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Woman On the Move: Meet Music Industry Maven Cloe-Luv



Meet Cloe-Luv, the woman and brain behind Brooklyn’s Brooks Brovaz music production company. Born Lisa Merraro, Luv founded the company five years ago and was silently behind the scenes of some of the hottest Hip-Hop songs to dominate the airwaves during that time. Now, Luv insist that Brook Brovaz will no longer ghost produce for other notable production houses. “These back door deals were financially beneficial at the time, but it hurt us when building a long-term brand” said Cloe-luv during an interview with playbookMG. “Moving forward Brook Brovaz plans on being fully credited for its music”.

Cloe is banking on her company’s ability to continue making hit music. Her immediate team consist of Kia Shavon, Silver, Belle Boy, and Shak-trauma. Kia is an engineer known to many in the Brooklyn music scene as the most talented in her field. Belle boy and Silver are both self-taught music composers with incredibly versatile sounds. Shak-trauma is an artist-producer that’s heavily influenced by 90s Gangster rap and pre-2001 G funk. He is also one of the founders of Brook Brovaz.

Brook Brovaz’s new CEO’s first order of business is to get music into the hands of today’s most influential artists. The team produces and writes for all genres but their core competencies includes Hip-Hop, RnB, Alternative, dub-step, and EDM.

To learn more about Cloe-luv and Brook Brovaz production head over to brookbrovaz.com and follow Luv via her Instagram page, @Cloeluv.

(Image: Playbook Media Group)


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