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President Obama Says Kanye Is Talented But Is A Jackass- I Lu Lu Online

Rihanna Spotted At Giorgio Baldi Restaurant In LA -  Girls Talkin Smack

Beyonce Sings To Baby Blue, Shares Special Moment – Miss Jia

Bobbi Kristina Caught Smoking Out of a Bong – Diva Artist

Brandy & Chris Brown Set For Duet – Juicy Carter

Hilary Duff First Family Portrait With Baby Luca - I Need My Fix

Beyonce Writes Letter To Michelle Obama – Celebrity VIP Lounge

Wendy Racquel Robinson Covers BE Magazine – Gum Bumper

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Wendy Williams Among Top Most Powerful People In Media

Wendy Williams is among the list, including Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Bill O’Reilly, Kelly Ripa and Barbara Walters as 35 of media’s most powerful people according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Quite an accomplishment for the one time controversial radio personality turn talk show host.

But Williams, 47, down plays her achievements a bit saying, “I am a woman from New Jersey who happens to have a talk show,” during her interview with the online news source.

According to THR, however,

It’s a combination of relatability….and her signature phrase, “How you doin’?” that earns Williams cheers from her syndicated show’s devoted and diverse audience.


[Throwback Fridays] Nivea: “Don’t Mess With My Man”

It was the year 2000 when we were first introduced to a cute and spunky singer by the name of Nivea. She was featured on rapper Mystical‘s single “Danger (Been So Long)” but it wasn’t until 2001 when she released her first solo record “Don’t Mess With My Radio”. The single was a minor hit in the US and abroad but with follow up “Don’t Mess With My Man” Nivea scored a #8 spot of Billboard 100. The song became an International hit featuring R&B group Jagged Edge.

Let’s go back to 2002 for a bit. Here’s “Don’t Mess With My Man”, enjoy.

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Yandy Smith Is Definitely Pregnant!

Yandy Smith has finally confirmed her pregnancy. The reality star and music manager opted for a non-traditional route for revealing the news by tweeting a photo of her very much there pregnant belly on instagram.

She tweeted, “You wanted to know now you know!!!! #POW”

Yandy is also in promo mode for a movie she has executive produced titled ‘Life, Love & Soul’. She stopped by BET’s ’106 & Park’, once again, revealing her huge stomach for all to see.


Rihanna Walks off Interview When Reporter Gets Personal

While down under in Australia to promote her first feature film, ‘Battleship’, Rihanna walks off during an interview session when a reporter begins to ask questions about her personal life. She briefly speaks about her latest role and future roles.

Although not shown, after being probed about her love life she abruptly ends the interview and walks off. I guess, the reporter didn’t catch the clue when she says she gets annoyed when asked questions about her love life and relationships, if any.

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The Whatevership: Are We or Aren’t We Together?

The whatevership is the gray area between friendship and relationship…also known as that bullsh*t.

It’s the space where you are exclusively dating a friend who claims you as something more than a friend but less than a girlfriend. Confused? Great. So is everyone who is currently in this situation.

This usually ends up in nights of passion and days of confusion. Should I call? Why isn’t he calling? Who is that chick  he’s flirting with on twitter?

Before you fly off into a fit of rage, the tiny voice in your heart gently reminds you that isn’t your man. Well not officially anyway. You are doing everything like a relationship but there’s no title signifying that is it a relationship.

How do you get there? Simple.

You say yes. At some point you said yes, the way things are right now is cool and you wouldn’t mind if it were something more but there’s no pressure to make it that way. You agreed to live in a mutually beneficial ambivalence.

Often we agree because maybe it IS what we really want at the time but then time keeps going on. This man is filling in your boyfriend needs so long that you start to think “hell maybe he IS my boyfriend.” If you test drive a car too long you may start feeling like you do own it.Then you start wondering why he ISN’T your boyfriend officially.

