Amber Rose Wants To Get Back With Ex Wiz Khalifa


Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were one of our favorite Hip Hop couples. As you can imagine, it came as a surprise when we learned that the couple were headed for a divorce after just one year of marriage.

If you all remember, the couple split last September after the rapper allegedly cheated on the model and socialite with multiple women.


Chris Brown Gets Probation Revoked But Won’t Be Going To Jail


Chris Brown‘s future looked bleak when it was announced, on Thursday, that the singer’s probation, stemming from his 2009 assault on Rihanna, had been revoked.

Initial reports suggested the singer was, again, facing some jail time. The reason? Brown was present at San Jose’s Fiesta night club, last weekend, when five club attendees were shot and injured during a shoot out at the night club (read here). Questions arose whether Brown had used the best judgement to remain in the city after the tragic turn of events and may have even partied the night after. There were also questions pertaining to whether the singer had permission to travel in the first place.

Following the reports, the singer also sent out a tweet to his 14 million Twitter followers. He wrote, “Nothing can stop what God has planned. Surround yourself with elevators! It’s almost over… Keeping pushing forward and don’t break!”


Review: “Empire” Episode 2 (How Fox Screwed Up What Could Have Been A Great Show…)


Sweethearts, have you been tuned into Fox’s new television drama, Empire? Upon watching the premiere, last week, I had high hopes for the show. I was intrigued with the characters and their dynamic. I especially loved Taraji P Henson‘s character, “Cookie” and Terrence Howard‘s “Luscious.” The fast talking, ready to protect what’s there’s duo and their troubled children captivated my attention. Although at odds, it’s clear there is still some love between the now exes.

Fast forward to episode two. Talk about a big disappointment! Fox should really keep there personal feelings and political agenda from spilling onto a prime time show. The network couldn’t hide their disdain for President Barack Obama, to say the least. The disrespect was blatant. There were many other disturbing messaging and undertones that left me conflicted. Although the show is meant to spark emotions and controversy to keep viewer interests, I was troubled by the continued imaging of the “young black misguided male”, the “angry and bitter black woman left by a man she supported to be with a white woman…” The list goes on and on, believe me.

But don’t take it from me. Here’s another blogger’s perspective on what had some potential.

As per Sandra Rose

Fox TV’s new musical/drama series ‘Empire’ probably lost half of its viewership last night. Viewers on social media platform bashed the show for promoting negative stereotypes.


A Guide To Finding Mr. Right: Lower Your Expectations


As women approach their late twenties and early thirties, the task of finding a mate, if you don’t already have one, becomes high on the priorities list. Some may even call this a period of potential desperation.

For most of us, our twenties are spent figuring out career goals and settling into adulthood, post college. If you’re lucky enough to already be in a committed relationship, at this point, you’re already ahead of the pack.

Let me be clear, however. Lowering your expectations to find a mate isn’t exactly a bad thing. Perhaps, “lowering expectations” isn’t exactly the best wording. How about have more realistic expectations of the kind of mate you want to find and think about what you may also need to bring to the table.


Kevin Hart Reigns On The Cover Of The Hollywood Reporter


Kevin Hart has come a long way from just a standup comic to a household name in Hollywood. So much so, the comedian and actor has landed the cover of the newest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

Upon sharing the cover with fans on social media Hart stated, “Wow this cover came out amazing….Holy bubble sh*t batman. Thank you to @thr #TheReignOfKevinHart #WeddingRinger #HittingTheatersOnFriday.”


Are You Ready for Weddings Without Gender Roles?


For ages, women have fought for the right to be treated, in all ways, as equal to men. Because women have the burden (miracle) of childbirth (take your pick), that outcome may never be fully realized. Still, we have made considerable progress. Unfortunately, gender roles are quite confusing to a lot of men who are doing their sincere best to get it right. We women have got to take our fair share of the blame for this.

On the one hand, we declare our unqualified independence and equality. On the other, we expect a man to place a wedding ring on our finger that he chose and bought. We expect him to propose, to ask us out, to make the first move, to hold the door, to defend our honor, to prove his ability to provide, to… You get the idea.


Safaree Samuels Talks Split With Nicki Minaj, Says He Introduced Her To Meek Mill


Safaree Samuels visited Power 105.1 radio station, Tuesday morning, to clarify his messy split from rapper Nicki Minaj. The couple’s breakup spilled onto social media back in December when the two began tweeting subliminal messages to one another. The rapstress even accused her now ex of trying to exploit her to build his own music career.

He tells The Breakfast Club that it was actually he who walked away from the 14 year relationship. He explains that Nicki began treating him more like an employee than her man and that he no longer felt respected.

It’s also well known that Samuels served as the rappers music producer and writer on a number of her projects.


Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Thrown Princess Theme Baby Shower For Daughter


LHHNY couple, Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris were thrown a beautiful princess theme baby shower in anticipation for their second child and daughter’s arrival.

As per previous reports, the couple have opted to name their baby girl Smyth (Smith) Dream Harris, having both her mother and father’s last name.

In attendance at the couple’s shower were their reality show friends Kimbella and Rich Dollaz. The show’s creator Mona Scott Young was also on hand. And, we wouldn’t be surprised if the shower was filmed for a future episode of the popular VH1 reality show.

Check some more photos of the festivities below.


Common & John Legend Win Best Song At Golden Globes (Speech)


During the 72nd Golden Globes awards, Sunday night, musicians Common and John Legend were honored by winning the award for Best Original Song for “Glory” featured in the critically acclaimed independent film, “Selma.”

Upon thanking the academy, it was the rapper who moved the crowd with his heartfelt speech about working on the film and having his humanity restored. Here’s what the rapper had to say.

Beyonce Spark Pregnancy Rumors With Beach Photo


Another day, another Beyonce pregnancy rumor. Actually, this time, it was the singer who sparked the speculation.

Upon sharing the above image, over the weekend, Mrs. Carter has got her millions of fans wondering if she’s expecting her second child with her rapper hubby, Jay Z. Although the photo seems to be pretty innocent — playing in the sand and having a family beach day with her family — the illusion of a much rounder tummy may have been what sent the rumor mill into overdrive.

Since giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, three years ago, there have been countless reports of a baby no. 2 for the musical duo. Needless to say, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the rumors have been reignited.

Could Bey be trying to tell us something or has the photo drawn unnecessary speculation?

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Cause Controversy Over Bill Cosby Jokes


Comedienne and actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are causing controversy this morning after serving as hosts, for a third time, at the 72nd Golden Globes this weekend.

It was “no holds bar” with Fey and Poehler, Sunday night, when they mocked reports and accusations that famous TV dad and fellow comedian, Bill Cosby, sexually assaulted and drugged 29 different women.

Watch the clip below and share your thoughts.