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Nicki Minaj & Christina Milian Get In Feud Over “Pretty On Fleek” T-shirt Line



Can’t we all just get along? Nicki Minaj and Christing Milian are currently feuding over a phrase the rapper has popularized on new record, “Feeling Myself” featuring Beyonce.

The phrase? “Pretty On Fleek.”

Milian recently unveiled some new t-shirt designs with the phrase from new her We Are Pop Culture clothing line.


A few days ago, the singer and television personality shared the above image with this caption, “#PrettyOnFleek #popgang101 sweatshirt purchase online at WeArePopCulture.com.”

After catching wind of Milian’s new t-shirt line, the rapper took a jab at her Young Money label-mate by sharing the photo below and caption.


Although the term “fleek” is now commonly used, the rapstress felt bothered by Milian using the phrase she created and popularized.

And it didn’t take long for Milian to respond to the rapper’s comments.

Here’s what she had to say….



After being informed that the rapper was only joking, Milian quickly followed up with the following tweet…


And just like that the feud was over.

What are your thoughts sweethearts, do you think Nicki was simply joking or is there a bit of truth to every joke like the singer implied?

As some of you may also know, Milian is also rumored to be dating rapper the label’s boss Lil Wayne. Could Wayne have also helped to quickly squash this petty feud?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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