Five Signs Your Relationship Was Destined To Fail

Was your relationship already set up to fail from the beginning? There are many times women find themselves at the end of a relationship and mad brokenhearted. Often times taken off guard that it’s ended. But perhaps the relationship was destined to fail. Sometimes there are warning signs before you ever get into a relationship that should have told you it was doomed.

1. You Didn’t Really Know Him I’ve been a victim of infatuation. I met a man on Monday, fell in love by Thursday and was in a relationship by Saturday. Okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get it. Essentially I was swept up in the romanticism of meeting someone who I had this instant connection with only to discover that we really didn’t have as much in common when the rose colored glasses came off. My relationship was destined to end because I entered the relationship in a whirlwind and only wound up thrown off my ass.


    Say It Ain’t So: Oprah Loses $330 Million on OWN Network

    The queen of all media, Oprah Winfrey, has suffered a loss with her OWN network. Unfortunately, the network hasn’t garnered the millions of viewers the talk show maven had hoped for.

    In a recent article; Bloomberg Businessweek, estimates suggest the network has lost about $330 million. Although not Winfrey’s money; she has no personal financial stake in the business venture, her name is on it and she is the forefront.

    OWN has seen week numbers in viewership and a few cancellations of programming, for example, ‘The Rosie Show’, after only 6 months on air. Rumors have since suggested Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah have been on the outs following the cancellation. One show still going strong, however, ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’, where Winfrey invites celebrity guests and persons of interest, such as Whitney Houston’s family, for exclusive one on ones. Despite the odds, however, Oprah says she intends on sticking it through to the end. But for now, only time will tell and, perhaps, a change in programming and good faith will save the networks efforts.


    What The Stars Wore: 2012 Costume Institute Gala

    Every year the stars flock to the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, showing off their favorite designer’s latest designs, and, of course, this year was no different. Here’s what some of your favorite stars wore.

    Beyonce was in attendance wearing this Givenchy sheer and embellished number with a purple feathery tail.

    And here’s the back of the dress.

    Not very flattering for the back but still one of the better dressed of the night.

    Sister Solange Knowles opted for this yellow Rachel Roy dress.

    She was also accompanied by the designer herself.

    Rihanna in black and leather scale design Tom Ford dress. Scalelike designs seem to be catching on this season.

    And here’s the back

    Not the best dressed of the night but she pulls of the look really well. She has the height and the long legs to make a plain gown look elegant.


    Tami Roman Scared To Lose Her Main Source of Income

    Tami Roman is speaking out against a law suit prohibiting the use of footage where her line of hair extensions can be used for episodes of ‘Basketball Wives’.

    TMZ reports, Roman has asked that a Texas court NOT ban future episodes of the reality show from airing … because, according to her, millions would suffer.

    Back in March, Roman was sued by Crème de la Crème hair company for allegedly bailing on her endorsement duties and then promoting her OWN hair line instead. The company asked the court to stop VH1 from showing any segments where Tami promoted her line instead of theirs.

    However, Roman claims, in court documents, that she is, in fact, the victim because Crème didn’t pay her on time, thus breaking any obligation she had to them or their hair extensions. She has since asked the court to let the show air as is and have Crème remove her name and any likeness from any products and even pay her court costs.

    At the moment a judgement has not been ruled.

    I guess they haven’t realized by now Tami’s no joke.

    On another note, ‘BBW’ may be in jeopardy for an entirely different reason.


    What’s Wrong With This Picture?! Good Morning Mr. Wahlberg

    Well, not THIS picture…..

    Mark Wahlberg was spotted enjoying some me time outside on the balcony of his Miami hotel Sunday afternoon when he decided to strip down from a pair of gray swimming trunks.

    The 40 year old actor showed off his physique and even gave photographers hmmm….let’s just say, something to look at. Take a peek.


    Bag Lady: When Your Past Relationships Keeps You From Finding Mr. Right

    The Emotionally Slutty & The Bag Lady
    By: Dee Rene

    “Bag lady, you gon’ miss your bus. You can’t hurry up. Cuz you got too much stuff.” – Erykah Badu, “Bag Lady”

    If you’ve ever dated someone longer than 20 minutes, it’s likely you’ve also encountered heart-break. With each heart-break, hopefully you learned some nugget of truth to pack away in your emotional baggage. Sadly, many of us are also packing the bricks of pain from that heartbreak too. Slowly but surely we become the bag lady Erykah badu was singing about.

    Our baggage contains many things – daddy issues, weight problems, self-esteem breakdowns, financial burdens and everything in between. Although each and every experience should shape you and give you some valuable lesson, you cannot take all of that with you to a new situation. There is a limit.

    Everyone is allowed to have baggage but you are only allowed two carryon items. When we enter into a relationship dragging a 10-piece-matching-luggage- set of hot pink pain and despair there’s no way for us to truly be with someone new. You crowd out love and miss out on opportunities to love and be loved with all of that baggage.

    Does this mean you need to be a perfect person who has never been hurt to get a man?

    Absolutely not.

