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Why We’re Proud of Chris Brown for Addressing TMZ’s Anti-Gay Article



Say what you want about Chris Brown and his checkered past. Positive stories don’t always grab enough attention, and here’s one story you need to be paying attention to.

The singer was recently accused of canceling an Atlanta appearance after learning that the event was in conjunction with Gay Pride.

Although Brown would later deny the claims, because he was never actually confirmed to appear at the event, TMZ.com reports that Brown was, in fact, scheduled to be there.

According to the site, “Chris Brown and the folks who accused him of bailing on ATL Black Gay Pride Weekend have settled their differences … and all it took was CB forking over $12,500.

According to our sources, a deal really was in place for CB to perform at the September 7 event, but details of the performance never got to Chris.

We’re told the talent agency that booked the gig for Chris believed the event promoters had breached the contract — by using the wrong pic of Chris on posters — so they never told him about the deal, which is why he never showed.

But both sides just want to squash the mix-up — so we’re told Chris’ agency returned the $12,500 deposit. However, the Pride promoters say they haven’t received the dough yet, and they’ll sue if they don’t get it soon.

Although the site did clarify that the singer didn’t actually bail on the event, due to its association with Gay Pride, the sensational headline implies the latter.

Fed up with the antics, here was Brown’s response to the news outlet Tuesday morning.

“all gotta stop with this bullsh*t. I was never booked. Yall love to say I’m homophobic and sh*t to have something to be mad at. I don’t care that you are gay Harvey (the site’s founder). I applaud you and a person of your caliber should be finding outlets for young gay men/teens and women to be more open and comfortable about coming out. Some of my friends have came out to me and I love them just the same. It would really be a blessing if u focused on real issues. But all these false stories to bring your site traffic is corny. But find another person to drag through the mud of lies. I know I’m talented but I’m not running for president any time soon so fall back wit all the nonsense.”


I have to agree with the singer here.

Despite its influence and millions of readers, its unfortunate to see a site like TMZ flourish over sensationalism rather than publish factual reports.

It’s also no secret that the outlet isn’t a fan of the singer since his 2009 assault on then girlfriend Rihanna and his legal issues that would follow. But, it’s quite noticeable that despite those efforts, TMZ incessantly publish derogatory stories about him.

And Brown is right. He may not be the next contender for president but, if nothing else, he’s made an attempt to clean up his “bad boy” antics.

Sweethearts, what are your thoughts? Should TMZ just leave the singer alone?


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