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Actor Jesse Williams Declares, “There’s nothing black about rioting.”



“Grey’s Anatomy” actor Jesse Williams has had enough of American hypocrisy against Blacks in this country.

Williams, not one to shy away from sharing his thoughts on controversial topics, took to Twitter today to do just that.

In the wake of another killing of a young African American man, Freddie Gray, at the hands of Baltimore police, riots erupted Monday night as frustrations grow in the Black communities around the nation. Gray is just one of a growing list of young men who were brutally attacked and murdered for crimes they were suspected of committing.

Baltimore, much like Ferguson, MI in the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown last summer, is fighting back.

The riots have been what’s captivated the media in the last 24-48 hours, unfortunately, while the 10,000 plus peaceful protesters to occupy downtown Baltimore have gone with little coverage.

While the rioters (protestors) have been depicted as animals, violent, thugs, rebels etc, much like the past, Williams would like to share his perspective on the reporting while shedding light on America’s own rebellious history and blatant hypocrisy. Here’s what Williams had to say…








Do you agree or disagree with the actor, why or why not?

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