Go ‘Behind The Music’ With Brandy [Full Video]

Brandy sat down for “Behind The Music” recently, dishing on quite a bit. She spoke about her early years, her instant success and all that followed. She also opens up about the pressure to be perfect and letting everyone down by not only having a baby out of wedlock but lying about it. She also spoke on the tragic accident she was involved in a few years back, her return to music, rekindling a friendship with fellow singer Monica, the death of her idol Whitney Houston and all she has in store for us. She also reveals she’s in love again and believes it’s true this time. For the full documentary continue below.


Nas Releases “Daughters” Song, Baby Mama Goes On Twitter Rant

Nas‘ baby mama, Carmen Bryan, clearly did not appreciate his new song, released today, about “Daughters”.

In fact she’s pissed! Here’s what she tweeted.

And when a twitter follower responded, she quickly retweeted them.

She also dished out several derogatory comments to a few responders before ending with…

And there you have it.

So, what’s all this fuss about? Just listen to the song.


Seven Sex Toys to Spice Up the Bedroom

The bedroom can get boring in a long term relationship. You’ve got the same parts, going in the same places, and there’s only so many Karma Sutra positions you can try without getting a cramp.

Why not add a little spice to your bedroom with some exciting new toys. You can find most of these toys through a quick Amazon search or on the Adam and Eve web site.

The Jack Rabbit

This is the Rolls Royce of vibrators (vibrators and dildos are different – keep reading!). It includes a rotating shaft with beads to stimulate the lips of the vagina as well. The rabbit piece (yes it’s shaped like a rabbit) has two vibrating speeds for clitoral stimulation. Turn your partner on by having them watch you use the new toy. It can be like a real-life sexy-time movie to watch you pleasure yourself with a toy that’s both interesting to watch and a guaranteed great orgasm.

Vibrating Tongue Ring

If your partner has his or her tongue pierced, this is a great toy. It looks similar to a regular tongue ring but when you attach the bottom piece, it begins to vibrate. The combination of moisture and vibration can be an incredible sensation for oral sex. You can also buy a vibrating tongue ring attachment that slides over the tongue and provides the same impact without actually piercing the tongue.


Britney Spears Fiance Granted Legal Control of Her Estate

Britney Spears‘ fiance Jason Trawick has been granted the legal conservator of her estate. What does that mean? He has complete control over all her affairs, including how she spends or earns her money.

Remember a few years back when Britney had a meltdown and checked into rehab? She was deemed unfit to care for herself and her children so the courts gave her father, Jamie Spears, legal control of her assets.

Earlier in the month, however, Jamie petitioned to have Jason be co-conservator. Understandable, considering he and Spears are set to be married. TMZ reports, Britney was also on board to have Trawick as co-conservator.


Kim Kardashian’s Louboutin Unbout Suede PVC Illusion Pumps

Lots of things can be said of Kim Kardashian, and lots of things have been said. But what I like most about her is her great fashion sense. She can dress!

Most recently she was spotted wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin Un bout suede PVC illusion pumps? In fact, she wore them two nights in a row while attending several events in NYC with Kanye West as her date.

Kanye accompanied Kim during brother-in-law’s Scott Disick’s restaurant opening.

Kim and Kanye were spotted again at a Chanel dinner event.

The shoes have a  suede pointed toe, suede back panels, double halter ankle wraps that are adjustable, and transparent PVC (clear plastic) panels. The clear panel gives the illusion you’re walking on air.

Pricetag? $795. Check them out here, Christian Louboutin Unbout

[Official Video] Coldplay: “Princess of China” Feat. Rihanna

The highly anticipated video release for “Princess of China” by UK band Coldplay featuring Rihanna has finally made its debut.

The singer dons a Geisha getup with long press on nails while visuals of the band performing while on tour. She doesn’t move much. Just hand movements giving off some kind of multiple handwork illusion. Frankly, it’s quite boring. Well, except for Rihanna’s right leg on display. Kind of remind of Angelina during her Academy Award red carpet pose. Yeah, the one that became a trending topic on Twitter. Is that like a new thing now, a pose trend? Check it out.

