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Michelle Obama’s Entire DNC Speech (Video)


If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching and hearing Michelle Obama‘s Democratic National Convention (DNC) speech in Philadelphia, Monday night, then grab a seat and pay attention.

In her nearly 15 minute speech, the First Lady of the United States, gave a compelling speech endorsing Hillary Clinton.

FLOTUS spoke passionately about Clinton’s efforts to make a better tomorrow for, not only her daughters Sasha and Milia, but for all children in America.

Obama spoke eloquently on all Americans working together, no matter race or creed, for a greater tomorrow. As for making America great again, Obama ignited the crowd by stating that she believes America is already great and is the greatest nation on the planet, despite the rhetoric by the Republican party, lead by the other presidential “hopeful” Donald Trump.

Following the First Lad’s speech, I think, Hillary might have already won this election. Watch and listen to the full speech above and share your thoughts.

(Vide Source: CNN)


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