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Wiz Khalifa Disses Wife Amber Rose On “For Everybody” Record



When a man’s been hurt by a woman he does the only thing he knows will tarnish her name, he calls her a whore. That’s pretty much what rapper Wiz Khalifa did on new single, “For Everybody,” where he disses ex-wife Amber Rose.

Wiz took more than a few jabs at his estranged wife when he raps,

“I fell in love with a stripper, Funny thing I fell outta love quicker
They don’t pay attention to love anyway, They only concerned with what the haters say
Bottles be turning these girls into thots, Instagram turning these wives into hos.”

He continues with…

“I had a time when my mine was caught up, My niggas was lookin like what is he on
My family was to scared to talk to a nigga, Ain’t comin back now the case just got closed
She do what she told, Sharin is carin’ that p**sy ain’t gold
Sorry you ain’t in control
You all about that money, thats shit that I throw
Just make sure you clean off that pole
They turn on the t.v and get on the gram and say that’s relationship goals
Trust me don’t save em’ anything goes
With these hoes

Listen to the full track below and share your thoughts

It’s no secret the two have been battling a nasty divorce since their split last September due to Wiz’s alleged infidelities. The rapper’s diss is the latest in his tirade against Rose.

Just last week, he ranted on Twitter about not being able to see the couple’s toddler son, Sebastian, for his second birthday. Days later, the rapper finally got the chance to throw their son the birthday party he originally intended.

We hope the former couple will be able to reconcile and co-parent for the sake of their son.

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