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Woman Drags Would-Be Rapist To The Police Station



A 20 year old Indian woman is being celebrated after being sexually assaulted by a man she was able to overpower and drag to a local police station.

Pradnya Mandhare chose to fight back after being groped at a train station, reports the Telegraph.

The assault took place during the mid-day at a station in the Mumbai suburb of Vile Parle.

Mandhare, a student, alleges that the drunken assailant, who the Mirror reports is Chavan Chowdee, attacked her while other people just watched and did nothing to help.

“The visibly drunk person came to me and touched me inappropriately. When I tried to avoid him, he grabbed me,” said Mandhare.

I was shocked for a couple of seconds, but then I started hitting him with my bag. He was trying to hit me, but I could overpower him because he was stinking of alcohol and I could make out he was drunk.”

As no one came to help her, Mandhare had deal with the crime herself, so she grabbed Chowdee by his hair and took him to a railway police station.

“Dragging him by the hair and walking was tough, because he was trying to escape and I was afraid he would attack me.

“He kept telling me not to drag him along and that he would not come with me on his own, but I did not let go. I finally managed to hand him over to the police.”


Police said the 25-year-old Chowdee was a drug addict and confirmed he was drunk when the attack took place.

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