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Amber Rose Pulls A Kanye On Kanye



The moment I never thought would happen just happened. Amber Rose has reached annoying territory.

Let me first say that I like Amber Rose. She’s gone from Kanye West‘s amazingly beautiful arm candy and model to Wiz Khalifa‘s wife, a mother to an adorable toddler and now actress and famous socialite.

And although Amber’s marriage didn’t last what I like most about her is that she’s apologetically herself. It takes bravery to be your total self in a world full of judgment and ridicule.

So why has she reached annoying celebrity status? Well, during a recent hosting gig at a nightclub, Rose began to rant about her other ex and rapper Kanye West.

It’s no secret Rose and West have a long existing feud since their split five years ago. In fact, West dissed Rose a few months ago after she took a few jabs at his wife, Kim Kardashian, during her Twitter feud with sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian.

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While we totally get why she’d still be mad, after all, West pretty much called her “dirty” in his need to “take 30 showers line,” in a radio interview at the time, Amber Rose should —> LET IT GO!

Watch the embarrassing clip below and share your thoughts.

Head over to Tattle Tailzz to see what Amber had to say about her own drunken outburst.

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