George Zimmerman Sues NBC For Releasing 911 Tapes!

As if we didn’t already know, but, George Zimmerman is a problem! The Trayvon Martin murderer plans to file a lawsuit against NBC over the released 911 tapes of Zimmerman’s calls to police before shooting Trayvon Martin.

According to the New York Post,

NBC launched an internal probe after producers misleadingly edited the 911 call placed by Zimmerman just before he shot the unarmed Florida teenager. The edit made it appear that Zimmerman had immediately told police that Martin was black, when the full tape reveals the neighborhood watch captain only did so when responding to a question posed by a dispatcher.


Cotten Kandi Weblinks of the Day: Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

Apparently former wrestler Hulk Hogan has a sex tape that’s just been released. For all who don’t know, Hulk Hogan is 59 years old! Now, that’s nasty! Continue reading when you go here….Diva Artist

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(Photo: Pacific Coast News)

“The Real Chris Brown”: Admits To Loving Both Karrueche And Rihanna! (Video)

Hours ago Chris Brown released a video of, perhaps, his most honest and realest moment where he explains who “The Real Chris Brown” is. In a drunken stupor Chris explains his stress of being a man in love with two women at the same time. In this case Rihanna and Brown’s now ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

He says, “When you share history with somebody and you tend to fall in love with somebody else it’s kind of difficult. Is it such a thing as loving two people? I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s possible but for me I just feel like that. I don’t wanna hurt either or. I’m not tryna be a player. I’m not tryna be a dog. I’m not tryna be none of that. That ain’t me. My momma raised me differently. I just care. Too much…the life of Chris Brown.”

Watch the video below.


Mariah Carey Accuses Nicki Minaj of Making Threats, Nicki Goes On Twitter Rant

Things are heating up in the Nicki vs. Mariah ‘American Idol’ rivalry.

Earlier today Nicki Minaj caught wind that Mariah Carey accused her of making death threats after their spat earlier in the week during an ‘Idol’ audition. In fact, Mariah confessed, in an exclusive interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters, that Nicki threatened to shoot her.

According to Mariah multiple people heard fellow judge Nicki Minaj say, “If I had a gun, I would shoot the b***h”, Barbara Walters stated today on the ‘View’.

Walters continued, “ [Mariah] doesn’t feel comfortable emotionally” but will continue with the show and has hired extra security.

Carey, 42, told Walters the altercation between the judges began when they disagreed on a contestant’s audition Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C.

The judges had a meeting with producers Wednesday to discuss the altercation. After the meeting, Minaj told Carey, “I love you but we might fight again,” to which Carey responded, “No, we will not,” Walters said.

Source: ABC News

As you can imagine Nicki was not too happy after hearing Mariah’s accusations. So like most modern day celebs, Nicki took to Twitter to let off some steam and went on a Twitter rant.

And believe us it’s a mouthful!


Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Break Up Over Rihanna, Chris Releases Statement

We told you guys earlier in the week that Chris Brown and girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, are officially broken up.

Now, according to “private eye” TMZ, Brown has just released this official statement after photos of him and Rihanna attending Jay Z’s Barclays concert last night hit the net. Well, wasn’t that fast!

He says, “I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.”

He went on to say, “I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.”

He also adds, “I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives.”

Not sure if this is Brown’s true words but this is clearly a bunch of baloney. It’s obvious he and Rihanna are back together. The statement is perhaps a poor attempt to deter the media from their prying eyes. But as always, we’ll be watching…..


Rihanna & Chris Brown Coupled Up At Jay Z Barclay Concert

More Rihanna and Chris Brown sightings. The believed on-again couple were spotted enjoying a date night at Jay Z’s concert at the Barclay center last night. The two were spotted leaving Rihanna’s NYC hotel separately, in the above photo, as they prepared to go to the concert.

They were again spotted looking quite cozy sitting behind Rita Ora and Beyonce.

The duo have been spotted three nights in a row as rumors run rampant, Chris and girlfriend of over a year, Karrueche Tran, are over! _______READMORE

[New Music/Video] Solange Knowles: “Losing You”

Could Solange Knowles be working on a new album? She received a bit of support from big sis Beyonce Knowles earlier today when she posted this new single and video from Solange on her official website called “Losing You”.

Beyonce wrote, “LOSING YOU. My sister’s beautiful new video for “Losing You”. Love you sis!”

Here’s “Losing You”


Cotten Kandi Weblinks of the Day

Here’s a bit of surprising news and it might explain some of her odd behavior and desire to stay out the limelight these last several years. Actress Lark Voorhies, former child actress of  ‘Save By The Bell’ suffers from Bipolar. Her mother reveals her diagnosis during an exclusive interview with People magazine. Read more when you continue here – iLuLuOnline

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[New Music] Keyshia Cole: “Trust And Believe”

Keyshia wasn’t lying when she said her forthcoming album, ‘Woman to Woman’, would deliver with those heart felt singles. Her new single “Trust And Believe” does just that. The singer tweeted a link to her new song via her official website just this morning and I must say we love it! Check it out.


Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Fight During ‘American Idol’ Auditions (Video)

It seems like the we are one big happy family bit didn’t last for too long. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are already fighting and the ‘American Idol’ auditions haven’t aired yet!

“Private eye” TMZ was able to get their hands on the actual video of the two divas arguing. Thankfully country crooner and fellow judge Keith Urban was sitting in the middle to diffuse the situation. Nicki was heard saying, “I told them, I’m not f*ckin’ putting up with her f*ckin’ highness over there.” Check out the video.

Well, can’t say producers weren’t warned. It was long believed the two over the top divas would clash having to share the judging panel. And we all know, although, Mariah won’t get loud Nicki is unpredictable and explosive!

This is either really bad or great publicity sure to bring in the ratings wouldn’t you say? But who didn’t see this coming?!

What are your thoughts?