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5 Reasons Why Your Baby Daddy May Be Bitter Towards You



5 Reasons Why Your Baby Daddy May Be Bitter Towards You By: MaxLaine of Favorite Baby Mama

Recently on the Love & Hip Hop reunion show for Atlanta, we saw Lil Scrappy basically cuss his ex/baby mama, Erica Dixon, out for their child support drama which inspired me to write this post. Noooo, I’m not saying that Scrappy is bitter BUT his actions would have any one (like me) think that way.

So, here’s 5 reasons Why Your Baby Daddy May Be Bitter Towards You:

1. He may REALLY be bitter towards his mama rather than you.  Whenever I encounter a Bitter Baby Daddy I always start with the women in his life.  The way he treats his mother, sisters, aunties, etc will give you an idea on how he will treat his girlfriends, baby mama, or wife or why he does treat them a certain way because his Bitterness will always trickle down to who he’s dating or married to.

2. He grew up fatherless too.  If you only think that girls who grew up without their Fathers are the only ones more affected when they grow up is WRONG.  I’ve dated my share of Fatherless Men and in my opinion they are a bit more Bitter than Fatherless women are.  At least for women, we can express our feelings whereas men don’t.  If that’s the case then how do you expect your child’s Father to act towards you when he has years of built up anger he has towards his Father too?

3. Life really sucks for him.  No matter how much you THINK your life sucks if it’s any better than your Baby Daddy’s then he’s going to be Bitter towards you.  In HIS mind you have it all even if you’re taking the bus to work…at least you have a job and are able to take care of his child.  The fact he is unable to provide for his seed takes a toll on a man so give him some slack.

4. He’s so insecure.  It is what is and if your child’s Father is insecure then that’s HIS issue not yours.

5. That’s just the way he is.  Do you know someone who no matter what they say or how they mistreat other people that the people closest to them tolerate their behavior?  Then they have the nerve to offer YOU this excuse on their behalf, “oh that’s just the way he/she is.”  Like YOU are supposed to accept their behavior too just as everyone else has.  Well, my Baby Mama Friend I can’t tolerate those types of people or the people around them.  I learned that it’s okay if that’s how you are just be who you are over there…waaaaaaay over there because there’s no way they’re going to change their attitude (or bitterness in this case) especially when they have people around them who condone their behavior.

What do YOU think?  Leave a comment below.

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How Damamge

This article first appeared via Your Favorite Baby Mama, Written by: MaxLaine aka @YourFavBabyMama (Twitter & Instagram.

MaxLaine is a Radio Correspondent & TV Personality , Public Speaker, Screenwriter, & Happy Baby Mama with NO Drama and has a beautiful daughter & DOG-aughter! You can always catch her on these Social Media Streets:

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