[New Music] Chris Brown: “How I Feel”

Chris Brown
released a new song he decided to share with his fans titled “How I Feel”. The song, not very long, but shows Breezy pouring his heart out a bit about just how he’s made it in the industry and may have made a few mistakes but he’s learning from them and will move on, even if we won’t. Check it out below.


Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ Delux Edition Album Artwork

As if the very animated ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ original artwork wasn’t enough, Nicki Minaj‘s vamped it up with the delux edition. A cover I’m still not sure I’m crazy over but that showcases an even more crazy and deranged looking Onika Maraj.

What are your thoughts, you like?

The album drops April 3rd.

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Spanx Creator, Sara Blakely, Named Youngest Female Billionaire

Spanx designer, Sara Blakely, 41, has been named the youngest woman to become a billionaire according to the Forbes top 25 ‘Billionaires List’. According to the magazine, Spanx is valued by several Wall Street Banks at an average $1 billion. Amazing considering the then 27 year old Blakely couldn’t have predicted how successful her business venture would become. With $5,000 in the bank and a frustration brought on over old-fashioned pantyhose  revealing seams at the toes and failing to flatter the figure in all the right places, Blakely began her crusade to design the perfect pantyhose.

Well, she wasn’t alone. Millions of women across America were faced with the same ordeal, and whether she knew it or not, she took advantage of the a lacked market at exactly the right time. Three years later, with the help of the “O factor” (the design was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show as one of her favorite items) and, just like that, Blakely and her design was a hit!

She now employes a staff of 125 people with only 16 men at her Atlanta-based firm.

How is she doing these days? ”I have to pinch myself,” Blakely told the magazine. “Five grand,” she says, thinking back a decade. “Good investment.”

For the complete list, head over to Forbes.

Making Your Winter Fashion Transition Into Spring

It’s not quite Spring, just yet, but in the coming weeks, as the weather gets a little warmer you’ll want transition your winter wear into spring. Here are some suggestions on how to get Spring fashion ready.

You can pair any dark denim with a crewneck sweater, preferably a neutral color (Beige/Gray). To add a hint of color you can play around with your accessories a bit, such as the scarf I’ve chosen (Forever 21). There are various color options you can choose from, a shade of orange or even green perhaps. As for shoes, you can top off this outfit with a pair of simple black pumps. Every woman should own a pair of black pumps by the way. But if you want to wear flats, these pair of women’s Caparros gold flats goes nicely (there are also a number of colors you can choose from). Before you know it, you’ll be Spring fashion ready.

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American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez Wows Judges With “I Will Always Love You”

17 year old Jessica Sanchez wows judges on Thursday episode of ‘American Idol’ with her rendition of Whitney Houston‘s “I Will Always Love You”. The episode was a tribute to the late singer and fellow musician Stevie Wonder.


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Lil Kim Visits MTV Rap Fix, Talks New Music & Taking Chances

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Lil Kim stopped by MTV’s Rap Fix Wednesday afternoon to talk new music and going in a different direction this time around. She says, “Creatively, as an artist, I think I’m in my Kanye West mode; you do whatever you wanna do and don’t give a ish what nobody got to say about it. It’s all about taking chances,”

She also played new single “If You Love Me” which she says was inspired by a real life story but wouldn’t address who the record was about. However, it’s alleged rapper Maino could be who she’s talking about and possibly addressing his own record titled.
“It’s a true story. Somebody had allegedly made a record to me….there is a lot in my life, in my personal life, as far as dealing in relationships, that people don’t know,” she continued. Make sure to check out the full interview above.

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A Very Pregnant Jessica Simpson Goes Nude On Elle Magazine Cover

Jessica Simpson bares all on the latest Elle magazine cover. The singer, no longer staying mum about her pregnancy, says “I I’ve never felt more beautiful or empowered, ” on the experience.

She also reveals she having a baby girl. A little girl she hopes she’ll dress up and who’ll be a fashionista. ““I swear, I will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins!”

However, Jessica’s fiance, Eric Johnson, may have other plans, ”Eric is so athletic. We’re gonna have this ath-a-letic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping,” she then adds.

