Diddy Gets Inspired By Eric Garner Case & Urges Celebs To Get Involved (Video)


Following the shocking news that the officer who choked and was ultimately responsible for the death of Staten Island resident Eric Garner would not be indicted, many people are calling on celebrities and public figures to get more involved to fight for justice.

One such celebrity, Diddy, has even stepped forward in a shared video footage asking his fellow musicians and high profile individuals to also get involved and work towards change.


Eric Garner’s Widow Rejects Officer Pantaleo’s Apology


Upon the announcement that Officer Daniel Pantaleo would not be indicted for choking and ultimately killing Staten Island man Eric Garner, Pantaleo issued an official statement expressing remorse and apologizing to the Garner family.

Eric Garner’s widow, Esaw Garner, was asked whether she accepted that apology in a press conference Wednesday night.

While answering the reporter’s question here was Mrs. Garner’s response…

Hell no! The time for remorse would have been when my husband was yelling to breathe _______READMORE

Keke Palmer Graces Essence Mag January 2015 Cover


The beautiful and talented Keke Palmer graces the January 2015 cover of Essence magazine, and, we can’t help but to notice just how stunning the 21 year old is.

Of the big news and feature, the actress and singer unveiled the cover art with her fans along with this message. “Soooo excited about my first @essencemag cover!,” she tweetd. “Lmk (let me know) what you think. Grab your copy! http://bit.ly/1vdfGAI (will be everywhere 12/5),” she adds.

And talk about well deserving, huh? At just 21 years old, Palmer became the youngest to garner her own talk show, Just Keke, earlier this year. She also made history again by becoming the first African American actress to play Cinderella on Broadway.


No Indictment For Officer In Eric Garner Choke Hold Death


The police officer responsible for putting Eric Garner in the choke hold that ultimately took his life will NOT be indicted.

The shocking decision was made, on Wednesday, by the grand jury even after incriminating footage of the attempted arrest, after Garner was suspected of selling cigarettes illegally, was leaked to the press.

Perhaps even more shocked by the news was Garner’s widow, Esaw Garner. “Oh my God, are you serious?” she told The NY Daily News. “I’m very disappointed. You can see in the video that he (the cop) was dead wrong!”


Fashion Ruler Leroy Crumbley Invents A New Way to Get Cuffed


Can you imagine—what life would be like without inventors? Can you imagine—if there was never an Imhotep, George Washington Carver or Thomas Edison? No grocery stores or supermarkets, no packaged products from far away places like Asian and Africa. Can you imagine—every American household, having to grow their own crops and hunt for their own meat? It might not be conceivable to those who take for granted, certain liberties and comforts like—coming down an escalator in the mall, talking on an iPhone or even driving a luxury sports car, which by the way—were all made possible by inventors that dedicated their lives to inventing unique or novel devices and methods—tangible and intangible things, which makes our daily lives easier and more effective to manage.

And as we move forward into the foreseeable future, today’s guest—Mr. Leroy Crumbley, is another inventor who has created a solution to a common problem, faced by many—his shirt’s cuffed sleeves wouldn’t stay in place, so—he created fashion cuffs to hold them in place, and consequently—made life better and easier for people who prefer to wear their long sleeves in cuffs. I was blessed with the opportunity to converse with Mr. Crumbley, and this is what he had to say about—growing up in Liberty City, his most memorable life moment, and the meaning of Fasheik.


Kandi Burruss Shares Thoughts On Losing Mother-in-Law Miss Sharon


We reported on Monday about the untimely death of Todd Tucker‘s mother, Miss Sharon, following a stroke. After Todd’s official confirmation of his mother’s passing, his wife and RHOa reality star Kandi Burruss has also shared some very touching words about her mother-in-law and her death.

Upon sharing the above image of herself, Todd and Miss Sharon with her social media followers Burruss writes, “Today has been a tough day. Our family has suffered a terrible loss. Sharon was the best mother in-law! _______READMORE

Todd Tucker Loses Mom, Miss Sharon, Following Stroke


In some very sad news, RHOA reality star and husband, Todd Tucker, has lost his mother, Miss Sharon, following an unexpected stroke.

Mama Sharon passed away on Tuesday in New York, a source exclusively revealed to Mail Online.

Tucker was in Atlanta when he received a call notifying him that his mother had fallen ill in New York, according to the insider.

A friend of the reality star’s is reported to have discovered his mother Miss Sharon before she was rushed to a hospital, where she died the following day.


[New Music] Teairra Mari: “Deserve”


If you watched Monday night’s season finale of ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ then you were privy to the out pour of emotion during singer Teairra Mari‘s performance of new single, “Deserve.”

You may also know that the single was inspired from her emotional roller coaster on-off relationship with singer and cast mate Ray J. Listen to the Yung Berg produced record below and share your thoughts.


Meek Mill Gets Early Release From Prison!


Meek Mill just got his get outta jail free pass one month earlier than expected. If you all remember, the Maybach music rapper was serving a three to six months prison sentence for violating his five-year probation, stemming from a drug and weapons possession charge, back in July.

After an outburst during a scheduled parole office meeting and insubordinate behavior, Meek, real name Robert Williams, was ordered to jail.


8 Tips On Being Your Most Productive Self


1. Wake up earlier: If you’re not a morning person, waking up earlier can totally be a hard task, but just think about how much more productive you can be if you a) allocate your time more effectively and b) value your own time in order to execute better time management.

2. Exercise (typically in the morning): Much like waking up earlier, if you’re not a very active person then the very thought of exercising can be exhausting. However, I can assure you, exercising before getting your day started gives you more energy. Studies have proven that stimulating your mind and body physically before beginning your day gets your adrenaline pumping; helping to give you the kind of motivation you need to stay energized through-out the day.


A Bronx Robber Attack Woman & Infant (Video)

Alonzo Brown, 18, has been identified as the assailant who attacked a woman and her three-month-old baby in the Bronx last Friday.

A cell phone thief kicked a woman in the back, knocking her onto a Bronx sidewalk, but he actually assaulted two people — she had a 3-month-old child strapped to her chest.

Police were able to identify the robber as Brown, who already has an impressive rap sheet, after viewing surveillance footage along E. Tremont Ave. near Bronx Park Ave. in West Farms.