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21 Year Old Man Claims Jay Z Is His Father!



Who knew that Jay Z was currently enthralled in a paternity suit case with a 21-year-old man claiming to be his son?

The NY Daily News reports, “A New Jersey paternity suit alleges hip hop icon Jay Z is the father of a 21-year-old aspiring rapper — and he’s trying to dodge a DNA test to determine if he is the daddy.”

Although the man in question, Rymir Satterthwaite, is remaining mum, it was his godmother, and legal counsel, who confirmed the paternity suit.

“Right now I can’t talk to you about it,” Lillie Coley said Thursday about the legal battle. “We plan to talk to the public soon.”

Coley, who declined to discuss the specifics of the case, insisted she’s only trying to protect her godson and that his mom, Wanda Satterthwaite, would address the issue in the near future.

“All this attention caught us off guard,” she said. “We didn’t expect someone to leak it to the press. We weren’t expecting this.”

Wanda, is said to be a woman the rapper hooked up with in the early 1990s — long before the Hip Hop mogul’s multmillion dollar career took flight, his marriage to pop-icon Beyonce and birth of daughter Blue Ivy in 2012.

At the moment, no one knows why the man’s identity and possible relation to the rapper was kept a secret. The paternity suit dates back as early as June 2010, however, when Wanda Satterthwaite named the rapper, real name Shawn Carter, as her son’s possible father.

After DNA testing proved a second man, believed to be the boy’s father since his birth, was not the biological father, Satterthwaite tried to force the rapper to submit to a test. Carter, however, got the court to dismiss the order arguing that there was no “extraordinary cause” involved.

The outcome of the case is still pending however after Coley accused the rapper of providing fraudulent information to the courts.

We’ll keep you posted on the matter.


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