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Woman Films Sexual Assault By Probation Officer



In some very disturbing news, a woman was raped by her parole officer who used his position of power to victimize her.

Zachary Thomas Bailey, 50, was arrested earlier this week for the assault on a woman, whose identity has been protected, that was currently on probation.

Out of fear that if she turned him she would face charges for violating her probation, the woman decided to film the sexual assault instead, as evidence to authorities.

It was actually the victim’s second encounter with Bailey who initially told her that he needed to conduct a “study” at her Coral Springs home.

“This is someone who is hired to protect you,” said Coral Springs Police Lt. Joe McCue, “hired to say, ‘Hey, protect the society,’ and you don’t expect your probation officer to be acting in this manner.”

The victim alleges that on two separate occasions Bailey sexually assaulted her. To make this assault even more vile, the victim’s young daughter was home during her mom’s attacks.

“The first time he went there, he said he needed to check out the bedroom,” said McCue. “While in the bedroom, Mr. Bailey did sexually batter the victim by putting his hands down the front of her pants.”

According to the police report, the victim responded by saying: “Mr. Bailey, you can’t do that. What are you doing?”

The very next day, Bailey came back for more. He followed the victim into her bedroom and demanded a massage. When she refused, Bailey took off his clothes, put on a condom, threw her down and raped her…

Police is asking for other victims to come forward and file a complaint.



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