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Warren Sapp Pleads Guilty To Soliciting A Prostitute



Well, what do we have here. Messy messy messy! Professional football player, Warren Sapp has just taken a plea deal for soliciting a prostitute, following an arrest back in February.

On February 2nd, Sapp was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona after paying two women $300 each to perform sex acts on him in his hotel room.. The women gave Sapp a blow job, but he wanted more bang for his buck.

Sapp got mad when the women refused to have intercourse with him, unless he gave them so more money.

Sapp wasn’t with the upsell and an altercation occurred in the hallway..

As a result, Warren Sapp lost his job, lost his respect and had everyone laughing at him. But at least the judge and the prosecutor took it easy on him. – Kissy Denise

On Monday, Sapp plead guilty to one count of assault and must complete, not one, but two counseling programs as a result. The first, a “Prostitution Solicitation Diversion Program” and another for anger management.

If Sapp fails to complete the prostitution diversion program within 160 days, he faces up to 30 days in jail.

Thankfully, Sapp has already gotten a head start by completing the first program.

If he fails to follow through on his anger management course he faces jail time and two years probation.

As for the ladies in question, while the assault charges will likely be dropped, Sapp must pay restitution to each of the woman.

Quying Boyd will recieve $150 while Britney Osbourne has been awarded $1,171.24.


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