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Morris Chestnut Shares the Secret to a Happy Marriage



Actor Morris Chestnut has been fortunate to have a long lasting acting career. In fact, he’s now staring in a new Fox series, Rosewood. During an interview with Monarch magazine, while discussing the role and having longevity in Hollywood, Chestnut also spoke on one other accomplishment; his long-lasting marriage to wife Pam Byse.

When asked just how he and his wife are fortunate enough to be able to grow together, Chestnut shared some very valuable information on having a successful marriage. Here’s what he had to say.

I think that, in addition to acting and life, you need a little bit of luck. Basically, Pam and I have been together for a long time. We met when we were 21-22. We’ve been fortunate to grow together instead of growing apart. People are different at 26 than they were at 21, and then you’re even more different at 31. So we were blessed enough to grow together and communicate. The one thing that I always tell people is that it’s not easy. A lot of times people think it’s easy street once they get married. But actually that’s when the work really begins. When you’re dating this person or that person can walk away and there’s no real attachment. But once you get married now it’s not so easy to walk away. You can’t just go back to your apartment and she go back to hers when you get mad at each other. So that’s when the work starts.

Head over to Media Outrage for more of what the actor had to say about life, love and his career in his feature with the magazine.


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