[New Music] Toni Braxton: “I Heart You”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Toni Braxton but she’s back with dance track, “I Heart You”. She even wrote and produced the single herself, of which, she says there are two versions of. The singles will be made available on I-Tunes. Listen below.

Makes me want to dance! What about you,love it or pass on it?

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Lil’ Kim Visits 106 & Park, Gets Shade From Rocsi

Lil’ Kim visited the set of 106 & Park on the 15th anniversary of the late Notorious B.I.G’s passing. She talked her fondest moments about BIG, new music, new projects in the works, avoided the Nicki questions but it was something that happened behind the scenes that’s got everyone talking. The clip was actually edited out but things got a little tense when Rocsi asked Kim if she missed her old 1995 face, according to reports from attendees. You know, her face pre all the plastic surgery.

I wonder what in the world would make Rocsi asked that question. Here’s what Kim tweeted following the interview.

“I want to take this time 2 say #TeamLilKim & all my fans that came out 2 106. I fucking love u guys. Y’all really turnt it up & represented. Even when Rocsi tried to get disrespectful towards the end & ask an unappropriate irrelevant question..”

Wait….is “unappropriate” a word? Anyone?….I’ll wait.

Check out the full interview below.


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5 Tips To Boost Your Energy

Unless you’re a get up an go kind of personality, it’s a drag to wake up in the morning without hitting the snooze button. Waking up is a drag, and knowing it’s because you’ve got to head out to work to earn a living is an even bigger drag! Well, I’m with you. Here are some tips I’ve learned in boosting my energy on a daily basis, they may work for you as well.

1. Working out: Okay I know you’ve heard this before, and, it just sounds like more work, and in a way it is, but it doesn’t have to be a super strenuous workout. Each morning or even at night before going to bed, start off by stretching, get your blood circulating, then try do a few squats (5 sets of 8-10 perhaps). Not a lot at all! Then a few crunches (another 5 sets of 10). Then maybe a few legs raises, arm extensions, you’ll want to stretch again, and you’re done. This is pretty light weight. You’ll notice throughout the morning you’ll feel refreshed and may even sleep better at night. Not only are you getting more energized, you’re getting a workout in. As time progresses you’ll want to do more and even begin to see results. But, most importantly, be consistent.

2. Eat!: I know, what you’re thinking. But, yes eat! But eat the right foods, of course. You’re allowed three snacks a day between each meal. This includes, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here’s a tip, eat small portions. Just enough to make you satisfied but not totally full. Your stomach shouldn’t bulge over your pants. This is a clear sign you’ve overeaten. _______READMORE

Rihanna’s Dad Calls Her Fat, Shows Support For Chris Brown

In an interview with Heat magazine, Ronald Fenty called his daughter Rihanna fat and showed his support of Chris Brown.

“I actually thought she was a little fat the last time I saw her,” he told the magazine. He continued, “When I saw her this time [at the Grammys], I thought she was back to her normal size.”

As soon as the interview was made public, Rihanna tweeted a topless photo of herself to show case her slender build and amazing shape. The photo is amazing and is sure to silence the critics, including her father’s harsh words.

When asked about Chris Brown and the rumors that the two are getting back together Fenty said “Chris is a nice guy, and everybody’s entitled to make mistakes in their life,” Fenty said. “God knows how many I’ve made,” he continued.


[Video Premiere] Usher: “Climax”

Usher has released the official video for new single “Climax”. The visual is actually pretty intense. It opens up with him sitting in his car outside an ex-lovers house, he seems disconnected and lost because they are no longer together, and, then imagines bursting throw the home grabbing her and begin making love before her new lover gets home. He’s then brought back to reality, still disconnected and later imagines running away with her. At the end he’s seen driving off, not quite sure if he’s been imagining the whole thing or reliving what actually happened in the past, before he and his lover’s courtship reached it’s climax. Nicely done.


[New Music] Chris Brown: “How I Feel”

Chris Brown
released a new song he decided to share with his fans titled “How I Feel”. The song, not very long, but shows Breezy pouring his heart out a bit about just how he’s made it in the industry and may have made a few mistakes but he’s learning from them and will move on, even if we won’t. Check it out below.


Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ Delux Edition Album Artwork

As if the very animated ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ original artwork wasn’t enough, Nicki Minaj‘s vamped it up with the delux edition. A cover I’m still not sure I’m crazy over but that showcases an even more crazy and deranged looking Onika Maraj.

What are your thoughts, you like?

The album drops April 3rd.

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Spanx Creator, Sara Blakely, Named Youngest Female Billionaire

Spanx designer, Sara Blakely, 41, has been named the youngest woman to become a billionaire according to the Forbes top 25 ‘Billionaires List’. According to the magazine, Spanx is valued by several Wall Street Banks at an average $1 billion. Amazing considering the then 27 year old Blakely couldn’t have predicted how successful her business venture would become. With $5,000 in the bank and a frustration brought on over old-fashioned pantyhose  revealing seams at the toes and failing to flatter the figure in all the right places, Blakely began her crusade to design the perfect pantyhose.

Well, she wasn’t alone. Millions of women across America were faced with the same ordeal, and whether she knew it or not, she took advantage of the a lacked market at exactly the right time. Three years later, with the help of the “O factor” (the design was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show as one of her favorite items) and, just like that, Blakely and her design was a hit!

She now employes a staff of 125 people with only 16 men at her Atlanta-based firm.

How is she doing these days? ”I have to pinch myself,” Blakely told the magazine. “Five grand,” she says, thinking back a decade. “Good investment.”

For the complete list, head over to Forbes.

Making Your Winter Fashion Transition Into Spring

It’s not quite Spring, just yet, but in the coming weeks, as the weather gets a little warmer you’ll want transition your winter wear into spring. Here are some suggestions on how to get Spring fashion ready.

You can pair any dark denim with a crewneck sweater, preferably a neutral color (Beige/Gray). To add a hint of color you can play around with your accessories a bit, such as the scarf I’ve chosen (Forever 21). There are various color options you can choose from, a shade of orange or even green perhaps. As for shoes, you can top off this outfit with a pair of simple black pumps. Every woman should own a pair of black pumps by the way. But if you want to wear flats, these pair of women’s Caparros gold flats goes nicely (there are also a number of colors you can choose from). Before you know it, you’ll be Spring fashion ready.

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