New Couple Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Spotted At the ESPY Awards


Rumored new couple, rapper Lil’ Wayne and singer Christina Milian may have just confirmed they are in fact dating.

The couple were spotted together at the ESPY Awards, Wednesday night, loving very much like they are dating.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise considering Milian was recently engaged to music producer Jas Prince. The couple split about a month ago reportedly for Jas cheating on Milian.


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show Fight Video Released


If you’re anything like me, then you’re a bit sick of “Love and Hip hop Atlanta.” You may be even sicker with Joseline Hernandez‘s attention seeking antics since becoming notorious since the show aired three seasons ago.

Hernandez became the ultimate bad girl when she carried on a relationship while involved with his child’s mother and co-star Mimi Faust. The self proclaimed Puerto Rican princess whose rap/reggaetone album is set to be released any day now, is actually more famous for her love triangle involving Stevie J and acting out.


Kim Kardashian Set To Make $85 Million For iPhone & Game App


As they say, the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. That’s exactly what we can expect when it comes to Kim Kardashian‘s bank account.

The reality star and fashionista is set to rake in $85 million this year from her new video game iPhone app. That does not include Kim’s other business ventures including her reality show, the Kardashian Kollection, and appearances.

Sources familiar with the deal tell TMZ … Kim’s cut is 45% of net profits. The game — “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” — is set to gross a reported $200 million this year alone.


Chris Brown & Drake Continue Bromance In ESPY Comedy Skit


It’s great to see that not only have Chris Brown and Drake ended their feud, they’re now working together.

Last week, we reported on the two being spotted in the studio together. Rumors immediately emerged that the singer and rapper were working on a musical collaboration. Little did we know, the two had also teamed up for a comedy skit for the 2014 ESPY awards, hosted by Drake.


Kandi Crush: Kim Laurent of NYC


We told you that we would start accepting entries for our ‘Kandi Crush’ of the day. Our very first Kandi Crush pick goes to Kim Laurent of New York City.

Upon submitting her image, Kim says she’s the ultimate girly girl who enjoys shopping and loves fashion. She also likes to read blogs, watch sports, cooking and joking around with her friends and family.

She adds that she likes to donate to charities she values and isn’t the typical “pretty girl” and won’t mind getting her hands dirty. But, most of all, she’s a mommy first.

You can find Kim on social sharing sites Twitter and Instagram via @Ms_pocahottness.

For submission for our Kandi Crush pick of the end please send emails to [email protected]

Nina Simone’s Daughter Calls Her A ‘Monster’


It’s no secret that the legendary and talented soul singer, Nina Simone, was also a very troubled woman. Simone battled bipolar disorder, depression and alcoholism, but, it’s what her daughter, Lisa Simone, has to say about the singer that has many up in arms.

For the first time since her mother’s death in 2003, Lisa is discussing the strained relationship between mother and daughter.

She tells the Daily Mail UK, “My mother could be a monster. I was not a happy child when I was alone with her. My mum shot me down a lot, attacked me in public. It is easy to attack children, they are small and depend on you.”


Lance Gross Post Loving Message For Fiance Rebecca Jefferson’s Birthday


When a man loves a woman there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Isn’t that what they say?

Over the weekend we reported that actor Lance Gross was not only engaged to his celebrity stylist girlfriend, Rebecca Jefferson, the couple are also expecting a baby some time this fall.

For the past several months, the couple has done a careful job of only sharing photos where Jefferson’s mid-section is hidden.

Gross did much of the same when he shared the above himself of himself and Jefferson on Tuesday. But it was the very touching message that accompanied the image that got us teary eyed.


Shocker: Yung Joc Is Married, Wife Files for Divorce!


Did you know that rapper Yung Joc was a married man? No?! Yeah, me either.

While Joc was “playing up” his romance, or lack there of, with “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reality co-star, Karlie Redd, he had a wife the entire time.

Alexandria Robinson filed to divorce the 31-year-old rapper. They were high school sweethearts and have been married for 13 years. They have 3 kids,” reports

Wait….what?! Thirteen years and three kids?

Keke Palmer Defends Reason For Interviewing Karrueche Tran


Since debuting her new daytime talk show, actress and host Keke Palmer has some words for Karrueche Tran haters. Although Tran shot to fame as a result of her relationship relationship with singer Chris Brown, Palmer decided to defend Tran against haters who believe she isn’t worthy of an interview.

In a pre-taped interview, set to air this Wednesday, Tran sat down to discuss her relationship with the singer and how hurt she was during their break up, last year, and his rekindling romance with pop star Rihanna.

As you can imagine, the Rihanna Navy and Tran’s haters haven’t taken Tran’s new found fame lightly.


Rihanna Attends World Cup In Brazil, Photographed With Trophy (Photos)


If you’ve been keeping up to date with the World Cup and Rihanna‘s Twitter feed, then you’ll know, the pop star is a football (soccer) fan.

Rihanna is such a fan, she even traveled to Brazil for the final game between Germany and Argentina and even photographed the event, her experience and the winning team (Germany).

After sharing the above image Rihanna tweeted, “They brought me the cup!!! I love these guys!!! Congratulations!!!!”

She added, “I touched the cup, held the cup, kissed the cup, took a selfie wit the cup!!! I meeeaan…… what is YO bucket list looking like bruh?”