Trend Alert: Fall Fashion 2012 Tips


Fall has finally arrived and as the weather changes so should your wardrobe. Now, I’m sure many of you will be checking out different websites and magazines to find out what is trendy for this season. For me, I say work with what is best for you and your body type. But I will still give you a few ideas to work with. _______READMORE

Career Corner: “Dealing With Failure”

Career Corner: “Dealing with Failure” By: Dee Rene

Wine swirled around in the glass quietly as I stood in my kitchen. It’d been one helluva day. My neck tied in a thousand knots and my brain refused to be quiet.

I’d failed today. I felt more and more like a failure with every breath I took. The tears flowed along with another glass of wine. I started to doubt my abilities and it seemed like no prayer would come out.

Have you been there? Drowning in failure, still dressed in your work clothes, ready to just give up?


Here are a few tips for dealing with failure:

  1. 1. Separate yourself from your mistake: There’s a difference in saying “I failed”and “I didn’t complete this task.” When you start personalizing failure, and making it a part of your character, you only tear yourself down with negative talk and make it harder to move on. Remember that something didn’t go the way you’d hoped, but it doesn’t mean that you, as a person, are a failure. _______READMORE

Jada Pinkett Smith Has A Message To Her Haters!

Jada Pinkett Smith is tired of all the negative talk about her marriage and the way she raises her children. The Smiths have been accused of being swingers and on the verge of divorce just about every few months. They’ve even faced criticism over being too hands-off with daughter Willow Smith and the way she chooses to express herself with her fashion choices and shaving and coloring her hair. Here’s what Jada posted via her official Facebook page.

I am on a tremendous journey of great change in every area of my life and I see how change can be scary. For instance, how Will and I raise our family is a tremendous change from the norm. It can be scary for some folks but it should never THREATEN how anyone else chooses to raise their own children or how they choose to live their lives.

We all have the freedom to CHOOSE to live how we want.

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Exclusive! Nicole Scherzinger & Will.I.Am Dating?!

Nicole Scherzinger and rapper/producer Will.I.Am may be an item. The two have known each other for quite some time now since working on music together during Nicole’s Pussycat Dolls era, but, these two have been spending a lot of time together lately.

While rumors of a Chris Brown and Nicole hook up were running rampant last month after photos emerged of the two standing very closely in the club, everyone paid attention to the obvious and missed one thing. Nicole had attended the club with Will.I.Am and left with Will.I.Am.

She and Will were spotted again recently leaving Chery Cole’s Whisky Mist X Factor after party in the UK just this past weekend and they didn’t care too much to be photographed.


Jay Z Spotted In Jean-Michel Basquiat Deer Dana X The Impossible Cool T-shirt

Jay Z was spotted wearing the above graffiti t-shirt on his way to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center via a New York City subway Saturday afternoon.

Many of you want to know, whose the designer and where can you find it. The shirt is a Jean-Michel Basquiat Deer Dana X The Impossible Cool T-shirt. It is the first of the collection that will unfold through out the next year.


Danny Devito & Rhea Perlman Split After 30 Years of Marriage

Wow! This can’t be right. Danny Devito, 67 and wife Rhea Perlman, 64 have decided to separate after 30 years of marriage.

The beloved longtime fave Hollywood couple who worked together on several films and even founded a production company together, Jersey Films, have decided to go their separate ways according a rep.

They were married in 1982 after 11 years together. The couple have three children, Daniel, 25, Grace, 27, and Lucy, 29.

No further details were revealed.

Pretty hard to imagine a couple breaking up after over 40 years together huh? We wish them well.

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John Mayer & Katy Perry Break Up Again!


So it’s off-again for John Mayer and Katy Perry. The couple have reportedly broken up for the second time.

Like before, Katy feels Mayer isn’t ready for commitment. John keeps “luring Katy back with promises that he was going to change, but then he didn’t,” reports The two were spotted publicly for the first time back in June but broke up two weeks later when Perry got the inkling Mayer wanted more or a fling. They then resumed a relationship soon there after and had been going good these last few months but, again, Katy has had enough with Mayer’s commitment phobia. This time around, Katy’s friends reveal, is for good.


Lady Gaga Vomits On Stage But Keeps Performing!

During her performance of “Edge of Glory”, Lady Gaga didn’t miss a beat after throwing up during her Barcelona concert Sunday night. Mother monster threw up not once, not twice but a total of four times before going on to finish the song.

She would later tweet “Was praying nobody saw but actually it’s quite a good laugh if u need one!” See Gaga’s concert puking moment below.


Oprah Shows Support For Rihanna & Chris Brown Reconciliation

Oprah was recently asked how she felt about Rihanna getting back with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown during a red carpet interview. Oprah’s initial reaction was of surprise and even asked the reporter if Rihanna did get back wit Brown.

On whether she knows if they’re back together Oprah says, “I don’t know that that is true. And no I’m not surprised.”

Oprah went on to say. “What I loved about that interview (‘Next Chapter’) is that she came with a big wide open heart and that she was in the space of forgiveness and that she learned the lesson that she was repeating with Chris Brown exactly what she needed to learn with her father. I think if she is prepared to deal with that and is prepared to help him help himself so be it. I have no judgment about it. That’s why I can sit there and have such a great time with her. I do all my interviews with no judgment whatsoever. And I come away with who okay if that’s how you choose to lead your life then that’s really okay.”


Jay Z Rides NYC Subway To Barclays Center, Fans Go Crazy (Video)

Watch what happens when Jay Z decides to take a New York City train to Barclays Center in Brooklyn for his concert. Jay was spotted at the Canal Street Station catching the R Train To Brooklyn. He exited at the Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center stop and walked into the Barclays Center before performing his eighth and final show. It was frantic to say the least. check it out.

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[Official Video] Trey Songz: “Dive In”

Trey Songz has released the official video for single “Dive In” and I must say it is quite refreshing for a video to have a storyline and concept along the lines of what the song is actually about. Although Trey sings about the obvious (sex), he takes a spin on it, making the song and video about infidelity. He’s creeping with the women of a business partner. Unfortunately the business partner becomes aware of his wife’s indiscretions. Perhaps Trey should have been more careful. Take a look at what happens to Trey. An overall great visual.


Rihanna Performs For FiFa Women’s World Cup In Baku (Videos)

Rihanna graced the Crystal Hall stage over the weekend for her performance for the 2012 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in Baku.

Rihanna kicked off her performance Saturday night with #1 single “Only Girl(In the World”. She also performed hits including “Umbrella”, “S&M”, “Where Have You Benn”, “We Found Love” and “Love The Way You Lie”. Check it out below.