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Three of the Six Cops Responsible For Freddie Gray’s Death Are Black, Now What?



Does it bother you that three of the six police officers responsible for Freddie Gray‘s death are black? Freddie Gray, a 25 year-old Baltimore, MD native was stopped during a “routine stop” and arrested for carrying a pocket knife the officers deemed an illegal weapon — a topic that’s conjured up ongoing debates. The arrest led to Gray’s tragic and untimely death when the officers failed to securely fasten him in the back of their police van. As a result, Gray died from a spinal injury he received in transit. It was later discovered that he was not wearing a seat belt.

In the days that would follow, the case sparked an uproar in Gray’s community. It, once again, painted the picture of another unarmed black man, seemingly racially profiled, and murdered in police custody.

The death also sparked a week long riot and ongoing protests in the Baltimore area and neighboring communities.

To many’s relief, it appeared that Gray, his family and his supporters would finally see justice when Baltimore City State Attorney Marilyn Mosley announced that the police officers in the case were charged with homicide. But here’s the catch, three of the six are black. Now what?

Upon the release of the mugshots of the six officers, many in the black community were disappointed to have learned that three of the officers were of color. The revelation has many also wondering whether justice will prevail after all and whether the officers were charged because three are black.

Needless to say, in the weeks that will follow and the case goes to trial, we’ll likely be bombarded with new developments in the case and the many injustices of the justice system. We’ll also likely debate whether a person of color can be racially profiled by one of their own.

Sweethearts, what are your thoughts? Were you just as shock as we were to discover that three of the six officers in the Freddie Gray case are black? Why or why not? And, do you think we’ll see any real justice?

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