A good song with an under developed video. Then again, I never really got Coldplay or any of their previous videos so who am I to speak? But on a positive note, it was probably a smart decision to just feature the singer for the entire video. She’s our modern day Madonna, a visual artist. And although you’re not sure what you’re looking at you want to keep looking at her. Maybe some thought went into this after all.

Have You Seen Gladys Knight Lately? She Looks Good!

Legendary singer Gladys Knight was recently among the contestants of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ season 14 cast, and although she was given the boot this week she came out a winner! She shed a whopping 60 lbs during the 6 weeks she spent dancing in front of America.

“I’m feeling great, I really am,” she told E! Online. “I feel amazing… Coming to ‘DWTS’ kept me where I should be, so I can be a healthy weight-loss person,” she said.

Dropping 60 lbs in just 6 weeks is quite an accomplishment. Take a look at that above photo, doesn’t she look amazing?!

(Photo: Style Bistro/Bauer Griffin)

Tamera Mowry is Pregnant!

Tamera Mowry, 33, is expecting her first child with husband Adam Housely, 40!

The actress tells PEOPLE, “Adam and I are excited about having a baby and the blessing that he or she will bring to our lives and to our family and friends. We can’t wait to meet this little miracle!”

The news comes only 11 months after their wedding last May. Initially, the newly weds had planned to hold off on having kids but changed their minds after a trip to South Africa.

“It’s just so beautiful there and you get a whole new perspective on life, the things that really matter,” Mowry-Housley explains to PEOPLE. “Adam and I looked at each other and said, ‘Why wait?’”

On how she’s been coping Tamera says, “The first trimester was a little rough. I was extremely fatigued and had morning sickness — more like evening sickness. Luckily, it has subsided in my second trimester. I feel great as of now — more like myself.”

As for the reaction of twin sister, Tia — who welcomed son Cree just 10 months ago — well, it didn’t come much as a surprise. Perhaps her twin intuition was in full swing.


The Real Reason Sheree Whitfield Quit ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

If you watched the final reunion show of Bravo’s‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, you may have gotten a better understanding of why Sheree Whitfield may have decided to quit the show.

In the heated third and final reunion special, NeNe Leakes dropped a bomb when she revealed it was she who encouraged the producers to invite Sheree on the show. She went on to elaborate and stated that the producers felt Sheree was a tad bit boring but she insisted to let her join the cast and so they did.

In her reason for leaving the cast, Whitfield insisted she wasn’t fired but got tired of the cattiness among the women. That may very well be true, but learning your one time friend turned nemesis is the reason you were asked to join the cast in the first place certainly would hurt your pride.

Take a look at what went down. _______READMORE

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A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self

Dear Sixteen Year Old Self,

“You’re fine just the way you are! Signed, the adult you.”

For as long as I can remember I had always dealt with some form of insecurity. I’m not sure where it started nor why, but I never felt the same as everyone else. I felt different, but, in some not-conforming to the norm kind of way, I didn’t exactly want to belong either. I wanted to feel beautiful, be called beautiful, be liked, but be myself.

Being myself didn’t garner any envy, and if it did I was completely unaware. I was too busy comparing my body, my face, and all that was me to everyone else.

I wasn’t the pretty girl in class. I didn’t have the long thick flowing perfectly relaxed dark brown hair. Even with a perm my roots were thick. And I wasn’t proportionately curved. I always had a donkey booty, thick thighs, short legs and flat feet.

Although I knew I was insecure, I also knew I didn’t want to be. It wasn’t until high school that I decided I would rather be my corny,  studious (yes, I liked to learn), and sometimes awkward self and disliked than be phony, with lots of friends and a facade to perpetuate and protect. I’m me. _______READMORE