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Paula Patton Shows Off Baby Bump At Fashion Week  – Tattle Tailzz

Whitney Houston’s Funeral To Be Televised, Aretha Franklin Set To Sing  – Jennifer Brix

Nicki Minaj Covers Vibe, Crowned Notorious K.I.N.G  – Look Bitch Blog (Diva Artist)

6 Things Chirs Brown Should Have Gotten Rihanna For Valentine’s Day  – Vibe

Booby Brown denies Rumors, Gives Bobbi Kristina Updates – Juicy Carter

Ameriie’s New Hair, But No Music – Miss Jia

You’ve Go Mail (Ever Gotten A Peen Pic?) – Laugh.Cry.Cuss

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‘Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman, Talks Fashion and Purse Must Haves

The fourth season of ‘Basketball Wives’ is set to premiere on Monday, February 20, and all week leading up to the show, VH1 has held recent conversations with a few members of the cast. They go behind the camera to discuss some of their own personality style, fashion must haves among other things. Fan favorite, Tami Roman sits down to talk just that.

Let’s talk style, do you have any go-to lines that you love?
I’m not a “brand” type of chick. It could be Missoni, it could be Yves St. Laurent, it could be Forever 21, I don’t care, as long as it looks good on me.

What kinds of places do you shop?
I’m all over the place. I like vintage, so I go to a lot of thrift stores. In L.A. we’ve got Jet Rag, Wasteland, consignment boutiques, I love Arden B., I’m a big fan of H and M, and outside of that, department stores.

Are you loyal to any one brand of shoes?
I’m really not! If it’s a cute shoe…But I will say, I love Tory Burch. Her ballet flats are a gift from God as far as I’m concerned. If I had to say I had an allegiance, it would be to that. I only wear heels on the show. I’m usually like, Adidas. Or flip flops. That’s me.


[Official Video] Tyrese: “Nothing On You” (Appearance By Chilli)

He told us it was coming. The official video for Tyrese‘s “Nothing On You” with his love interest played by TLC’s Chilli Thomas,has made its premiere. The song speaks of a man’s love for his woman and how no one else can replace her or can ever be her. In the spirit of love, there’s no wonder Mr. Gibson chose the week of Valentine’s day to release the visual.


Lil Kim On ‘What Happens Live’ With Andy Cohen

What a plesent surprise! Lil’ Kim stopped by Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen last night to chop it up and talked about her memory of the late Whitney Houston. She shared a funny moment when she happen to be on the same plane with Whitney and Booby heading to the Bahamas. She adds, “she [Whitney] was the best. She was so down to earth.” She also discuss her nonsensical battle with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. When asked what she thought of Nicki’s little red riding hood get up and performance at the Grammy Awards Kim pretended to not know who everyone was talking about. But adds, she feels the same about Nicki’s performance the way everyone else does. On song Nicki’s song “Stupid Hoe” she says “If you have to make a song about stupid h*e, you must be the stupid h*e.”


Chris Brown Attended Rihanna’s Birthday Party?

Rumor has it, Chris Brown attended Rihanna private celebration for her 24th birthday in anticipation for the singer’s actual birthday Feb. 20th. Because the singer will be in London for the BRIT Awards on her birthday, she decided to kick off the celebration a little early state side in LA. Don’t believe me, watch the clip below.

Without actual photos it’s hard to say if this rumor is real or fake but fans and foes are certainly in a frenzy over the news to further confirm these two have reconnected somehow, if not romantically.

Like I’ve previously stated, I understand the concern but if two people want to be together they will regardless of what anyone want to say about it. The best we can do is wish them well and hope they’ve both grown up and learn from past mistakes.

TMZ is now confirming that not only was Chris Brown in attendance for Rihanna’s private celebration, he asked that attendees sign confidentiality agreements and instructed no pictures be taken.


Why Men Marry B*tches

She throws some flowers on the ground because the arrangement wasn’t up to her specifications. Another woman insults her fiance’s mother and makes her clean the wedding dress with a toothbrush. And the last woman blows the wedding budget and laughs.

And these are the women getting married?

I’d had enough of this Bridezillas marathon and it was only the second show. I am an attractive, reasonably sane, employed, caring woman…and single. But the crazy ones on my latest WEtv marathon are the women that get married.

Do men really marry bitches?

Sherry Argov, author of the popular books “Why Men Date Bitches” and “Why Men Marry B*tches”, suggests that when a woman gives a man everything by being very nice and open, he’ll be turned off. He may appreciate the gestures but that’s not the woman he will marry. Instead, he’ll marry the woman who is a challenge or what some would call – the bitch.


Vanessa & Kobe Bryant Reunite for Valentine’s Day

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant is working on a reconciliation. That’s so according to TMZ. The proof? The couple were spotted kissing after a Lakers game on Valentine’s Day. Following the Lakers win against the Atlanta Hawks, the two shared a kiss in the tunnel on the way into the locker room.

Vanessa filed for divorce back in December, citing irreconcilable differences, and is set to receive half of the 150 million dollar of Kobe Bryant’s net worth. They have already settled on the a property deal rewarding Vanessa with 3 of Bryant’s 4 mansions.

Vanessa took a stand and began divorce proceedings after discovering Kobe had been unfaithful. But with their recent public display of affection, where does this leave both Kobe and Vanessa?


[New Music] Lil’ Kim: “If You Love Me”

Lil Kim pulled a Nicki Minaj. Not one to be out done, she also released a new single on Valentine’s Day. It’s called “If You Love Me”, and it’s pretty okay, if you ask me.
After Nicki’s odd Grammy performance and lack luster music she’s releasing lately, Kim may just be able to make a comeback. Hmmm….well, just listen to the record.


[Behind The Scenes] Chris Brown: “Turn Up the Music”

The official video for Chris Brown‘s new single “Turn Up The Music” hasn’t been released just yet but take a look at this behind the scenes footage. This may be good guys. He also co-directed the video.

Are you excited to see the visual for Brown’s first single from album ‘Fortune’? I know we are.

[New Music] Kaleena: ‘Chamber of Diaries’ Mixtape

You may know her as Kaleena 1/3 of ‘Dirty Money’ but by the time she’s done she’ll just be Kaleena to you. She just released her highly anticipated solo mixtape “Chamber Of Diaries” with 16 original tracks with only one industry and is already getting raved reviews. The mixtape was executively produced by Tony Vick, Kalenna Vick, Trick Bizness & Shakesphere with production provided by the famed Rodney Jerkins, Black Da Beast, D.Miles and more.

Just to get a taste of what you’ve been missing, check out Kaleena’s latest single and video for “Go To Work”.


‘Glee’ Star Amber Riley Sings Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

On Tuesday night’s episode of ‘Glee’, Amber Riley who plays Mercedes did a beautiful rendition of the late Whitney Houton‘s biggest hit “I Will Always Love You”.
The performance is moving it gave me chills!

Wow!! Beautifully done!!

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Whether you’re single or attached, it’s important to always look your best. Nothing’s better than loving yourself in the skin you were born in.

Doing a bit of last minute V-day shopping? Whether you’re hanging out with the girls, you’ve got an exciting date tonight or just want to feel sexy for you, here are some choices to do just that.

The color red represents love and passion for a reason. Men just love to see women wear it. Two of my favorite stores are just right for this occasion, Charlotte Russe and Forever 21. You’ll find just what you need without breaking the bank.