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Ms. Toni 2Ms. Toni (Founder/Editor)

Upon graduating college, and receiving a BA in Media Marketing/Communications, I was concerned about my future and pursuing a career that I would be passionate about. I believe many people work for the sake of working and never because they enjoy what they do. Therefore, I decided I would pursue my dreams and I would rather fail than to have never tried at all; this motto is what I continue to live by. It is my motivation when I am tired from a long day or discouraged from rejection. For all these reasons Cotten Kandi was created. In 2008, I completed three internships (partly because it was required), my first as a public relations assistant, another for a minor record label and the third for a major label in New York City. As a result, I quickly realized the importance online/new media played in the promotional process for artists and their entertainment venues. I wanted to take advantage of that. Although I was a bit late and naive on the world of blogging, it was something I wanted to explore. By the time I jumped aboard there were already millions of urban entertainment and celebrity blogs online, but I didn’t allow that to stop me. I also believed (and still do) that I had a natural way with words. What’s difficult to articulate, for me, was always easiest said on paper (in this case digitally).

There is so much more I want to do. Thankfully, this site has given me the voice and presence to do so and I would love to take my readers along for the ride. I look forward to providing a media outlet that you can enjoy and one I will enjoy providing. Thank you.

Website: Ms. Toni

Twitter: @I_Am_MsToni

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Dee Rene

My motto – “Those who can – marry and those who can’t – write.” I lead a double life as a relationship writer by night and an educational superhero by day. Born in the arctic of Rochester, NY I’ve lived up and down the east coast. I consider Atlanta home and currently reside in the land of oranges and bleach blondes. I’ve been writing ever since I first took a crayon to a white wall. I started my current blog by noticing that after every date, I was either on the phone with my best friend laughing, crying or cussing. It’s been a hilarious journey ever since. In 2012, I was connected with Ms. Toni through the power that is Twitter. It’s been a pleasure to join her team. I look forward to writing until there are no more words left.

Blog: Laugh.Cry.Cuss
Twitter: @DeeRene_LLC
E-mail: daniellee [at] gmail.com

My name is Jeanine Nicole. I am a single mother of two boys and a full time writer. I have an actual job, but really my focus is nothing but writing. I have wanted to be one thing and only one thing since the beginning of time and that is a writer. Seriously, my mom still has the mini books that I wrote back in Kindergarten. Writing is the only escape that I have from my crazy and hectic life and I choose to openly talk about many of these issues on my own blog, www.JustJeanineNicole.com. Being a fashion blog writer on this website has been an amazing journey, even though I just started. I look forward to continuously getting my words out there into the world no matter how crazy or sarcastic they may be. :)

Blog: Jeanine Nicole
E-mail: clarkjn11 [at] yahoo.com