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Tiffany Pollard, aka “New York”, Reconstructs Botched Breast Implants (Video)



Ladies, this is a perfect example of why you should love yourselves no matter what. Plastic surgery won’t solve the underlying issues with your self-esteem. And unless you have thousands of dollars laying around for reconstructive surgery, and to fix a botched job, I suggest learning to love and live in your own skin.

Tiffany Pollard, best known as “New York” from Flava of Love and I Love New York reality shows, was recently featured on E!’s Botched to fix a poorly done breast enhancement surgery that left her boobs extremely saggy.

Pollard felt it was important to get the reconstructive surgery, giving herself a breast lift and to remove excess skin around her breast tissue, to help boost her reality TV career a boost.

Watch the clip below and share your thoughts.

Sweethearts, are you impressed with Pollard’s post Botched look?


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