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Girl Bosses (How She Did It): Networking Mixer (NYC)



Want to network with women who’ve inspired you? Our Girl Boss: Networking Mixer will bring a panelist of women from various backgrounds in media and journalism, finance, public relations and business consulting in one room. Here’s your opportunity to not only meet and mingle, but to learn from some of the women you aspire to be like.

Our Girl Boss (How she Did It): Networking Mixer will take place on March 22, 2015 (2-6pm) in Cambria Heights, NY.

Find out more details here: Girl Boss (How she Did It): Networking Mixer

And meet our speakers and phenomenal women who will join our speaker panel and share their stories with you.


Carrie Pink

Carrie Pink (@carriepink), Your Financial Stylist – doesn’t believe being on a budget should limit your lifestyle. She teaches women how to blur the lines between Frugal & Fabulous by providing practical information, tools and tips that not only motivates you to save but teaches you how to maintain financial discipline so you can unlock the true key to wealth building, investing. As a reformed shopaholic & money MIS-manager, Carrie’s taste is still champagne & croissants but she now prioritizes her financial goals first, before hunting down the latest discount designer sales or travel deals 😉 Follow her recipe to true financial happiness.


Ketia Fequiere (@beautifulket), Public Relations Professional & CEO of KPR Solutions – which is a NY-Based public relations and marketing boutique firm specializing in building brands. Whether is it a Non-Profit Organization, Catering Company, Online Clothing Store, etc, we can expand your brand! KPR Solutions is known for implementing creative and customized media and marketing strategies designed to impact a client’s specific business goals and objectives. KPR Solutions utilizes the glitz and glamour to elevate and enhance our clients’ image and relationship with their core demographics. Ketia began her public relations journey as a public relations intern and in 2012, birthed KPR Solutions. The services offered at KPR Solutions are rooted from Ketia’s educational background (Psychology and Marketing) and her hands on experience in many industries. Her passion for believing and helping people reach their full potential and love for all things creative are the driving force of KPR Solutions. Ketia is also into giving back to the community and organizations that are helping make the world a better place for generations and generations to come.


Loren LoRosa (@LorenLorosa), Media & Broadcasting Professional – 23 year old Loren Boyd, known in the entertainment world as Loren LoRosa, is a Marketing graduate of Delaware State University. Her passion for the entertainment world flourished way before her college graduation. While on campus Loren participated and won as a contestant for Alpha phi Alpha Fraternity inc.’s Miss Black & Gold 2013-2014,worked briefly with WDSU Radio & TV, A lover of the runway she was an active member of an on campus modeling organization and was named Delaware State University’s “Official Event Host” for the 2013-2014 school year. She describes herself as a natural born socialite who has used her networking capabilities to build a brand for herself . Post graduation Loren took on an Associate Project Lead position within the Barclays Corporation and in November of 2015 Loren booked her 1st major on camera positions with Angela I AM TV- A Web Series produced by Entertainment princess, Angela Simmons, based in NYC. Loren has since began to produce her own webseries 2LTV which can be found at youtube.com/2Ltelevision. Loren lives her life to be a constant reminder that anything is possible!


Epiphany Kendell (@hoodgirlsdoitbetter), Self-Published Author & Fashion Entrepreneur – Epiphany’s love for fashion started at a very young age, she and her mother often would shop for hours in and out of various thrift and boutiques stores. As Epiphany grew up in age, the passion for fashion followed her and this young mogul acquired gigs everywhere from visual merchandising, to interning with popular brands such as AKOO and pulling looks for various online publications. Through it all Epiphany still took time to engage in community events, from speaking at career day, mentoring, collecting prom dresses for underprivileged high school students and more. Growing up in Astoria Housing Projects Epiphany observed so many trouble young females and felt her efforts to encourage those around her was not enough. Seeing young girls who did not have self-esteem, and dated all the wrong men bothered her. At that moment she decided to compose a book, titled Hood Girls Do It Better: “The Hood Girls A-Z Guide To Success”released December 2013. This book serves as a memoir and guide for young women going through tough situations that she herself has been through. Young women were always coming to her for advice, she decided to write a guide to show them they are not the only ones going through tough times. She guides them through situations and help those who have not been through situations avoid them. Since then “Hood Girls Do It Better” (#HGDIB) has become a movement with branded merchandise and inspiring quotes young ladies throughout various inner city communities have formed a sister hood, one that represents confidence and provides the strength needed to combat stereotypes. Moving forward Epiphany plans to release more books and continue growing her brand as a fashion mogul. When asked what makes her stand out, Epiphany mentions “ I believe I stand out because I show the grind, I show the struggle as well as high points”.


Courtney Ball (@thecolormeb), CEO/Founder of CMB Professional Development Agency – She started this nonprofit because she has dedicated her life to providing an avenue for young women to network, succeed and learn. She attributes her drive for social justice to her unshakeable faith in God, and her strong educational foundation in Jesuit Catholic tradition. At University and Francisco, where she got her BA in Politics, and at Fordham, where she got her MA in Urban studies, Courtney was challenged to view the world’s problems within a critical and social justice framework. Her award-winning masters thesis focused on the social capital of adolescent African American girls and how that affects their integration into public space. Courtney’s passion for this social group is infectious and she is committed to elevating our problems to international platforms.


Tameka Vasquez (@mieks_summerdove), Corporate Marketing – Tameka Vasquez started college with the intention to become a journalist. Her dream was to be one of the names on a magazine masthead. After several editorial internships and even a year-long stint as a Seventeen Magazine model, Tameka found herself falling out of love with the industry and her career choice. During her senior year of college, Tameka landed her first job, working for an online marketing start-up, helping the company work on pitches to win new clients. It was challenging, but rewarding, and it opened her up to a whole new career path. Over the past five years,Tameka has held roles in content marketing, social media, market research, digital advertising and now works as a Marketing Manager for one of the world’s largest information companies, Thomson Reuters. At Thomson Reuters, Tameka works on corporate campaigns that target clients in the financial & risk sector. Tameka also serves as a freelance consultant to one of L’Oreal’s salon brands that focuses exclusively on black hair care. Tameka is a strong believer in grabbing opportunities outside of your comfort zone and accepting challenges with open arms. She also believes young professionals, especially women, need to realize their value in the marketplace early on, refuse to settle, and fully harness their talents to blaze their own trails.


2-3pm Meet and mingle

3-5pm : “Girl Boss: How She Did It” Speakers & Engagement Seminars (We will start on time).

5-6 pm: Networking/Closing statements

Find out more details here: Girl Boss (How she Did It): Networking Mixer

*Mimosas and desserts will be served.*


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