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Florida Man Rips Out Girlfriend’s Internal Organs For Uttering Ex’s Name During Sex



A Florida man has been charged for the murder of his girlfriend after admitting to disemboweling her for uttering her ex’s name while they had sex.

Fidel Lopez was arrested, over the weekend, after Sunrise police responded to a call at approximately 3:39am on Sunday. Upon reporting to the scene, Maria Nemeth’s naked body was found on the floor of the couple’s Florida home.

It was Lopez who actually made the call; eventually admitting to the crime.

An arrest report said that blood and tissue were found scattered throughout the couple’s apartment, and blood was smeared on the walls. The bathroom door had been ripped off the hinges. Police also found a bottle of tequila and cut limes in the kitchen.

Neighbors told officers that loud noise could be heard coming from the home for several hours.

During initial questioning, Lopez claimed that the two were having rough sex when Nemeth went into the bathroom, vomited and then died.

Lopez later admitted that he had become a “monster” when Nemeth twice uttered her ex-husband’s name during sex. He said that he had inserted a beer bottle and a curling iron in Nemeth’s vagina and anus. Lopez suggested that she had been too intoxicated to resist, according to WFOR.

He said that he then inserted both fists, before putting his arm in her up the elbow and ripping out intestinal matter. Lopez told authorities that he had a cigarette after disemboweling Nemeth, and after he finished it she had stopped breathing. – Raw Story


Lopez was charged with first-degree murder.


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