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Madonna Nearly Sucks Drake’s Face Off During Coachella Performance



Madonna may need to have a seat a stay there permanently. After publicly admitting to being smitten with our favorite Canadian rapper, Drake, and flirting with him via social media for the last several months, Madge finally got what she wanted.

The pop icon, was not only invited by the rapper himself to join in on a set of his Coachella Music Festival performance, this weekend, she also got a chance to plant a big ole juicy kiss on his lips. Well, too bad Drake didn’t seemed to have enjoyed it very much.

Watch the video clip below and share your thoughts.

A video posted by Cotten Kandi (@cottenkandi) on

As for the rapper? He later shared the above image of himself and Madge during their kissy-face embrace adding, “Moments to write home about…”

What are your thoughts sweethearts, is Drake simply trying to be nice or was he really as disgusted as we all were?


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