Are We Feeling It? Rita Ora In Topshop Animal Biker Leather Jacket

Rita Ora was spotted leaving The Late Show With David Letterman studios in New York City Wednesday night in this very colorful Topshop animal biker jacket.

The singer is perhaps known just as much for her risky fashion choices as her music. Looks like she was also in the Halloween spirit adding cat ears to her outfit


Chris Brown Dressed As Arab For Rihanna’s Halloween Ball 2012, Controversy?!

Chris Brown and his crew attended Rihanna’s Halloween Ball dressed as Arabs Wednesday night it it’s causing a bit of controversy.

Chris posted the photo on Twitter earlier in the day with the caption, “Ain’t nobody F–king wit my clique!!!”

Some have taken his attire to be demeaning to Arab and Muslim people and makes light of terrorists organizations.

In my opinion, the costume is harmless. What it does, is brings to light the American ignorance of Muslim people and their attire. The attire does not and should not equate to being a terrorist or member of the Taliban. _______READMORE

Evelyn Lozada Dresses As A Mermaid For Rihanna’s Halloween Ball

Evelyn Lozada channels Kim Kardashian in her own mermaid costume for Halloween. The reality show star was spotted at Rihanna’s Halloween Ball at Greystone Manor in LA Wednesday night.

Evelyn poses as Ariel from ‘The Lil’ Mermaid’.

Evelyn even posed with Rihanna and daughter Shaniece at Rihanna’s Halloween Ball.


Rihanna Dressed As Mary Jane For Halloween Ball 2012

Rihanna threw her annual Halloween Ball at Greystone Manor in Los Angeles Wednesday night and can you believe she came as Mary Jane?!

By now we should all know, by her photos on Instagram, Rihanna is a pot smoker. But did we expect for her to really dress as a weed bride for Halloween? Ohhhh…. the hilarity! Here are some more photos.


Miley Cyrus Channels Nicki Minaj For Halloween

I think we’ve got our best celebrity Halloween costume winner thus far! If you’re already a celebrity why not mimic another celebrity? That’s just what Miley Cyrus did when she transformed into Nicki Minaj for her Halloween costume this year. Take a look.

Miley poses with a friend in her Nicki costume.

Wow! Don’t you guys think she did an amazing job down to the tattoo?

New York News: Limited Train Service To Resume Thursday

Following the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New York City is finally getting back to being the city that never sleeps.

On Wednesday afternoon, Governor Cuomo announced New York City transit will slowly begin resuming its daily schedule. The governor went on to explain that the service will initially be limited, beginning with The Metro North and Long Island Railroad today and subway service tomorrow.

The subway service, he said, will be supplemented by a “bus bridge” from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Although he did not specify which lines will resume service, the governor did say that service beyond 34th street will remain suspended due to loss of power.

“In terms of power restorations, we’re working very hard,” he said. “The situation is developing on a day-to-day basis.”


Queen Latifah Lands Own Daytime Talk Show, Again?

Rumors are circulating Queen Latifah may land her very own talk show. This wouldn’t be the first time, however. The rapper turned actress joined the daytime talk show arena back in 1999 with her own show until its cancellation in 2001.

The re-installment of “The Queen Latifah Show” will be executive produced by the “queen” herself, Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

According to the show will fuse comedy, pop culture and musical features as well as celebrity interviews and human interest stories.


Cee-Lo Can’t Keep His Hands To Himself? Accused of Sexual Assault!

Say it isn’t so Cee-Lo! The musician and “The Voice” judge has been charged with sexual battery.

A Los Angeles woman is accussing the singer of sexually assaulting her. The LAPD have already visited a restaurant in the LA area, believed to be where the assault took place.

Cee-Lo insist the woman must be mistaken because he didn’t commit the crime. Find out all the details when you continue reading over at

Cotten Kandi Weblinks of the Day

Zoe Saldana is in the process of filming for the upcoming biopic about Nina Simone‘s life. Unfortunately the family of the legendary artist is in uproar over who they’ve chosen to play the singer. Simone’s family, friends and fans are speaking out against the actor. Find out more when you continue reading over at iLuLuOnline.

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