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Are We Ready for President Hillary Clinton?



Hillary Clinton has a good chance of becoming our first female president. After beating out Bernie Sanders in the New York primaries, winning 135 delegates against Sanders’ 104, Tuesday night, Clinton may have just secured her spot as a presidential hopeful.

While the democratic nominees created a near 50/50 split among supporters, to their dismay, Republican nominee Donald Trump has also won the New York primaries. Should we be concerned?

It’s no secret that Trump’s anti-immigration, classism and racial bias has got us all spooked; especially those in the African American and Latin communities. But this may not be a bad thing.

Despite the support from the Republican party, if we did see a Trump vs. Clinton face-off, my money is on Clinton. It’s not only likely that she would gain the most support from African-American and Latin voters, she’ll also likely gain support from young voters (millennials, Gen X and Y) and the majority of the female vote.

But let’s not rule out Sanders. He’s still doing fairly well. He’s also doing fairly well with the Black community and young voters, perhaps more so than Clinton in some areas. And while New York was a big loss, President Barack Obama also lost New York back in 2008 and yet he still went on to become our current president.

What are your thoughts, are we ready for a Clinton vs. Trump face-off? Better yet, are we just ready for Clinton? And what are your thoughts on Sanders? Is he even still in the running?


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