Kandi Crush: Tami Roman’s Beauty Transformation


Have you seen Tami Roman lately? The 44 year old, mother of two, has been looking fierce lately! The “Basketball Wives” star has lost a lot of weight since she first appeared on the show in 2010. She has shared pictures on Instagram showing off her fit body and edgy new style.


Beyonce Brings Out Nicki Minaj for OTR Tour


Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s, “On the Run” tour has been the most talked about event this past summer. All of the fans that are apart of the “BeyHive” have been attending the fun thrilled show to see Queen Bey slay the stage. As usual, Beyoncé always performs alone but Friday night in Paris, France changed it all. Performing songs from her latest album, “Beyoncé”, she gracefully killed her performance.

YMCMB’s First Lady Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé previously made a remix to the song, Flawless. _______READMORE

Blac Chyna Moving On From Tyga, Buys New Home (Pics)


Former stripper and fiancee to rapper Tyga, Blac Chyna, has chosen to hold her head high and move on, post her split from the YMCMB rapper.

Chyna has not only moved on, she just bought a new five bedroom, five bathroom home in the Los Angeles area where they’ve lived together for much of the last two years.

She shared several images of her new home on social media site, Instagram, captioned with the words, “Don’t Panic…”


Iggy Azalea Speaks on Alleged Sex Tape via Twitter


Voluptuous femcee Iggy Azalea is facing sex tape allegations after porn giant Vivid Entertainment claims to have their hands on the intimate footage. The owner of Vivid entertainment, Steve Hirsh, has allegedly stated that the video could potentially make more money than Kim Kardashian‘s tape. It has been reported that Iggy turned down the seven figure offer because the woman in the video is not her.

The video can not be released without her consent and her lawyer team are making sure this footage never gets out. However, it’s becoming even more complicated as the days roll by.


Singer Spotlight: Who Is Mila J?


So, just who is Mila J.

It’s strange just how many celebrities are related and we have no idea. Quite often, we hear about the “superstar” in the family while the sibling remains in the shadow. There are instances, however, where siblings take the spotlight together. Remember the Olsen twins; Mary Kate and Ashley, both receiving great roles, equal stardom and attention. Or how about Beyoncé and Solange Knowles? Although most of us know the sisters and the work they’ve done, both in music and film, it’s Beyonce that holds the throne, wouldn’t you agree? But, if I asked you about Mila J would you know? How about Jhene Aiko, does that ring a bell?


Meagan Good Dispell Rumors She Is Pregnant


Ever since marrying preacher, DeVon Franklin, in 2012, Meagan Good has been the subject of many pregnancy rumors.

This weekend didn’t fair much better when it was reported that the actress was spotted looking fuller in the mid-section.

Check out the actress’ funny response below.


OITNB Writer Divorces Husband To Date Actress Samira Wiley


Well, what do we have here! “Orange is the New Black” writer, Lauren Morelli, has just filed for a divorce from husband, Steve Basilone, to date one of the show’s actresses, Samira Wiley.

It’s ironic sometimes how much life imitates life, isn’t it? If you’re at all familiar with the show then you know the show takes place in a woman’s prison about an inmate, ‘Piper,’ sentenced to a year on drug related charges as a direct result of her lesbian lover, ‘Alex,’ and her involvement as a major distributed in the drug trafficking business.

The show is also engraved with plenty of lesbian and woman-to-woman action. One of those lesbians, ‘Poussey,’ is played by actress Samira Wiley, Lauren Morelli’s new girlfriend!


CK Exclusive: Trey Songz Steals Kiss From Mila J, Spark Dating Rumors! (Photos)


Trey Songz and singer-songwriter Mila J were spotted together on the red carpet last night at Ne-Yo‘s 3rd Annual Fostering A Legacy Benefit. The two posed individually for pictures and then caused a stir when Trey leaned in for a hug and kiss. And thankfully, our staff was present to catch the two in action.

Trey later posted the above picture with Mila on Instagram with the caption, “She so fine…

Some people even commented on the fact that the two seemed to have also dressed alike.


Ne-Yo Presents the 3rd Annual Fostering A Legacy Benefit


On Friday, September 12, 2014, singer-songwriter and music executive, Ne-Yo, and his charity organization, The Compound Foundation, presented the third annual Fostering a Legacy Benefit in New York City.

The event, held at the Gotham Hall, was in honor of the organization and those involved with helping disadvantage children excel in life.

During our own exclusive interview with Ne-Yo, the singer further elaborated the charity organization’s mission in helping those children. He says, “The thing that we deal with mostly is inspiration — inspiring these kids to pursue their dreams. They’ve been called the forgotten children and I don’t like that. Their circumstances shouldn’t have anything to do with having an opportunity to whatever it is they choose to do. That is where we step in to let these kids know that they can be apart of a society that we can be proud of.”


Beyonce Reportedly Pregnant With Second Child


Beyonce and Jay Z may be expecting baby number two. It’s been reported that it was the rapper himself who made the announcement.

Rumors of a second pregnancy emerged when the Carter clan were spotted vacationing in Italy recently. The singer was visibly rounder in the mid-section, but, it’s her hubby who is now adding to the speculation.

According to XXL Mag

Last night, during Jay Z and Beyoncé’s OTR Tour stop in Paris, Hov made the huge announcement of his wife’s pregnancy to the stunned crowd. _______READMORE

Should Women Let Men Do The Pursuing?

Why Do Women Compromise For Their Relationships

When you think of your typical cliché love story, it involves a man pursuing a woman. A little old fashion I would say. We are now living in a time when pride is the only thing standing in between true love. A woman could be strongly attracted to someone very passionately but may not pursue him because of the idea that he is supposed to make the first move. How so?

What if a man is interested but feels that you are unapproachable? I get it all the time. Some men are afraid of being rejected as well. Back in the days, it was okay and very much expected that men courted women. Men were responsible for holding doors, paying for dinner, and other gestures that were considered gentlemanly. In the past, men worked and made money to provide for their families while women nursed and took care of the household.


Kami Shade NYFW Fashion Show Review


Bright colors, stripes, and sparkle is what attendees saw at the Kami Shade Fashion Show on Wednesday at Style 360 Fashion Pavilion. The designer presented a vibrant collection of sparkle and shine apparel which included pants, jumpsuits, dresses, and swimwear.

Stripes and asymmetrical print were seen on the runway with dresses and jumpsuits. Backless mermaid dresses made a statement with these prints, while solid color lacey dresses displayed a contrasting look.