. Rice is speaking out against the media and the NFL’s decision.

Janay Rice took to social media site, Instagram, to share the following message on Tuesday, “I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend,” she wrote. _______READMORE

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Share First Wedding Photos


We finally get to see wedding photos from the lavish $5 million dollar wedding of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade! The couple had us anxiously waiting to see photos from their August 30 wedding at Chateau Artisan castle in Miami. The Wades look so happy in the latest photos that were shared on Instagram.


Baltimore Ravens Terminate Ray Rice After Domestic Abuse Video Goes Viral


The Baltimore Ravens have just terminated running back Ray Rice‘s NFL contract following the video release of Rice’s attack on then fiancee, now wife, Janay Rice. The incident occurred on February 15, 2014 while the couple had been visiting an Atlantic City resort.

Initially, both were charged with assault upon reviewing an initial footage of the fight. However, the judge in the case later decided to drop the charges against Mrs. Rice. In March Ray Rice was given a more serious charge with possibility of serving up to 5 years behind bars.

Although the couple would later marry, it was clear, the incident was not going to go away. _______READMORE

Former LHHNY Reality Star, Kimbella, Gets Breast Implants


Former “Love and Hip Hop” reality star Kimbella has just debuted a pair of big ‘ole itties! In case you’re unaware what that means, she recently enhanced her breasts. Just take a look at the above image.

Just wow!

Over the weekend, while I was minding my business on Instagram, I came across several images shared by the mom of three and longtime girlfriend to rapper Juelz Santana. And, as you can imagine, there was something visibly different about the model, and well, they’re huge!


New York Fall Fashion Week 2014 Kick Off!


Yep, it’s that time of year again. New York Fashion Week is here and in full swing! Every year in September fashionistas come running to see the Spring 2015 collection from their favorite designers. New York City is full of trendy and chic individuals dressed in their best and ready to make a fashion statement. It’s an endless week of celeb sightings, runway shows, parties, and events.

Some of the major must see fashion shows are: Charlotte Ronson, Herve Leger by Max Azria, Alexander Wang, Donna Karan, Carolina Herrera, Tory Burch, Michael Costello, Donatella Versace and Betsey Johnson.


Monica Shares Touching Message to Daughter Laiyah On Her First Birthday


She’s finally one! Monica and Shannon Brown just celebrated their daughter, Laiyah, first birthday. The were married in 2010, after meeting on the set of Monica’s “Love all over Me” video several months prior, and welcomed the baby girl three years later on September 3, 2013. It was the proud mom who shared a photo of the baby girl on Instagram and described the profound feelings she had for her daughter.


A Day Late & A Dollar Short: Shantal Jackson Sues Floyd Mayweather for Abuse


Now, we don’t condone abuse by any means but Ms. Shantal Jackson‘s timing on wanting to sue ex-fiance and boxer, Floyd Mayweather, is a bit suspicious.

It’s been, at least, a year since the model and the boxer “officially” broke up, but somehow, she’s chosen now to sue him for the alleged attacks and death threats.

Oh, and did we mention there’s much talk that Jackson is working on an upcoming BET reality show with current beau and rapper Nelly?!

Hmmmm…Ms. Jackson Ms. Jackson, we sympathize with you girl but…in the words of “Marrried to Medicine” stars, Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford, “Messy Boots!!!”