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Tisha Campbell-Martin Reveals Dark Past In “Steel Here” Music Video



When actress Tisha Campbell-Martin decided to release new single “Steel Here,” many of her fans wondered, why now? Although Campbell-Martin, 46, has displayed her musical roots throughout much of her career, even releasing an album in 1992, it was her acting career that brought her fame.

But there’s a good reason the actress is releasing the single and visual. “Steel Here” was inspired from an apology letter she received from the person who raped her when she was just three years old. It’s about Campbell’s ability to forgive and overcome her personal demons.

In fact, on her YouTube channel Campbell-Martin explains just that. She writes…

I was very lucky to be able to work with an award-winning fashion movie director @viktorija_pashuta (Viktorija Pashuta)understood the importance of the lyrical content of the song, “Steel Here.” Viktorija asked me to come up with one event that may have seemed trying while i was experiencing it but i turned into a positive. I shared with her how fortunate I was to recently receive a five page apology letter from the person who raped me when I was three years old. When the letter arrived, it blessed me. It allowed me to FORGIVE and I’m so incredibly grateful. So with that, Viktorija begins the story with a man writing the letter, then you see him writing the words on my body…Words taken from the actual letter. She illustrated the theme of ‪#‎forgiveness‬ in the mirrored room where I have to really look at myself and fight my own demons. She also used beauty and fashion along with famed choreographer @tophatro dancers who emerge from the 9ft coutour gown which represents releasing negative emotions (grudge, anger, self-deprivation, etc) Thank you Viktorija and Rosero you both are a beautiful storytellers

We salute you Tisha for sharing your story and personal demons.

Check out the full single and official video for “Steel Here” below.


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