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What if We Put Our Biases Aside to Actually Hear Each Other?



I sat and observed a room full of individuals from all walks of life in a cozy loft in Midtown Midtown. The white space was adorned with small signs with words of encouragement and inspiration scribbled across them, visible despite the violet yet translucent lighting. The loft, Loft 227 to be exact, hosted approximately thirty to forty people, all talking, laughing, sipping wine, eating dessert, and truly enjoying each other’s company.

There was happiness in the room, genuine happiness; from gay to straight, Black, White or Hispanic.

Although the event’s host, Production Manager at Laurel Dewitt, Sire Leo Lamar-Becker, did not reveal much detail about the documentary prior to, he did provide some hints on social media eluding to diversity and social issues that affect us today.

The D.E.N (Deep End Network), founded four years prior, “…is committed to bringing you content of depth that showcases the world in all of its brilliant diversity. Our programming will highlight the textures, layers, and nuances of the human experience,” says Lamar-Becker.


“I embarked on this journey to create The Deep End Network because I felt a lacking in representation for millennials,” he adds.

“Our generation always steps up to the plate when it comes to entertainment, fashion and music, but I felt myself caring more; so I created it. Through people telling stories it allows us to see the humans behind the issues and not just the issues. If we all come together with open minds and open hearts, while leaving our desire to be right at the door; we can walk away with more knowledge and understanding than we ever imagined. Let’s come together and create a society that appreciates us all.”

Watch the 15 minute docu-film, titled “Underneath the Surface,” below and share your thoughts.



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