Amber & Wiz Have A Date Night, Amber Gets Tat

Newly engaged couple, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are still going strong. That’s according to some recent tweets. The couple are use to flaunting their love over the social network. In fact, that’s just how they announced their engagement.

The rapper tweeted this message with the below photo attached, “Date Night”

But that’s not it. A few days prior Amber revealed a new tat she got of Wiz’s name.


George Zimmerman Is Missing, Lawyers Quit

After nearly two months since the murder of Trayvon Martin, Geroge Zimmerman has not only remained a free man he’s now gone missing.

The news of Zimmerman’s disappearance came shortly following the decision of the prosecutor, State Attorney Angela Corey, that she will not present the case to a grand jury but instead will retain the power to decide herself whether to press charges against Zimmerman in the shooting.

In a surprise turn of events, however, Zimmerman’s lawyers Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig held a press conference Tuesday afternoon where they stated they were withdrawing from the case after losing contact with Zimmerman.

“We’re not taking the position that we’re leaving him,” said one of the lawyers at a press conference this afternoon. “Communication can’t be one way. … I can’t hold myself out as the attorney of record at this point. It wouldn’t be ethical for me. … That’s why I’m stepping back.”


[New Music] Chris Brown: “Til I Die” Feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa

Chris Brown has a constant flow of new singles in time for the release of fourth studio album, ‘Fortune’. His latest, ‘Til I Die’, feature rappers Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. Listen below as the trio glorify the lives of a young rock stars; drinking, partying, and enjoying the company of beautiful women.


Nicki Minaj Urked By Lady Gaga Comparisons

During her recent interview with Nightline’s Juju Chang, Nicki Minaj addresses how she feels about those Lady Gaga comparisons.

When asked if she’s offended at constant comparisons between herself and Gaga she says,

“Offended? No. Urkes me, yeah. First of all, I’m a rapper. I’m from South Jamaica, Queens. What are the similarities?… Wigs? Every female in this game wears wigs. ‘Over-the-top costumes?’ Ehh. Try again. It’s getting tired now though, to me. In the beginning I was like, okay, it’s cool, hahaha, when they get to know me they’ll understand me. Gaga is a fantastic artist. She’s paved her way. She’s opened her own lane. But I feel like I have my own lane. And we never cross, ever!”

Guess the eccentric costumes, animated theatrics and multiple personalities aren’t enough to warrant a comparison.


5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

You don’t have to dress as if you’re preparing to walk down the runway of a Paris fashion show but you should want to dress to impress, at least, for yourself. Looking good makes you feel good, so why not make the extra effort in updating your wardrobe. Despite what you may think, staying atop the trends doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

Here are 5 signs your wardrobe needs an upgrade.

  1. Your clothes no longer fits: If your clothes are a bit too tight or loosely fit you need a wardrobe adjustment. You may have gained a bit of weight, loss some or simply do not know your size. Here’s a clue, some form of your flesh is either hanging out or is suffocating beneath your under carriage.
  2. Your clothes are worn: Having holey attire or ones that are washed out is a clear sign for an update. I know, that’s your favorite sweater and the dress you love so much. Trust me, fashion comes full circle. You’ll be able to get another just like it. If this is you, your closet is beyond ready for an update.
  3. Your closet is outdated: Dressing like your still a teenager is a never a good thing, even if you still look like one. You’re only as young as you feel right, but there’s no need to rehash your hey days back in 1986 with an entire wardrobe filled with tie dye and baby doll shirts.
  4. People often think you’re headed for an audition at the circus: You don’t ever want to be mistaken for a clown. Well, at least, I hope not. I know you think your style is just a bit eccentric and your creating trends instead of following them but honestly do yourself a favor, stop it! Remember, less is more. Your fashion should never scream “desperation for attention.”
  5. You have the same three outfits on heavy rotation: Okay, I know you’re on a tight budget but wearing the same outfit twice in one week may be a clear sign your wardrobe is lacking in variety. Don’t have time? Staying fashionable is just another expense you can’t afford at the moment? Here’s a tip, shopping online eliminates the time spent traveling to your local shopping center and may even offer you the best deals and discounts available. Signing up for your favorite brand’s newsletter could put you at an advantage when they’ve restocked on items you may want. You may even win an item in a free giveaway contest!

