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Baltimore Woman, 56, Dies After Delivering Twins!


Just seven days after delivering a set of twin boys, Baltimore resident Baltimore-Woman-Dies-Lisa-Swinton-McMaughlin-Delivers-Twins

Lisa Swinton McLaughlin, 56, lost her life from what is being called a “bowel obstruction.”

According to her husband, Mike McLaughlin, Lisa thought that she was experiencing pain in the days after delivery as a result of the cesarean section she had.

Mike McLaughlin also revealed that for decades he and his wife were trying to have children. Thankfully, with the help of fertility treatments the couple were finally able to become pregnant.

“She was just on cloud nine,” McLaughlin said. “That’s the happiest I’ve probably seen her in my life.

“She wanted what every other woman had, and that’s children,” he said.

After the premature delivery, Lisa had been in extreme pain leading up to the tragic turn of events.

Mike McLaughlin has hired a nanny to help care for the infants and is planning to move to Nebraska to be closer to family.

Source: The Root


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