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A Woman Scorned: Tina Campbell of Mary Mary Shoots Up Husband’s Car After Cheating On Her



They say when a woman’s fed up, there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s exactly the case when it comes to gospel singer, Tina Campbell of duo ‘Mary Mary.’

After discovering that her husband, Teddy Campbell, had multiple affairs, Tina was so devastated and angry that she wanted to let off some steam. Because she didn’t want to physically arm her husband, she shot up his car instead.

Talk about crazy, right?!

Tina also took her frustrations out on the car because she believed Teddy may have been riding around with another woman in it, despite his claims that that wasn’t the case.

Tina has since forgiven her husband and the couple are now trying to work out their differences for the sake of their children.




Watch the shocking and disturbing clip below and share your thoughts.

According to Tina and Teddy’s joint Instagram profile @TeddyandTina, the couple insist that they’re happier than ever and were able to work out their troubles through Christ.

Upon creating the joint social media page, last summer, the couple shared this message, “Ok guys, we love yall so much and we thank yall for staying down with us! We are happier than we’ve ever been and we thank yall who prayed for us. Welcome to the journey into Gods New Creation. #TeddyandTina.”

And in an interview with Sister 2 Sister last year, Tina also revealed that she has not only forgiven her husband but that her trust in him has been restored.

We wish the couple all the best.

Season 4 of ‘Mary Mary’ airs tonight (March 5th) at 10 PM EST on WE tv.


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  • Russell Webster Andrews

    What happened to “I just want to praise him”?

  • Rae

    Life happened.

  • Kesha

    She’s human and she’s hurting so I can totally understand! Praying for them. Love covers a multitude of flaws!

  • G-Maigne

    Keep Karma happy she will lace more than wig frontage! She just had to get it out, without leaving the children orphaned, still crazy

  • Kenny Muhammad

    Praising God Went STraight Out The Window!!! The Devil Ruled this one! She Crazy as Hell!

  • J-Bone Real Talk Show Jbone

    Of a woman shoot up my car ain’t no working it out even if I cheated you think I’m going to stay if she that nuts …smh

  • Will

    People need to understand these are “entertainers” they just make their money off of church folks, instead of the non-church folks. And off stage they act like anyone else.

  • Last Word

    Given the fact she’s the breadwinner of the family she probably got him the car. He should consider himself lucky,

  • Lboogiespeaks101

    “Worked it out through jesus christ” wtf did jesus do? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say “we’re working it out by ourselves”? Church folks & their logic…smmfh

  • Joy

    We are all humans, we all make mistakes. No one is free from sin but Jesus himself….

  • Patricia Brownlee Lumpkin

    If she would have kept God first she would have never responded that way she has to much of the world in her life and not enough God

  • Kimmy64

    Leave this reality stuff alone and get on with your life, in private! Not enough money in the world for you to continue this public display of your life and your husband’s life! This reality show has opened up more troubles and problems you may have NEVER HAD! I pray for you and your family!

  • theNewDanger

    “It’s the PPK in me.”

  • xojasminexo

    At the end of the day, she’s human. We can’t be strong all the time…

  • abe_rombie

    Church folks don’t use logic. If they did, they wouldn’t be church folks.

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