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[Get the Look] Christina Milian In Top Shop Cut Out Midi Dress



The beautiful Christina Milian celebrated her Mother’s Day, over the weekend, by attending Tomorrow Land‘s movie premiere with her young daughter Violet.

Always stylish, the mom wore a stripe Sleeveless Cut Out Midi Dress from Top Shop.

We couldn’t find the identical black and white stripe dress but here’s the dress in red.


Price tag? You’re in luck sweethearts, the dress is only $55!

And here’s some more cuteness.

The actress, singer and TV personality snapped this adorable photo with her five year old daughter.


Upon sharing the photo, in honor of Mother’s Day, she wrote this message, “Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful, hard-working SuperMom’s out there! Today we celebrate your ability to go above and beyond.. To multitask and raise the next generation of innovators. Sending lots of Love to You & Yours. Hope you have a blessed & beautiful day! XoXo…– Christina & Violet…”

Happy Mother’s Day Christina!


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