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You Were Born A Man, Now What?!



The title is exactly how it’s meant to be. However, don’t allow the condescending or, seemingly, male bashing undertone fool you. That’s not what this is. But, let’s get straight to the point, “You Were Born A Man, Now What?”

A “weak” man can’t lead a strong woman. By weak I mean mentally and emotionally unstable, dependent, insecure, irrational, moody, lacking ambition and drive, negative in speech and thought, unsupportive, and lacking a sense of self and direction – unable to lead. Emphasis on “unable to lead.” Some of you may not understand what I mean by that. Fellas, if you embody half or more of the characteristics noted above you’ll likely find yourself in a relationship with a woman who is either never satisfied, mothers you, or both. There’s likely to be an imbalance in your relationship — a struggle of power between the two of you. A woman who knows what she wants can’t and won’t be lead astray. So, if she treats you with little to no respect, she doesn’t respect you. It could also be that you’ve simply not given her something to respect. Being born male doesn’t make you a man any more than being born a female makes a woman a woman. Defining yourself as such requires growth, maturity, and a moral code and values you’re proud to stand by. Whether you are religious, spiritual and the like, you must have a sense of self and something to stand by.

To be considered the head of your family or a leader you have to first analyze the responsibilities that come with such titles; responsibility being a big one.

Let’s also first analyze the definition of what it means to be a leader. According to a quick Google search, a leader (noun) is a “person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.”

To lead your family you have to first be responsible for yourself in order to be responsible for others. With that being said, a leader considers how his actions and decisions will affect his team or family. In order to be a leader, you have to be selfless and diplomatic in your approach and decision making. This allows you to better analyze how those decisions will affect your team or family. Being diplomatic may also allow the woman in your life to better trust your judgement and not to question your head of household. Just being born male won’t qualify you to being a man, nor being looked upon or respected as one.

The next time you declare yourself as a man and to be treated and respected as such, also consider what you bring to the table and what you present to the world.

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