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Zendaya Accepts Giuliana Rancic’s Apology Over Disrespectful Comments Made About Her Faux Locks



Following Giuliana Rancic‘s public apology, both on and off camera, with regard to degrading comments made about Zendaya Coleman‘s faux dreadlocks worn at this year’s Academy Awards, the singer and actress has released an official statement accepting Rancic’s apology.

Earlier in the week, the E! News correspondent and Fashion Police critic ruffled a few feathers when she stated that Coleman’s locks looked as if they smelled like patchouli oil and weed.

Although meant as a [poor] joke, Coleman nor her fans took to the comments lightly.

The former Disney star released a statement, via social media, to express her disappointment over the statments.

It didn’t take long, there after, before Rancic issued an apology via Twitter to dismiss any claims the comments were in any way racially driven.

Rancic, again, took the opportunity during a live taping of the E! series to apologize to Coleman.

Watch her public apology below.

Following the airing Coleman also released a follow-up statement to accept Rancic’s apology while urging others offended by the statements to do so as well. You may read it below.


Sweethearts, what are some of your thoughts on the matter?

Were Giuliana’s statements degrading, if so, do you think they were racially charged? Why or why not?


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