Do We Love It?: Jennifer Lopez Shines In Gold On Idol Set

Jennifer Lopez showed up on the set of ‘American Idol’ as if she was member of Austin Power’s Goldfinger’s family. The Idol judge glittered in gold Thursday night, literally. She wore gold sequined Temperley London cropped jacket and a pair of harem pants of a darker shade of metallic gold with, of course, gold stiletto sandals.

To accessorize, as if gold wasn’t enough, she wore a thick gold chain and matching bracelet.

What are your thoughts?

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[Behind The Scenes] Rihanna: “Where Have You Been” Part 3

Rihanna has given us another behind the scenes look of the making of her “Where Have You Been” video. Lots of themes going on in this visual. And, we’ll get to see her dancing, something she rarely does in her videos. Take a look.

Looks good. The official video release has been scheduled for Monday, April 30th.

6 Signs Someone Is Not Interested

I just wanted a ginger ale.

Entering the store an older man says “Good Evening Gorgeous!” I decide that just because I have an attitude at my entire day, I don’t need to have an attitude with him and smile politely and thank him. I move on and entertain chip choices, grab my drink and head to check out. He rushes up beside me and says he’ll pay for it.

Little did I know that meant I now belonged to him. No matter how much I tried to politely brush him off he keeps pursing me. Why do men never get the hint?

But I’d be remised if I didn’t include BOTH men and women in this lost art form of ‘taking the hint.’ Here are a few ways to tell if someone is NOT interested.

The person keeps walking

If you are approaching someone while they are walking, and express interest such as “hey how are you can I talk to you for a moment” and the person keeps walking, he or she is not interested. Someone who is immediately attracted to you will unconsciously turn towards you and stop to hold a conversation for a least some measure of time. If your target, I mean love interest, keeps walking without breaking stride that person is not initially attracted and it’s best to cut your losses and stop.


Cotten Kandi Weblinks of the Day

Here are our Cotten Kandi weblinks of the day, “Treat Your Sweet Tooth…”

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What Becomes A Dream Deferred – Laugh Cry Cuss

Bobby Brown Avoids More Jail Time – Girls Talkin Smack

Rihanna Sings “We Found Love” & “Redemption Song” At TIME 1oo (Video) – AT Fierce

First Look: Snooki & JWoww Reality Show – Diva Artist

New ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2′ Family Portraits – I Need My Fix

A Pregnant Kim Zolciak of ‘RHOA’ Stops By The Wendy Show – Juicy Carter

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Pregnant With Baby No. 2

Congrats to Sarah Michelle Gellar. The actress is expecting her second child with husband, Freddie Prince Jr.

The couple, who wed back in 2002, are already parents to 2 1/2-year-old daughter Charlotte Grace.

No further details has been released on the sex of the baby nor how far along Gellar is.

We’ll keep you posted. Congrats!

[Throwback Fridays] Brandy: “Baby” And “I Wanna Be Down”

“Baby” was the second single released off Brandy‘s debut album, ‘Brandy’ in 1994. With the success of “I Wanna Be Down” it didn’t take long for the song to also climb up the charts. The song spent four weeks on top of the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. It reached number 4 on the Hot 100 and the New Zealand singles chart, and number 16 in Australia. The song was also nominated for a Grammy Award in the category “Best Female RnB Vocal Performance” in 1996. What I liked most about the song was the video. It was one of Hype Williams earlier videos he directed with the start of over-sized bubble jackets and when artists still attempted to dance, even when they couldn’t. Check out Brandy’s moves in “Baby”.


[Official Video] Nicki Minaj: “Starships”

Nicki Minaj has released the visual for hit single “Starships”. The single appears on sophomore album “Pink Friday” Roman Reloaded” and was produced by Red One. The video was shot in Hawaii last month where the hip pop artist can be seen frolicking around on the beach showcasing her assets. As for the debate on whether their (boobs and butt) are really hers or not, is still yet to be confirmed. Check it out below.


Go ‘Behind The Music’ With Brandy [Full Video]

Brandy sat down for “Behind The Music” recently, dishing on quite a bit. She spoke about her early years, her instant success and all that followed. She also opens up about the pressure to be perfect and letting everyone down by not only having a baby out of wedlock but lying about it. She also spoke on the tragic accident she was involved in a few years back, her return to music, rekindling a friendship with fellow singer Monica, the death of her idol Whitney Houston and all she has in store for us. She also reveals she’s in love again and believes it’s true this time. For the full documentary continue below.


Nas Releases “Daughters” Song, Baby Mama Goes On Twitter Rant

Nas‘ baby mama, Carmen Bryan, clearly did not appreciate his new song, released today, about “Daughters”.

In fact she’s pissed! Here’s what she tweeted.

And when a twitter follower responded, she quickly retweeted them.

She also dished out several derogatory comments to a few responders before ending with…

And there you have it.

So, what’s all this fuss about? Just listen to the song.


Seven Sex Toys to Spice Up the Bedroom

The bedroom can get boring in a long term relationship. You’ve got the same parts, going in the same places, and there’s only so many Karma Sutra positions you can try without getting a cramp.

Why not add a little spice to your bedroom with some exciting new toys. You can find most of these toys through a quick Amazon search or on the Adam and Eve web site.

The Jack Rabbit

This is the Rolls Royce of vibrators (vibrators and dildos are different – keep reading!). It includes a rotating shaft with beads to stimulate the lips of the vagina as well. The rabbit piece (yes it’s shaped like a rabbit) has two vibrating speeds for clitoral stimulation. Turn your partner on by having them watch you use the new toy. It can be like a real-life sexy-time movie to watch you pleasure yourself with a toy that’s both interesting to watch and a guaranteed great orgasm.

Vibrating Tongue Ring

If your partner has his or her tongue pierced, this is a great toy. It looks similar to a regular tongue ring but when you attach the bottom piece, it begins to vibrate. The combination of moisture and vibration can be an incredible sensation for oral sex. You can also buy a vibrating tongue ring attachment that slides over the tongue and provides the same impact without actually piercing the tongue.


Britney Spears Fiance Granted Legal Control of Her Estate

Britney Spears‘ fiance Jason Trawick has been granted the legal conservator of her estate. What does that mean? He has complete control over all her affairs, including how she spends or earns her money.

Remember a few years back when Britney had a meltdown and checked into rehab? She was deemed unfit to care for herself and her children so the courts gave her father, Jamie Spears, legal control of her assets.

Earlier in the month, however, Jamie petitioned to have Jason be co-conservator. Understandable, considering he and Spears are set to be married. TMZ reports, Britney was also on board to have Trawick as co-conservator.