NeNe Leakes Debuts New Shoe Line, “The Nethia”

NeNe Leakes has certainly been a busy woman. She’s perhaps the most controversial cast mate of VH1′s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ but, you can’t deny, she’s played it smart.

Ms. Linnethia (her birth name) has partnered with Shoe Dazzle. The online shoe boutique in which Kim Kardashian has long been a spokesperson for. Over the weekend NeNe debuted the shoe line with a signature piece called “The Nethia”, at a launch party held at the Kai Lin Art Gallery in Atlanta.

She recently tweeted, “I love this “Nethia” shoe! I’am very proud of it & created it myself 4 a great charity.”

Here they are.

And how much would they cost you? Just $39.99! The standard price for all Shoe Dazzle shoes. Do we like?

But that’s not all. NeNe is also a new grandmother.


It’s Over! Shaq And Girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander Break Up!

Well, can’t say I’m surprised at this, but, Shaquille O’Neal and girlfriend of two years, Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, have broken up. The former reality star confirmed to the Boston Globe, last Friday, that the two did, in fact, end their relationship.
According to the Globe, “The two met in 2010 and lived in Sudbury together while Shaq played for the team. They left the local ’burbs when he retired, and have been living in Florida. Alexander was back in Boston with Shaq just a few weeks ago when he was called to the North Shore filming scenes for Adam Sandler’s local comedy sequel, “Grown Ups 2,” in which he plays a security guard. Alexander told us in 2011, shortly after moving to town, that she took to Sudbury because it reminded her of her hometown in suburban Michigan.”

Some other reports have surfaced suggesting the couple called it quits after getting into a heated argument in front of several children at a gymnastics training center in Orlando, Florida. _______READMORE

Who Wore it Best? Demi Lovato vs. Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks or Demi Lovato?

Demi Lovato was seen adorned in designer Mason’s silk blue skirt and black leather bustier on Tuesday at the Fanta Irresistible Awards that were held in Mexico City.

Lovato might have gotten a best dressed if it wasn’t for Ms. Jordin Sparks. Sparks was spotted in the exact outfit in May at the Billboard Music Awards. So who wore it best? I have to give it to Jordin.

While some think that accessories enhance an outfit, this is a case where it does not.

Lovato destroys this look with the moon-shaped necklace. It takes away from the shape of the dress. Jordin keeps it elegant and simple while showing off her amazing new body. She definitely gets two thumbs up from me. Loving it! What do you think?

Who Wore It Best: Demi or Jordin? free polls 

(Photos: Jordin via FilmMagic/Demi

Tamia Talks New Album, Fans, And Lasting Relationship With Singersroom

The beautiful Tamia is back with new album, ‘Beautiful Surprise’, and she recently sat down with to discuss the new project. She speaks on her album, filming the music video with husband, Grant Hill, appreciating her fans and just what has made her marriage last for 13 years.

Beautiful Surprise Video… The video with Grant…we had a good time actually. He’s super laid back, I wanna say this was maybe one of the first videos he’d really been on set because its always been during the season or I fly to LA to do the video so I think he has a new appreciation of how long it takes to do a video.


Wanna Stay In Shape, Here Are 8 Easy Everyday Tips You Can Follow

When we think about losing weight, we also think about the hardships of portion control, a bland diet and the strenuous 40 minute workouts  at the local gym, or even, the home exercise programs we’ve purchased; promising ourselves we’d complete after a long day at the job.

I get it. It’s hard. Even with much motivation and initiative sometimes our spirits are down, our energy drained and our interest in staying in shape begins to wanes. Here are 8 simple tips on how you can incorporate staying in shape apart of your daily routines.

  1. Sleep: Begin your day by getting at least 7 hours of sleep. This will keep your energy up and prepare you for the long day ahead.  This is by far the easiest thing you can do, I mean, we all like sleep right?
  2. Stretch: Begin your day with 5 minutes of stretching. This not only loosens your joints but it gets your blood pumping. Make sure to get a full body’s worth of stretching exercises. This includes your legs (front and back), arms (up, down and outward), your back, torso, elongate your body (by standing on your tippy toes), and your head (left, right, up and down).
  3. Drink Water (Lemon/Lime Included): Preferably after breakfast, drink a tall glass of water with a sliced lemon or lime included. I say preferably because a tall glass of water before grabbing a bite usually leaves a funny after taste . The tastelessness mixed in with the after-taste of toothpaste and/or mouthwash doesn’t taste very well. Try it and you’ll see. Water is not only essential, it helps with leaving you with healthy, glowing skin and hair. The lemon/lime in the water can also help with your digestion (nothing profound but helpful). And it’ll give that bland water taste some flavor. _______READMORE

Rihanna Go-Karts With Rob Kardashian Then Parties With Chris Brown At LA Nightclub

This is sure to sparks some dating rumors. Rihanna and Rob Kardashian were spotted go-karting in Burbank, CA Saturday afternoon. Here they are having a go-karting good time.

Here’s Rihanna leaving her go-karting session.

And perhaps she was a bit annoyed at the paps and the pending rumors of her and rob dating when she decided to flip off the cameras.

The two were actually joined by a group of friends. We’re pretty sure they’re just friends and there is no romantic interest there. You all can kill this rumor now. Not gonna happen.

But here’s where things get interesting.


Snooki Delivers Baby Boy, Lorenzo Dominic!

Jersey Shore’s Snooki, is now a mommy! The pint size reality star has just given birth to newborn son Lorenzo Dominic LaValle.

The baby boy was delivered at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, N.J just before 3am Sunday morning.

She tweeted to over 5.5 million Twitter followers, _______READMORE

Looks We Love: ALi Larter In Black-White Stripe Top And Trousers

Ali Larter stunned in the black and white striped, off the shoulder, cropped top and trousers she wore at the “Bachelorette” premiere Thursday night.

Not everyone can pull off this red carpet look but here’s why it works for Ali. Her body is amazing! She’s got a pretty toned mid-rift wouldn’t you agree?

With a look like this not much accessory is needed. Adding a belt was a nice touch. It brought more attention to her mid-ridge breaking up the striped pattern a bit. A pattern like this is an attention getter. She kept it simple with a small clutch and black sandals. The plum lipstick, smart. Light makeup with just a pop of color. This girl knows what works and what doesn’t.

Are we feeling it?

(Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

R.I.P Aaliyah 11 Years Later…

Can’t believe it’s been 11 years since Aaliyah‘s untimely death in 2001. As many of you already know, the singer died 11 years ago today as a result of a plane crash off the coast of the Bahamas.

However, with the recent announcement there is another Aaliyah album in the works, her fans will finally get what they’ve been asking for for a long time. If you haven’t already heard the new single, “Enough Said” featuring Drake, check it out below.