Conversations in the gray zone usually go as follows:


Style Watch: Disney Actress Bella Thorne

We’re loving the latest style selections by 14 year old Disney actress Bella Thorne lately. In the past week, the star was spotted donning some very stylish looks and trends while attending the annual Easter hunt at the White House, Nylon’s 13th anniversary celebration and Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ movie premiere.

While egg hunting at the White House, over the weekend, Bella wore a three stripe colorful BCBG knee length dress with zebra print Sam Edelman shoes.

On Monday night, Bella was snapped arriving at the Nylon magazine 13th anniversary party held at the Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles. This time she wore all white in a white spaghetti strap tank and skinny jeans. She did add a touch of color with a cute pair of two toned green and blue strap sandals.

And just last night she was spotted wearing a blue and black BCBGMAXAZRIA dress and Michael Kors sandals at ‘The Avengers’ movie premiere in Los Angeles once again.

The ‘Shake It Up’ actress is quite the fashionista. We’ll have to keep our eyes out for her and her fashion evolution. Are we loving Bella’s fashion selections?

We’re gonna go with yes! Keep up the great style Belle.

(Photos: Images)

Tyrese Secures Role In Teddy Pendergrass Biopic

It’s been 2 years since the passing of R&B icon Teddy Pendergrass and perhaps the same length of time we’ve heard rumors crooner Tyrese Gibson would take on the role in his biopic. Pendergrass, himself, even expressed interest to have the singer play him before his death on January 13, 2010.

Now, we’ve gotten some confirmation.

The singer tweeted this morning, “NEWS:.. I have officially secured the life rights to the Life Story of Teddy Pendergrass. My inspiration… This movie will be made…”

This was long in the making actually. The two singers had formed a close friendship before Pendergrass succumbed to his colon cancer diagnosis and respiratory complications. As for when the project will be released? No further details have been released.

Do you think Gibson can successfully take on this role? Why or why not?

Marc Anthony Files For Divorce From Jennifer Lopez

Was I the only one under the impression Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had already filed for divorce back in 2011? Well, not exactly.

The couple had only announced their separation in July 2011 but now, it seems, Anthony would like to make things official. Perhaps J. Lo parading across the globe with boy toy Casper Smart may have gotten under his skin. Can’t say I blame the man. I would be a bit pissed too if my ex moved on to a much younger man who she seemed to have been getting pretty serious with pretty quickly. It’s reported Jennifer spent some major dollars getting Smart a new car for his 25th birthday this past weekend.

The latin singer filed his petition Monday in Los Angeles citing irreconcilable differences.

The couple, who were married for 7 years, wed back in June 2004. It was his second and her third. Guess, the third time isn’t always the charm. They currently share joint custody for 4 year old twins, Max and Emme.

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George Zimmerman Officially Charged With Second Degree Murder

George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder in the Trayvon Martin murder case.

It was 45 days in the making but Trayvon Martin’s family may finally see some justice. The Florida neighborhood watchman was taken into custody late Wednesday afternoon after going missing for nearly 3 days, which resulted in his legal team dropping the case.

Zimmerman, who actually turned himself in and has since found new representation is currently sitting in Florida county jail. The question on everyone’s mind now is, is Zimmerman receiving leniency with a second degree murder charge? Some would say that’s quite possible, and on the other hand, many remain conflicted. Was this a case of self defense, poor judgement on Zimmerman’s part or blatant racial profiling? The answer is, we may never really know.

Trayvon Martin’s mother however may be willing to show Zimmerman some compassion. _______READMORE

Nicki Minaj Sophomore Album ‘Roman Reloaded’ Debuts #1

Nicki Minaj is having the best week ever! Her sophomore album, ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ has debuted #1 on the Billboard 200. The album, selling 253,000, may not have out sold her debut album, ‘Pink Friday’, which sold 375,000  in his first week, but the accomplishment is something to be commended. It is her second #1 debut on the charts. No female rapper before her has had two consecutive #1 albums on the chart. The album has also debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart and the UK R&B Albums Chart and is the first album by female rap artist to chart at number one in the United Kingdom, with first week sales of 47,462 copies.

I wonder what the critics will have to say about this? Congrats Nicki.

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