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Beyonce & Nicki Minaj Unveil “Feeling Myself” Video, But Are We Feeling it?



The internet went into a frenzy, Monday afternoon, when Beyonce and Nicki Minaj unveiled their new music video for collaboration, “Feeling Myself.”

Not only did the duo release the new visual, they chose, Bey’s mogul hubby, Jay Z‘s new online music streaming platform, Tidal, to do so. Clever huh?

Well, not so much. Within hours of the big unveil, the video was readily available on multiple media platforms all over the web. While some consumers did fall for the marketing ploy, others saw through the gimmick and waited for leaked videos to make its way online.

But that’s neither here nor there. So, what’s my issue?

Hmmmm….another lackluster underdeveloped music video filled sexual innuendos and beautiful women twerking, gyrating, booty popping, dropping and locking.

Unless you are a STAN (an overzealous and at time delusional fan), you may have realized there was nothing overly creative about the project. No originality or concepts different from what we’ve seen before.

It was all fluff and no substance. And while both artists have long lists of accolades and accomplishments that can vouch for their actual talents, the video wasn’t one of them.

I hate to reminisce because I know music changes with each generation, but, there are certainly no more Lauryn Hills, Aaliyahs and Janet Jacksons (in her youth) that we can expect a full body of work and choreography we’ll be able to look forward to.

I’ll be more impressed with songs and music videos that are able to grab our attention without selling sex and a flossy image. We all know that plenty of the rappers who glorify the hood and being “ganstas” aren’t really “about that life.” So please stop.

Nonetheless, I must add that “Feeling Myself” the single is dope. The video? They can rewind and start from scratch because it’s trash bags. It was all a gimmick to get us all to sign up for Tidal. And I’m sure more than a few lost souls took the bait and signed up. Selling sex does have its rewards right? But, I digress.

Sweethearts, what are your thoughts on the “epic fail” that was Tidal’s marketing to recruit new members by enticing us with Bey and Nicki’s cakes?


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