Looks We Love: Kourtney Kardashian Glows In Red

A very pregnant Kourtney Kardashian was spotted looking fabulous in red while promoting the release of the Nokia Lumia 900 at Bryant Park in New York City Monday Afternoon, April 9, 2012. The mom to be wore a flowing red dress called the ‘Great Gatsby’ with a very high pair of black suede Christian Louboutin heels.


“I’m Tired of Being Black” By Dee Rene

something I’ve been cussing about lately…

I’m tired of being black.

I park in my garage in my affluent white neighborhood. I live near a restaurant. Every few days someone tries to kindly tell me “you can’t park there for the restaurant” despite the sign we can all see that says ‘no restaurant parking.’ I usually look at the mail in my hand, my groceries, and say I live here. There’s a few minutes of stares and a quiet ‘oh.’

I’m tired of being black.

I walked into a sandwich shop and was the only chocolate chip in the milk on the ‘other’ side of town. I was uncomfortable and felt threatened by the stares. Strangely, I was the threat to everyone else. Imagine that. One of me was a threat to 50 of ‘them.’ I wanted to eat there but just took my food to go. I wasn’t welcome.

I’m tired of being black.

I worry when I have a son will he be killed simply because he’s alive. How will I have “the talk” that tells him no matter how educated, loving, and wonderful he becomes – he’s still an educated, loving and wonderful BLACK man and will always be a thug.

I’m tired of being black.

As a woman, I’m a bitch anyway when I’m assertive. As a black woman, I’m a black bitch and don’t know my place. If I ever need public assistance like my mother did when she lost her job in the 90s layoffs I’m a welfare queen. I remember “the talk.” You must think harder, move faster, reach higher and work double to just be one step behind instead of two. I can do anything but remember that the higher up you go, you may run into someone who attributes your success to affirmative action. You are a black woman and you carry everyone’s burden. And don’t eat fried chicken at work.

Continue reading more from Dee Rene over at Laugh.Cry.Cuss…

The Carters Vacation In St. Barts

Beyonce and Jay Z are known for taking exotic vacations all over the world so why wouldn’t there current stay in St. Barts be any different right? The couple were snapped on the beaches of the tropical island enjoying some quite time as they soaked up the sun Monday Afternoon. The mom of 3 month old daughter Blue Ivy even took a dive in the ocean showing off her curvacious post baby curves.

Looking good Bey. She looks a bit distracted. Perhaps she wasn’t ready for the photo opt.


Lamar Odom Leaves Dallas Mavericks

After having the worst season in his basketball career, Lamar Odom has officially stepped away from the Dallas Mavericks.

In a statement released Monday Odom says, “I’m sorry that things didn’t work out better for both of us, but I wish the Mavs’ organization, my teammates and Dallas fans nothing but continued success in the defense of their championship.”

Although Odom will no longer play for the team he’ll have to wait until next season to be traded, however. For the moment he’ll be listed as “inactive” until a decision can be made at a later date.

Lamar’s basketball troubles began last December when his former team, the LA Lakers, had him up for grabs to be traded. Although the decision was later rescinded, Odom chose to leave anyway because he felt he was no longer viable to his team and teammates.

Maybe he should have swallowed his pride and didn’t abort ship, huh? Guess, we’ll all have to wait and see what transpires next season and if Odom will get to play at all.

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Janet Jackson Looks Fantastic In New Nutrisystem Commercial

I have to admit, Janet Jackson looks absolutely amazing in her new Nutrisystem weight loss commercial. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

She looks great right?! Janet, who’s also a well known yo-yo dieter, has admitted to being an emotional eater in the past. Let’s just hope she’ll keep the weight off this time.