    But you owe it to a new man to enter the relationship as a whole heart, not broken pieces in a zip lock bag. If you are curious why you can’t seem to attract love, it may be your huge bags getting in your way. Men only like to fix up cars – not women. He is willing to help you carry your issues but everyone has a breaking point. Trust me, no man is helping you with that 10-piece-matching-luggage set. You’ve got to downsize on your own and enter the relationship whole.

    Women also tend to enter into relationships being emotional sluts. You are essentially doing too much, too soon, and too often.

    Continue reading over at Tattle

    And, for more about the author, Dee Rene, head over to Laugh.Cry.Cuss

    Chris Brown: FORTUNE Album Webisode, Toy Collection Launch

    In preparation for his album release later this month, Chris Brown has delivered another webisode showcasing the first debut of his toy collection “Dum English”. He presented the collection to his fans at the TAG boutique in Melrose, CA last week. He also debuted his first art collection thereafter. Very impressive for the just turned 23 year old, right? The singer celebrated his 23rd just this past Saturday. Congrats Breezy.

    On another note, are we liking that nose ring? Not so sure, I am. The only man ever to pull that off and still look masculine was Tupac. I don’t know about that but congrats on everything Mr. Brown.

    Nicki Minaj Pepsi Commercial (Extended Cut)

    Nicki Minaj has jumped aboard the pepsi endorsement trail and , perhaps, a hefty payout. Smart move if you ask me. She’s now joined the ranks of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Britney Spears and more to promote the brand. Here’s the extended version of the long awaited commercial, featuring the rapper’s hit single “Moment For Life”.


    Mayweather Still Undefeated In Fight Against Cotto

    In one of the most challenging fights of his career, Floyd Mayweather Jr. battled Miguel Cotto ,Saturday night, and was once again named the undefeated champion of the world in his win of the WBA super welterweight title.

    Although Mayweather gave, not one, but two post fight interviews and even made up with interviewer Larry Merchant after a public fall out concluding his then fight with Victor Ortiz last September, Miguel Cotto made a quick exit not providing any post fight interviews. He’s since been called a sore loser.

    Cotto may be a bit down and in the outs, at the moment, but he certainly gave Mayweather a fight for his money, going round for round, for the entire 12 rounds. To say the least, the fight had everyone on their toes pondering if Cotto would be the man to finally defeat THE Floyd Mayweather Jr. When asked during his post interview if he’d been challenged Mayweather admitted Cotto had been an excellent boxer but he had to give the fans a match to watch, some form of entertainment. Was that his pride talking? Perhaps. But he’s right, the fight was entertaining and also very intense. So yes, we the fans, enjoyed every round of it! Although the numbers indicated the two boxers were neck and neck on the score card ultimately Cotto only won 3 out of the 12 rounds and by unanimous decision Floyd was once again named the champ.

    *Side Note:* Was it just us or did Justin Bieber’s presence seem a tab bit out of place alongside The Money Team. If you ask me, he even looked a bit scared at times.

    Overall, great fight!

    (Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images)

    Rihanna SNL Appearance And Performances, “Where Have You Been” & “Birthday Cake”

    The stages of Saturday Night Live was graced by the lovely Rihanna, performing new single “Where Have You Been” and a medley of the new #1 hit single on urban radio “Birthday Cake” and “Talk That Talk”. Although live performances is not usually her strong suit, she actually did an amazing job. Check it out for yourselves.

    “Where Have You Been”

    This is by far one of Rihanna’s best performances. Great job!

    “Birthday Cake” & “Talk That Talk”

    [Official Video] Trey Songz: “Heart Attack”

    The official video premiere of Trey Songz“Heart Attack” finally made its debut. The single and video depicts the demise of a relationship between a couple deeply in love but can’t seem to make things right. Trey’s love interest is played by the beautiful Kelly Rowland. In a heated argument, resulting in a nearly fatal car crash, the couple are left battered and bruised, perhaps, reflecting on where things went wrong and how things could have been different.


    5 Worst Ways To End A Relationship

    Worst Ways To End A Relationship

    Remember the infamous post-it note from Sex and the City? Carrie’s boyfriend broke up with her via a post it note on her computer. It was fictional-drama hell and every woman who watched it felt her pain. But what about when that happens in real life? Everyday people are breaking-up in atrocious ways. Here are a few below:

    1. Text Messaging & Any Non-verbal Communication Method

      Unless you are stranded on a deserted island or fear physical violence, it’s best to break up in person. You’ve given this person your heart, soul, body and love for x-amount of time. At least have the decency to tell them to kick rocks face-to-face. Not only are you copping the easy way out, you’ve disregarded how breaking up via text or any non-verbal method will make this person feel. You’ve sum them down to being and eventually feeling disposable. Unless their a threat, you at least owe them that much.

      2. Without Warning

        A lot of times we can see the end of a relationship coming. Fights start happening, doors start slamming and calls start getting missed. It makes the conversation inevitable. However, when things are going well, you may want to start vocalizing your desires to separate before actually pulling the plug. I had a friend who went on a wonderful romantic date only to be single by the end of the night. She had no clue her boo at the time wanted to end things. It devastated her more because it came “without warning and out of nowhere.”