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Would You Choose Love Over Having a Career?



I came across an interesting video that I wanted to share with you guys. It was a promotional footage of a woman asking the co-hosts of daytime talk show, The Real, about whether she should choose between love or having a career.

I was honestly perplexed for the question, because I believe that no one who truly loves you would make you choose between them and your career goals. In my mind, that is a clear sign of that person’s insecurities. Should you dim your light to make theirs brighter?

Take a look at the footage below.

Here was my response after viewing the footage, that I initially shared with both my Instagram and Facebook community.

“Ladies and Gents: Falling in love and building a life with someone is a beautiful experience, but your mate should also be your partner and should also be rooting for you and your success, not someone who’ll force you to choose between them and maximizing your full potential (your dreams). They’re ultimately asking you to choose them over yourself and your individuality. Love wisely #queens”

And as a woman, I’ve always advised other women to be financially independent of that of their spouse. However, I acknowledge that it depends on what that woman’s goal is and the dynamic of her relationship.

For example, some women may choose to be a full-time wife and mom while her husband is the sole provider for her family. But the key word here is having the choice and not being forced to make a decision you won’t be happy with and may ultimately make you resentful towards yourself and your spouse.

After watching the footage and reading my own thoughts, what are some of yours ladies and gentlemen? Would you choose love over your own career endeavors? Tell us why or why not?

(Photo/Video: The Real)


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