On what her name will be Simpson says it will be very “nontraditional”, “It’s nothing shocking and nothing you’ll have to add to the dictionary. Still, when people hear it, they’ll know … why,” she says.
Her’s a photo of the proud dad to be and Jessica’s fiance kissing her bump during their Elle photo shoot.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Reunite During Paris Fashion Week

Kanye and Kim Kardashian may be an item again. The former couple were spotted together, getting quite cozy, at Mr. West’s Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show.

Kim even tweeted her love for his new shoe collection and showcased a pair of Kanye West for Guiseppe Zanotti $6,000 heels to the event. She wrote, “I j’adore my shoes tonight! http://twitpic.com/8sw1av”, with an image attached of her wearing a pair.

Rumors have swirled for the last few years that two were more than “just good friends.” Amber Rose, Kanye’s ex-girlfriend who is now happily engaged to Wiz Kahlifa, even confirmed the rumors earlier this year


11 Things She’ll Never Tell You In The Bedroom

Every man would like to think that when it comes to the bedroom, he’s THEE MAN! He wants to believe that his lady love is quite pleased in that department, and perhaps, like Mr. Songz he “invented sex”. Well, not really. To be frank, your lady may just be putting on an act. You know, stroking your ego and soothing your pride. Here are 11 common sex peeves women complain about, it just may be you.

  1. The Thrust & Miss: Nope, wrong hole! Like really? Do us a favor, how about you find the right hole first and then precede. Do I really need to draw a map for you to navigate down there? It’s really not that damn difficult.
  2. It’s mine right? Well….., it’s yours tonight. But it was Tony’s last night…but you don’t need to know that right?
  3. How was it? If you really have to ask, chances are,  it wasn’t good. And you know it but there you are lying to yourself. Those moans and groans were really for my pleasure. Actually I thought if maybe I made noise it would give you more motivation to do a better job. #SEXFAIL!
  4. I put it down, I know I’m the best you ever had! Haha! While you’re sweating, panting and raving; giving yourself a pat on the back, as far as I’m concerned, we haven’t even started. If I start planning my grocery list, trying to see over your shoulder to see the TV, or moaning loudly to disguise a yawn, chances are you aren’t doing as much as you think. Watch a movie. Ask a friend. Read a book. Do some stretches and buy some fruit. Hell take a class if you can but whatever you do get some new moves. You’re just Mr. hitting it right now but….Tony did it better.
  5. Lick before you stick! Look, unlike most men we don’t just get wet off the drop of a dime or an erection, like you, whenever the wind blows. You want me to put in work? Put your lips to good use. And how about you do it just like you like it! I may even enjoy it then.
  6. _______READMORE

Jersey Shore’s “Snooki”, Pregnant And Engaged!

Jersey Shore’s “Snooki” is not only pregnant but she’s getting married!

Although we reported last week that the reality star was expecting, she finally confirmed the news to Us Weekly and reveals that she’s also now engaged. She reveal she’s 15-weeks pregnant and marrying her boyfriend of over a year Jionni LaValle.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi rose to reality star fame on the hit MTV series Jersey Shore. She, along with fellow cast members, were notorious for nights of partying, and casual sex.  With the announcement of a pregnancy and pending nuptials, it’s doubtful that Snooki will return to the series. “I have different priorities now,” Snooki told Us Weekly. “I don’t care what anybody else thinks. As long as I know I’m ready and he’s ready.”

“We are not going to screw this up,” adds LaValle.

We can only wish these two the best. I can already smell a spin-off following the young parents through the birth of their child and wedding.


Always the Hoe, Never the Housewife

Why is it that some women are always the hoe and never the housewife?

Admittedly, the two words I’m using –hoe and housewife – are more for alliterations sake. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride were just a little too cupcake for me.

I don’t mean hoe in a literal sense (that’s another post in itself). I mean hoe as in the one he smangs and entertains but stops short of making it official. Housewife translates to the woman he gives a title or even better a ring. So why do you find yourself in one lane more often than the other?

First, there’s that whole thing about incompatibility. Perhaps you all get along great in bed and on dates but what about long term? Often our goals don’t line up but as women we want to ‘make it work’ because he is a ‘good man.’ Well good man doesn’t always mean good man for YOU. He may recognize this long before you catch the hint. This may be why he chooses to wife someone else, even though you all get along well.