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Chris Brown Officially Off Probation



After six years, singer Chris Brown has officially completed his probation stemming from his 2008 assault on ex-girlfriend and pop star Rihanna.

It was early Friday morning when the singer announced that he would be attending court and hoped that the judge in the case would rule in his favor.

“Hopefully this is my last day in court….. Pray for me…,” Brown tweeted.

By the afternoon, we had learned that the judge felt the singer had fully complied with all the requirements under the term of his probation to her satisfaction.

Seven hours since his initial tweet Brown followed up with, “IM OFF PROBATION!!!!!!!! Thank the Lord!!!!!!”


It’s certainly been a long and tedious road for the singer since the 2008 assault. In the last three years, Brown has been involved in several night club incidences–most noteworthy the 2012 bottling throwing incident involving nemesis and rapper Drake. He assaulted a man in D.C. back in 2013 which landed him in jail and got his probation revoked. That same year he was ordered to enter a rehab facility but was later kicked out for failure to abide by the rules and was, again, sent to jail.

We’re glad to see the singer is finally able to put his legal troubles behind him.


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