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Petition to Recognize Black Lives Matter As a Terrorist Organization Garners Over 100k Signatures


Dear Sweethearts,

You may have noticed my lack of posts and dedication to the blog these past several months, and it’s all for a very good reason.

To be frank, I am no longer interested in using my platform and energy towards solely pop culture and the latest hot topics in the celebrity and entertainment worlds. In the past eight years, I’ve grown personally and professionally and am no longer passionate about many of the topics I once cared about. In fact, I’ve been thinking a lot about rebranding, changing the site name, niche etc. But, I could not let this one slip.

I needed to vent and really share my thoughts on this. I CANNOT remain silent.

I was horrified to learn that a petition to recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization has surpassed its 100,000 goal. A similar petition to recognize the KKK (very much active) as a terrorist organization was created just over a week ago. PLEASE SIGN IT.


The petition is just shy of 62,000 signatures, and quite frankly, that just isn’t enough. It’s mind boggling to think that such a group is still active in 2016. Then again, it’s even more mind boggling that unarmed Black men and women have continued to be murdered by the very people who have sworn and to serve and protect us, with no justice served or accountability on the part of law enforcement.

I initially made a post about this on the blog’s Instagram page, and thought, why not share it on the site as well. This is what I wrote…

Any rational human being understands that #BLM is not and was not founded to be a terrorist organization but to fight for equal rights for Black Americans and against injustice, especially those imposed by officers and government officials who commit crimes against Blacks but are not held accountable. What happened in Dallas is tragic but that was 1 man who had a history of mental and emotional issues. Whom was NOT affiliated with Black Lives Matter, yet the KKK has a proven history of racist actions, initiatives and MURDER. This is solely to point blame and shot down a cause meant to be the voice for the voiceless and the downtrodden. How dare they?! This is WRONG. Please sign the petition. LINK IN BIO #BlackLivesMatter = Equal rights = Accountability for the injustice done against people of color. #AllLivesCantMatter until Black lives do.

And, I mean every word.

Please read, sign and share details about the petition with your friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you,



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